Level = Maximum security level for command run
In= Tools where added at

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Name Level In Text
ABOUT *All V1.0 About These Tools
ADDDAT *All V1.0 Add Days To Date
ADDFILS *All V6.5 Add File Server Share
ADDPRTS *All V6.5 Add Printer Server Share
BLDCMD *All V4.0 Build Command String
BLDPRV *All V1.0 Build Preview From Archive
CDADDY *All V4.0 Add Year Into Calendar
CDRMVY *All V4.0 Remove Year From Calendar
CDWRK *All V4.0 Work With Calendar Days Off
CHGFILS *All V6.5 Change File Server Share
CHGLBOWN *All V1.0 Change Library Owner
CHGOBJ *All V1.0 Change Object Attributes
CHGOWN *All V7.5 Change Object Owner
CHGPG *All V1.0 Change Program Attributes
CHGPRTS *All V6.5 Change Print Server Share
CHGSRVG *All V6.5 Change Server Guest
CHGSRVI *All V6.5 Change Server Information
CHGWNN *All V6.5 Change WNN Server
CHKIFS *All V7.5 Check IFS Object
CHKPWD2 *All V7.6 Check password
CLRDTQ *All V4.0 Clear *DTAQ
CLRDTAQ *ALL V7.0 Clear *DTAQ List
CLRPF *All V1.0 Clear File List
CLRVRTM *All V4.0 Clear Virtual Device Message Queue
CMDLINE *All V1.0 Pop Up Command Line
COOLT *All V3.0 Change member text colour
CPRDATA *All V7.5 Compress Data
CRTIMPF *ALL V6.0 Create formated file
CRTSPC *All V1.0 Create User Space
CRTUI *All V1.0 Create User Index
CRTUQ *All V7.5 Create User Queue
CVBIN2 *All V1.0 Convert Binary 2 / Decimal
CVBIN4 *All V1.0 Convert Binary 4 / Decimal
CVDAT *All V6.5 Convert Date
CVT528 *All V3.0 Convert PF528
CVTFHEX *ALL V7.0 Convert Hex To Numeric
CVTFLIL *All V6.5 Convert From Lilian
CVTLIL *All V1.0 Convert Date To Lillian Format
CVTTHEX *All V7.0 Convert Numeric To Hex
DCPDATA *All V7.5 Decompress Data
DEQ *All V7.5 Dequeue Message
DIFTIM *All V1.0 Return Time Difference
DLTARC *All V1.0 Delete Archive File
DLTLGL *All V2.0 Delete Logical
DLTSPL *All V1.0 Delete List Spool
DLTUQ *All V7.5 Delete User Queue
DMPIPL *All V7.0 Dump Last IPL
DSPBUF *All V7.5 Display Buffer
DSPHLP *All V1.0 Display Help
DSPPGMI *All V7.0 Display Program Information
DTDIF *All V1.0 Return Days
DUPSP *All V1.0 Duplicate Spool File
DUPSPL *All V1.0 Duplicate List Spool File
EDTDTA *All V2.0 Edit Data Area
EDTWRD *All V7.6 Edit Word
ENDSS *All V6.5 End Server Session
ENDWNN *All V6.5 End Wnn Server
ENQ *All V7.5 Enqueue Message
EVDSP *ALL V5.0 Display library list record
EVFIL *ALL V5.0 Display library list record filler
EVLIB *ALL V5.0 Work library list record
EVRET *All V5.0 Restore Library List
EVSET *All V5.0 Load Library List (*batch mode)
EVSETI *All V5.0 Load Library List (*inter)
EVWRK *All V5.0 Work Library List File
FNDLJD *All V5.0 Find Library In *JOBD
FTPFILE *All V7.5 FTP File
FTS *All V1.0 File Transfer
GETSPLF *All V7.0 Get Spool File Data
GNU *All V7.5 Display GNU Licence
GOM *All V5.0 Display Menu
IDENT *All V7.5 Ident RPG Source
IFSSIZE *All V7.5 Get IFS Object Size
KILL *All V7.0 Kill Jobs
LCASE *All V7.0 Convert To Lower-Case
LSTATU *All V1.0 List Users
LSTCFG *All V1.0 List Configuration
LSTCLS *All V2.0 List Class
LSTIP *All V1.0 List Device IP
LSTJBQ *All V1.0 List Subsystem Job Queues
LSTJOB *All V1.0 List Jobs
LSTLASP *ALL V6.0 List library ASP
LSTLCK *All V1.0 List Object Locks
LSTLOG *All V7.0 List System Log
LSTOUTQ *All V6.5 List Output Queue
LSTPRT *All V6.5 List Printers
LSTSBA *All V1.0 List Active Sub-Systems
LSTSBE *All V1.0 List Sub-System Entries
LSTSCD *All V1.0 List Schedule Entries
LSTSGU *All V1.0 List Signed-On Users
LSTSP *All V1.0 List Spool File

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