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Author Title Year Support
100% NEW BEATCompilation new beat198933T
101Rock the house1989M45
101Activ rock1989M45
101Move your body1989M45
101Just as long as i got you&M45
13Compilation indus198933T
1800 NEW FUNKCompilation funk1994CD
1984 THE SECONDCompilation indus198433T
2 BELGENIn the night1989M45
2 COW BOYSEverybody gonfi gon1994CDS
2 DAM FUNKYNobody messes with the godefather1990M45
2 MOVE 250.50 lover1990M45
2 SOURCEWake up your mind1995CDS
2 SOURCESream edit radio1999CDS
2 STATICFeel that beat1990M45
2 THE MAXI wanna do it !1989M45
2 THE MAXI wanna do it - remix1989M45
2 UNLIMITEDNo limit1992MCD
2 UNLIMITEDHere i go1995CDS
2 UNLIMITEDReal thing1994CDS
2 UNLIMITEDTribal dance1993MCD
2 UNLIMITEDMaximum overdrive1993MCD
2 UNLIMITEDNothing like the rain1995CDS
20 CLASSIC INSTRUMENTALCompilation instrumental198533T
20 FINGERSLick it1994CDS
20 FINGERSShort dick man1994CDS
2001 A SPACE ODYSSEYBof196933T
23 SKIDOOThe assassins with soul1986M45
3 COLOURS REDParalyse ep1998MCD
3RD BASSSteppin' to the a.m.1990M45
3TGotta be you1997CDS
4 NON BLONDESWhat's up ?1993MCD
49 ERSDie walkure1988M45
9. ELMAProxima1997MCD
911More than a woman1998MCD
99 ALLSTARSLuv is all u need1996CDS
A CAUS'DES GARCONSA caus'des garçons198745T
A FREE KSans préservatif1994CDS
A GRUMHBlack vinyl under cover&33T
A GRUMHNo way out&33T
A SPLIT SECONDTake this and shove it&M45
A SPLIT SECONDIntroversion199033T
A SPLIT SECONDKiss of fury199033T
A TRIBE CALLED QUESTCan i kick it1990M45
A+Enjoy yourself1999CDS

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