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Author Title Album Link Media Track Year Genre Time
Ub40(I Can't Help) Falling In Love With You(I Can't Help) Falling In Love With You (Single)

Ub40Jungle Love(I Can't Help) Falling In Love With You (Single)

U 96Das Boot/100New Beat00:05:15
U GodBizarre/100Rap00:04:17
U ZiqSalsa With Mesquite/100Ambient00:07:19
U2With Or Without You/100Pop00:04:55
Ub40Force Ripe/100Reggae00:03:16
Ub40Hills & Valley/100Reggae00:03:57
Ub40Laddy Bay/100Reggae00:04:12
Ub40Love That I Need/100Reggae00:03:52
Ub40Magic Carpet/100Reggae00:03:56
Ub40More Love/100Reggae00:04:04
Ub40More Opportunity/100Reggae00:04:20
Ub40No Stray/100Reggae00:03:30
Ub40Nuff Love/100Reggae00:03:48
Ub40Oh No Baby Don't Go/100Reggae00:04:32
Ub40Smile For Me/100Reggae00:04:33
Ub40Waw Waw Waw/100Reggae00:03:48
Ub40 & Pato BantonBaby Come Back/100Reggae00:03:53
Ugly DucklingDo Your Thing/100Rap00:03:10
UkmgBad Habits [Live]/100Blues00:04:21
UkmgIf Looks Could Kill (Kampens)/100Blues00:02:26
UkmgLonely Nights/100Blues00:03:19
UkmgWhat You Say (Tony Jefford)/100Blues00:03:42
Ultimate KaosSmile Some More/100R&B00:03:26
Ultra SonicDo You Believe In Love [Bass Drum Edit]/100Club00:03:20
Ultra VioletThe Extra Glenns/100Indie00:02:48
Ultramagnetic Mc'sWatch Me Now/100Rap00:04:48
UltramarineOn The Brink/100New Age00:07:04
Ultramarine4U [Further Details Remix]/100Techno00:09:25
UltravoxQuiet Men [12'' Mix]/100Pop00:03:53
UmbozaCry India [Radio Edit]/100Club00:03:32
Umphrey Jackson ProjectSpirits/100Acoustic00:04:19
Una Mae CarlisleBlitzkrieg Baby/100Jazz00:03:18
Unbelievable TruthSettle Down/100Pop00:03:13
Under The SunWaves Of The Sun/100New Age00:07:30
Under Your SkyBird Song/100None00:05:18
Under Your SkyShaken/100None00:06:13
Undercover AgencyDance Dance/100House00:06:51
Undercover AgencyFire The Flame/100House00:07:16
Undercover AgencyHeres The News/100House00:06:43
Undercover AgencyIs It Love/100House00:06:53
Underground BeatsBooty Bangin/100Rap00:04:32
Underground BeatsDa Chronic/100Rap00:04:27
Underground BeatsDa Last Kiss/100Rap00:03:51
Underground BeatsDirty Money/100Rap00:03:59
Underground BeatsGhetto Fabulous/100Rap00:04:09
Underground BeatsHip Hop Orchestra/100Rap00:04:06
Underground BeatsHip Hop Piano/100Rap00:04:28