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  Author Title Album Media Track Year Time Genre
AttackerThe HermitBattle At Helm's Deep11198500:04:29Heavy Metal
AttackerThe Wrath Of NevermoreBattle At Helm's Deep12198500:04:41Heavy Metal
AttackerDiscipleBattle At Helm's Deep13198500:03:39Heavy Metal
AttackerDownfallBattle At Helm's Deep14198500:05:20Heavy Metal
AttackerSlayer's BladeBattle At Helm's Deep15198500:03:08Heavy Metal
AttackerBattle At Helm's DeepBattle At Helm's Deep16198500:04:01Heavy Metal
AttackerKick Your FaceBattle At Helm's Deep17198500:04:48Heavy Metal
AttackerDance Of The CraziesBattle At Helm's Deep18198500:05:06Heavy Metal
Attacker(Call On) The AttackerBattle At Helm's Deep19198500:03:31Heavy Metal
AttackerTrapped [Unreleased]Battle At Helm's Deep110198500:06:13Heavy Metal
Attacker(Call On) The Attacker [Demo]Battle At Helm's Deep111198500:03:33Heavy Metal
AttackerSlayer's Blade [Demo]Battle At Helm's Deep112198500:03:13Heavy Metal
AttackerDisciple [Demo]Battle At Helm's Deep113198500:03:40Heavy Metal



Attacker - The Second Coming [1986]
Attacker - Soul Taker [2004]
Attacker - Giants Of Canaan [2013]