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Author Title Year Support
J.C. MOONEvery day every night1995MCD
JACK E MAKOSSAThe opera house1987M45
JACKIE QUARTZVivre ailleurs198645T
JACKIE WILSONReet petite1985M45
JACKYLPush comes to move1994CDS
JACQUES BODOINAprès minuit&45T
JACQUES DUTRONCLes plays boys196645T
JACQUES DUTRONCEt moi, et moi, et moi196645T
JACQUES DUTRONCLes cactus196645T
JACQUES DUTRONCLe bras mécanique197545T
JACQUES DUTRONCFais pas ci, fais pas ça196845T
JACQUES DUTRONCLa fille du père noël1992CDS
JACQUES DUTRONCEt moi, et moi, et moi1991MCD
JAD WIOCellar dreams1986CD
JAD WIOCellar dance1984M45
JAD WIOPriscilla1989M45
JAD WIOMesdemoiselles1992CDS
JADE 4URock it to the bone1989M45
JAGGERZBorn poor197145T
JAGOProfondo rosso1990M45
JAKI GRAHAMStep right up1987M45
JAKIE QUARTZMise au point198333T
JALANELaisse-toi guider1996CDS
JAMIn the city197733T
JAM & SPOONFind me1994CDS
JAM TRONIKAnother day in paradise1989M45
JAMESCome home1990M45
JAMESSit down1991M45
JAMESHow was it for you1990M45
JAMES BROWNTell me what you're gonna do1995CD
JAMES BROWNSex machine live&33T
JAMES BROWNLiving in america1985M45
JAMES BROWNAin't that a groove198433T
JAMES BROWNCan't get any harder1993MCD
JAMES INGRAMIt's your night198333T
JAMES TAYLOR QUARTETWait a minute198833T
JAMES TAYLOR QUARTETDo your own thing1990CD
JAMIE LEEJust 4 your love1996CDS
JAMIROQUAIToo young to die1993MCD
JAN AND DEANBatman196633T
JANE COUNTYPrivate oyster198633T
JANETGo deep1998CDS
JANET JACKSONWhat have you done for me lately1986M45
JANIS JOPLIN'SGreatest hits197333T
JAYDEEMusic is so special1994CDS
JAYDEEPlastic dreams1993MCD

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