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Author Title Year Support
YAH K. K.After hour1997CDS
YAMIN DIBJumpin' jack flash1997CDS
YAN & LES ABEILLESCa fait mal !1994CDS
YARBROUGHT & PEOPLESI wouldn't lie1986M45
YARDBIRDSShapes of things&33T
YAZOOUpstairs at eric's198233T
YAZOODon't go1982M45
YAZZFine time1989M45
YAZZThe only way is up1988M45
YAZZStand up for your love1988M45
YAZZThe only way is up198845T
YELLOSolid pleasure198033T
YELLOOne second198733T
YELLOTied up1988M45
YELLOThe race1988M45
YELLOOf course i'm lying198933T
YELLOW MANGalong galong galong198533T
YELLOW MANFantastic yellow man2000CD
YESOwner of a lonely heart1983M45
YESBig generator198733T
YIANNA KATSOULOSLes autres sont jaloux198645T
YOU HEARD IT FIRSTCompilation198533T
YOUNG GODSKissing the sun1995CDS
YOUNG GODSL'eau rouge&33T
YOUNG GODSEnvoyé1986M45
YOUNG GODSL'amourir1988M45
YOUNG MCStone cold rhymin'198933T
YOUNG MCBust a move1989M45
YOUR SISTEREden is a magic world1997CDS
YPER-SOUNDPsyché rock&45T
YURI BUENAVENTURANe me quitte pas1997CDS
YVONNE JONESTurn the beat around1988M45

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