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R. Bais - Take The Love (Swedish Remix)

R. D. M. - Contamination

R. I. P. - No Te Muevas Y Zona Especial Norte

R. Kelly - Double Up

R. Kelly - Fiesta (Maxi)

R. Kelly - If I Could Turn Back The Hands Of Time (Single)

R. Kelly - Love Letter

R. Kelly - Remix City Vol. 01

R. Kelly - The R. In R&b

R. Kelly - Tp.3 Reloaded

R. Kelly -

R. Kelly - Trapped In The Closet

R. Kelly & Jay-z - The Best Of Both Worlds

R.e.m. - Accelerate

R.e.m. - And I Feel Fine: Best Of The I.r.s. Years 1982-1987

R.e.m. - Automatic For The People

R.e.m. - Best Of R.e.m. Anthology

R.e.m. - Bittersweet Me (Maxi)

R.e.m. - Chronic Town

R.e.m. - Collapse Into Now

R.e.m. - Dead Letter Office

R.e.m. - Document

R.e.m. - Document (Remaster 1992)

R.e.m. - Eponymous

R.e.m. - Fables Of The Reconstruction

R.e.m. - Green

R.e.m. - Green (25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)

R.e.m. - In Time - The Best Of R.e.m. 1988-2003

R.e.m. - In Time - The Best Of R.e.m. 1988-2003 (Expanded Edition)

R.e.m. - Life's Rich Pageant: The I.r.s. Years Vintage 1986

R.e.m. - Live

R.e.m. - Live At The Olympia

R.e.m. - Monster

R.e.m. - Murmur

R.e.m. - New Adventures In Hi-fi

R.e.m. - Out Of Time

R.e.m. - Out Of Time (25th Anniversary Edition)

R.e.m. - Part Lies, Part Heart, Part Truth, Part Garbage, 1982-2011

R.e.m. - Reckoning

R.e.m. - Reckoning (Deluxe Edition)

R.e.m. - Reveal

R.e.m. - Singles Collected

R.e.m. - The Greatest Hits 1982-2011

R.e.m. - Unplugged 1991 / 2001: The Complete Sessions

R.e.m. - Up

R.i.o. - Turn This Club Around (Deluxe Edition)

R.l Burnside - A Bothered Mind

R.l. Burnside - Burnside On Burnside

R.l. Burnside - Come On In

R.l. Burnside - First Recordings

R.l. Burnside - Mississippi Hill Country Blues

R.o.o.s. - Instant Moments (Single)

R.u.s.t. - Legends

Ra - Duality

Ra - From One

Ra - Raw

Ra - To Sirius

Ra Ra Riot - The Rhumb Line

Rabanes - Money Pa' Que

Rabauken - Hey, Mein Freund!

Rabbit - Rabbit

Rabbitt - A Croak & A Grunt In The Night

Rabbitt - Boys Will Be Boys!

Rabbitt Hill - Carrots & Sticks

Rabia - Tu Mala Sombra

Rabies - Капля В Бесконечность

Rabih Abou-khalil - The Cactus Of Knowledge

Raca Negra - Ao Vivo

Raccomandata Ricevuta Di Ritorno - Per Un Mondo Di Cristallo

Raccomandata Ricevuta Ritorno - Per... Un Mondo Di Cristallo

Race Riot - Terror Against Tyranny

Racer X - Extreme Volume - Live

Racer X - Extreme Volume Ii - Live

Racer X - Getting Heavier

Racer X - Second Heat

Racer X - Snowball Of Doom

Racer X - Snowball Of Doom 2

Racer X - Street Lethal

Racer X - Superheroes

Racer X - Technical Difficulties

Rachael Sage - The Blistering Sun

Rachael Yamagata - Chesapeake

Rachel Grimes - Book Of Leaves

Rachel Mother Goose - Tokiwa No Sai

Rachelle Ferrell - First Instrument

Rachelle Ferrell - Individuality

Rachelle Ferrell - Live In Montreaux 91-97

Rachelle Ferrell - Rachelle Ferrell

Rachelle Ferrell - Somethin' Else

Rachel's - Music For Egon Schiele

Rachid Taha - Bonjour

Rachid Taha - Carte Blanche

Rachid Taha - Zoom

Racine - Number One

Raconteurs - Broken Boy Soldiers

Raconteurs - Consolers Of The Lonely

Raconteurs - Live At Montreux (2008)

Raconteurs - Live At Third Man Records

Rad - Radified

Radakka - Requiem For The Innocent

Radames Gnattali, Joel Nascimento & Camerata Carioca - Vivaldi & Pixinguinha

Radar - Rpm

Radar Bros - The Singing Hatchet

Radar Brothers - The Illustrated Garden

Radar Kadafi - Prima Donna

Radar Men From The Moon - Intergalactic Dada & Space Trombones

Radiah Frye - Power Hungry

Radiance - Undying Diabolyca

Radiation Romeos - Radiation Romeos

Radiators - I Am Sure (Maxi)

Radical Distortion - Psychedelic Dreams

Radical Face - Ghost

Radical Face - The Family Tree: The Roots

Radical Stuff & Lo Greco Bros - The Jazzy Rap Night

Radici Nel Cemento - Alla Rovescia

Radici Nel Cemento - Ancora Non E Finita

Radici Nel Cemento - Guns Of Brixton

Radici Nel Cemento - Occhio!

Radici Nel Cemento - Popoli In Vendita

Radici Nel Cemento - Radici Nel Cemento

Radikahl - Wir Geben Niemals Auf

Radio 4 - Enemies Like This

Radio Babylon - Lei Non Sa Chi Sono Io

Radio Birdman - Essential Radio Birdman 1974-78

Radio Birdman - Living Eyes

Radio Birdman - Radio Activity

Radio Birdman - Zeno Beach

Radio Clash - The Radio Clash (1997-2010)

Radio Dept. - Running Out Of Love

Radio Dervish - In Acustico

Radio Futura - De Un País En Llamas

Radio Futura - Directo En Las Ventas, Madrid, 25-9-1990

Radio Futura - El Directo De Radio Futura

Radio Futura - La Cancion De Juan Perro

Radio Futura - La Ley Del Desierto, La Ley Del Mar

Radio Futura - Memoria Del Porvenir

Radio Futura - Musica Moderna

Radio Futura - Paisajes Electricos 1982-1992

Radio Futura - Rarezas

Radio Futura - Tierra Para Bailar

Radio Futura - Veneno En La Piel

Radio Heart Feat. Gary Numan - All Across The Nation (Maxi)

Radio Macau - Oito

Radio Moscow - The Great Escape Of Leslie Magnafuzz

Radio Tarifa - Cruzando El Rio

Radio Tarifa - Fiebre

Radio Tarifa - Rumba Argelina

Radio Tarifa - Temporal

Radio Utopia - Algebra Of Delight

Radioactive - Taken

Radioactive - Yeah

Radiocraft - Red

Radiodervish - Bandervish

Radiodervish - L'immagine Di Te

Radiofiera - Atinpuri

Radiofiera - El Miracoeo

Radiofiera - La Casa Di Alice

Radiohead - 1995-06-01 Live At Tramps, Nyc

Radiohead - A Moon Shaped Pool

Radiohead - Airbag / How Am I Driving?

Radiohead - Amnesiac

Radiohead - Eurockeennes De Belfort (04-07-2003)

Radiohead - Hail To The Thief

Radiohead - Hail To The Thief (Collector's Edition)

Radiohead - I Might Be Wrong Live Recordings

Radiohead - In Rainbows

Radiohead - Itch

Radiohead - Kid A

Radiohead - Krock Radio

Radiohead - Music Planet 2nite

Radiohead - My Iron Lung

Radiohead - Ok Computer

Radiohead - Ok Computer (2009 Reissue)

Radiohead - Pablo Honey

Radiohead - The Bends

Radiohead - The Bends (Deluxe Edition)

Radiohead - The Best Of Radiohead

Radiohead - The King Of Limbs

Radiohead - Unplugged

Radiorama - Best Of Radiorama

Radiorama - Fire

Radiorama - Greatest Hits & Remixes

Radiorama - The Original Definitive Collection

Radium - Aggressive

Radium - Full Vocal

Radium - Kill Dan

Radney Foster - And Then There's Me - The Back Porch Sessions

Radney Foster - Another Way To Go

Radney Foster - Del Rio, Tx 1959

Radogost - Dark Side Of The Forest

Raekwon - Lost Jewlry

Raekwon - Only Built 4 Cuban Linx...

Raekwon & Dj Fresh - The Tonite Show

Raf - All The Best

Raf - Cannibali

Raf - Collezione Temporanea

Raf - Cosa Restera...

Raf - Iperbole

Raf - La Prova

Raf - Le Ragioni Del Cuore

Raf - Manifesto

Raf - Metamorfosi

Raf - Numeri

Raf - Ouch

Raf - Passeggeri Distratti

Raf - Platinum Collection 2008

Raf - Restless Spirit

Raf - Self Control

Raf - Sogni... E Tutto Quello Che C'e

Raf - Sono Io

Raf - Soundview

Raf - Svegliarsi Un Anno Fa

Raf - Tuttoraf

Rafa - En Las Alas De Una Cancion...

Rafa Blas - Mi Voz

Rafa Pons - Insisto

Rafael Alberti Y Paco Ibanez - A Galopar

Rafael Berrio - 1971

Rafael Pacha - Impermanencia

Rafael Riqueni - Alcazar De Cristal

Rafael Riqueni - Flamenco

Rafael Romero - Canciones Populares 1967-1971

Rafael Romero El Gallina - Grandes Cantaores Del Flamenco

Rafael Rossi - Todos Los Exitos Vol. 1

Rafaga - Senales

Rafeé - Adventures In Stereo

Raffaella Carra - Applauso

Raffaella Carra - Bolero

Raffaella Carra - Carramba Che Rumba!

Raffaella Carra - Carramix (Argentinian Release)

Raffaella Carra - Curiosita (Mini Lp)

Raffaella Carra - Dolce Far Niente (Spanish Release)

Raffaella Carra - Fatalita

Raffaella Carra - Felicita Ta Ta

Raffaella Carra - Fidati!

Raffaella Carra - Fiesta

Raffaella Carra - Fiesta - I Grandi Successi

Raffaella Carra - Fiesta (Spanish Release)

Raffaella Carra - Forte Forte Forte

Raffaella Carra - Forte Forte Forte - Hits E Rarities

Raffaella Carra - Grandes Exitos

Raffaella Carra - Hola Raffaella (Spanish Release)

Raffaella Carra - Inviato Speciale

Raffaella Carra - Latino (Spanish Release)

Raffaella Carra - Mi Spendo Tutto

Raffaella Carra - Milleluci

Raffaella Carra - Raffaella (1970)

Raffaella Carra - Raffaella (1978)

Raffaella Carra - Raffaella (1988)

Raffaella Carra - Raffaella (1988) (Spanish Release)

Raffaella Carra - Raffaella Carra (1971)

Raffaella Carra - Raffaella Carra (1982)

Raffaella Carra - Raffaella Carra (1984)

Raffaella Carra - Raffaella Carra (1991)

Raffaella Carra - Raffaella Carra (Greek Release With Italian Songs)

Raffaella Carra - Raffaella Carra (Spanish Release)

Raffaella Carra - Raffaella Senzarespiro

Raffaella Carra - Replay (Dj Deluxe Edition)

Raffaella Carra - Scatola A Sorpresa

Raffaella Carra - Tutto Carra

Raft - Madagascar

Rag I Ryggen - Rag I Ryggen

Ragana - So Many Reverbs To Cross

Ragdolls - Dead Girls Don't Say No

Rage - 21 (Limited Edition)

Rage - Beyond The Wall

Rage - End Of All Days

Rage - Execution Guaranteed (2002 Remastered)

Rage - Execution Guaranteed (Remastered 2017)

Rage - Extended Power

Rage - Full Moon In St Petersburg

Rage - Ghosts (Limited Edition)

Rage - Gib Dich Nie Auf

Rage - Higher Than The Sky

Rage - In Vain (Edition 2)

Rage - In Vain (Edition 3)

Rage - Live From The Vault

Rage - My Way

Rage - My Way (Maxi)

Rage - Nice N' Dirty

Rage - Out Of Control

Rage - Reflections Of A Shadow (Remastered 2002)

Rage - Refuge

Rage - Reign Of Fear (Remastered 2017)

Rage - Run For The Night

Rage - Seasons Of The Black (Limited Edition)

Rage - Soundchaser

Rage - Speak Of The Dead

Rage - Strings To A Web

Rage - Ten Years In Rage

Rage - The Devil Strikes Again

Rage - The Devil Strikes Again (Limited Edition)

Rage - The Missing Tracks

Rage - The Soundchaser Archives

Rage - Trapped!

Rage - Unity

Rage - Unity (Limited Edition)

Rage - Welcome To The Other Side (Japanese Edition)

Rage - Xiii

Rage Against The Machine - Best Of Rage Against The Machine

Rage Against The Machine - Bulletproof

Rage Against The Machine - Evil Empire

Rage Against The Machine - Guerilla Radio (Maxi)

Rage Against The Machine - Live & Rare

Rage Against The Machine - Live At The Grand Olympic Auditorium

Rage Against The Machine - Rage Against The Machine

Rage Against The Machine - Rage Against The Machine (20th Anniversary Special Edition)

Rage Against The Machine - Renegades

Rage Against The Machine - Renegades (Special Limited Edition)

Rage Against The Machine - The Battle Of Los Angeles

Rage Against The Machine - The Collection

Rage Against The Machine - The Ghost Of Tom Joad

Rage Against The Machine - Xx (20th Anniversary Edition)

Rage Of Angels - Rage Of Angels

Ragga Twins - Ragga Twins Step Out

Raggalendo - Rapedondaines & Beurre Sale

Raggasonic - Faut Pas Me Prendre Pour Un Ane (Maxi)

Raggasonic - Raggasonic 1

Raggasonic - Raggasonic 2

Raggasonic - Raggasonic 3

Raging Slab - Black Belt In Boogie

Raging Slab - Freeburden

Raging Slab - Raging Slab

Raging Slab - Slabbage True Death

Raging Slab - The Dealer

Ragnarok - Blackdoor Miracle

Ragnarok - Collectors Of The Kings

Ragnarok - Diabolical Age

Ragnarok - In Nomine Satanas

Ragnarok - Malediction

Ragnarok - Nooks

Ragnarok - Of Ages

Ragnarok - Psychopathology

Ragnarok - Ragnarok

Ragnarök - Ragnarök

Rag'n'bone Man - Human (Deluxe Edition)

Rag'n'bone Man - Wolves

Ragor - За Гранью Света

Ragor - Закат Кровавым Мечом

Ragor - Миг Рождения Бури

Raheem Devaughn - Love Behind The Melody

Rahmann - Rahmann

Rahowa - Declaration Of War

Rahsaan Patterson - Love In Stereo

Rahsaan Patterson - Rahsaan Patterson

Rahsaan Patterson - The Best

Rahsaan Patterson - Wines & Spirits

Rahsaan Roland Kirk - Blacknuss

Rahsaan Roland Kirk - Bright Moments

Rahsaan Roland Kirk - I Talk To The Spirits

Raices Gemelas - No Todo Esta Perdido

Raiders - Indian Reservation / Collage

Raige - Addio

Raige - Alex

Raige - Buongiorno L.a.

Rail - Adio

Rail - Arrival

Railroad Earth - Amen Corner

Railway - Climax (1997 Reissue)

Railway - Railway

Railway - Welcome Tonite

Raimundo Amador - En La Esquina De Las Vegas

Raimundo Amador - Gerundina

Raimundo Amador - Isla Menor

Raimundo Amador - Medio Hombre Medio Guitarra

Raimundo Amador - Mundo Amador

Raimundo Amador - Noche De Flamenco Y Blues

Raimundo Amador - Noche Flamenco Y Blues: Live

Raimundo Amador - Un Okupa En Tu Corazon

Rain - House Of Dreams

Rain - Stronger

Rain Machine - Rain Machine

Rain Parade - Beyond The Sunset

Rain Parade - Crashing Dream

Rain Parade - Explosions In The Glass Palace

Rainbirds - Rainbirds

Rainbow - Ballads & Instrumentals

Rainbow - Bent Out Of Shape

Rainbow - Black Shadows

Rainbow - Boston 1981 (Live)

Rainbow - Captured Live

Rainbow - Catch The Rainbow - The Anthology

Rainbow - Difficult To Cure

Rainbow - Down To Earth

Rainbow - Down To Earth: Expanded Edition

Rainbow - Fight Against Austria

Rainbow - Finyl Vinyl

Rainbow - Live In Cologne 1976

Rainbow - Live In Germany 1976

Rainbow - Live In Munich 1977

Rainbow - Long Live Rock 'n' Roll

Rainbow - Monsters Of Rock: Live At Donington 1980

Rainbow - On Stage (1999 Remastered)

Rainbow - Rainbow On Stage

Rainbow - Rising

Rainbow - Rising (Deluxe Edition)

Rainbow - Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow

Rainbow - Starstruck: On Tour 1978

Rainbow - Straight Between The Eyes

Rainbow - Stranger In Us All

Rainbow - The Best Of Rainbow

Rainbow - The Best!

Rainbow - The Very Best Of Rainbow

Rainbow Arabia - Boys & Diamonds

Rainbow Band - Rainbow Band

Rainbow Butt Monkeys - Letters From Chutney

Rainbow Danger Club - Where Maps End

Rainbow Theatre - Fantasy Of Horses

Rainbow Theatre - The Armada

Rainbow Train - Accompanied By

Raincoats - Don't Be Mean

Raincoats - Extended Play

Raincoats - Odyshape

Raincoats - The Raincoats

Raindancer - Audio

Rainer Bloss - Drive Inn 2

Rainhard Fendrich - Besser Wird's Nicht

Rainhard Fendrich - Voller Mond

Rainmaker - Rainmaker

Rainman - Rainman

Rainroom - The Other That Was A Machine

Raintime - Psychromatic

Rainwill - Zeroed By Progress

Raise Hell - Not Dead Yet

Raise Hell - Wicked Is My Game

Raise Hell - Written In Blood

Raised Fist - Dedication

Raised Fist - Fuel

Raison D'être - The Stains Of The Embodied Sacrifice

Raiz - Ya

Raiz De Pedra - Trajetoria

Rajando Timbales - La Venganza De Los Desamparados

Rajaton - Out Of Bounds

Rak - Lepidoptera

Rakel Winchester - Vale, Montoya No Soy

Rakes - Capture

Rakim - The Seventh Seal

Rakoth - Jabberworks

Ralf Gyllenhammar - Bed On Fire

Ralf Nowy - Lucifer's Dream

Ralph Carter - Young & In Love

Ralph Myerz - Outrun

Ralph River Band - Strange Vibration

Ralph Thomas - Fire Beat

Ralph Towner - Anthem

Ralph Towner - Blue Sun

Ralph Towner - My Foolish Heart

Ralph Towner - Open Letter

Ralph Towner - Solo Concert

Ralph Towner - Solstice (Sound & Shadows)

Ralph Towner - Travel Guide

Ralph Towner & Gary Burton - Matchbook

Ralph Towner & Paolo Fresu - Chiaroscuro

Ralph Towner / John Abercrombie - Five Years Later

Ralph Towner With Glen Moore - Trios, Solos

Ralph Tresvant - Ralph Tresvant

Ralph Vaughan Williams - Suite For Viola & Orchestra

Raly Barrionuevo - Serenata

Ram - Aïbobo

Ram - Death

Ram - Forced Entry

Ram - Lightbringer

Ram - Svbversvm (Limited Edition)

Ram - Where?

Ram Jam - Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Ram

Ram Jam - The Very Best Of Ram Jam

Ramases - Space Hymns

Ramatam - In April Came The Dawning Of The Red Suns

Ramatam - Ramatam

Ramblin' Jack Elliott - Takes The Floor

Ramcés Baralt - Fetecum

Ramesses - Possessed By The Rise Of Magik

Ramesses - Take The Curse

Ramiz - Bitmez Bu Rap

Ramming Speed - Doomed To Destroy, Destined To Die

Rammstein - Asche Zu Asche (Maxi)

Rammstein - Brachiale Gewalt

Rammstein - Das Modell (Maxi)

Rammstein - Der Musikalische Staub

Rammstein - Du Hast (Maxi)

Rammstein - Du Riechst So Gut (Maxi)

Rammstein - Du Riechst So Gut '98 (Maxi)

Rammstein - Engel (Maxi)

Rammstein - Engel [Maxi] (Fan Edition)

Rammstein - Feuer Frei! (Maxi)

Rammstein - Feuer Frei! (Single)

Rammstein - Greatest Hits (Rammstein)

Rammstein - Herzeleid

Rammstein - Keine Lust (Cd Maxi)

Rammstein - Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da

Rammstein - Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da (Special Edition)

Rammstein - Links 2-3-4 (Maxi)

Rammstein - Live Aus Berlin

Rammstein - Made In Germany

Rammstein - Made In Germany 1995-2011

Rammstein - Mein Land (Limited Digipack Edition)

Rammstein - Mutter

Rammstein - Mutter (Maxi)

Rammstein - Paris

Rammstein - Pussy (Incl. Scooter Remix) (Cd Maxi)

Rammstein - Reise, Reise

Rammstein - Seeman (Maxi)

Rammstein - Sehnsucht

Rammstein - Sonne (Maxi)

Rammstein - Stripped (Maxi)

Rammstein - The Best Of Rammstein

Rammstein - The Very Best Of Rammstein

Rammstein - Völkerball

Ramon Ayala - Casas De Madera

Ramon Ayala - El Acordeon De Oro

Ramon Ayala - Mi Golondrina

Ramon Calduch - Volver A Empezar

Ramon Mirabet - Happy Days

Ramoncin - Barriobajero

Ramoncin - Corta

Ramoncin - Fe Ciega

Ramoncin - Ramon Cinco

Ramones - Acid Eaters

Ramones - Adios Amigos

Ramones - All The Stuff (And More) - Vol. 1

Ramones - Animal Boy

Ramones - Anthology - Hey Ho Let's Go

Ramones - Best Of The Chrysalis Years

Ramones - Brain Drain

Ramones - End Of The Century

Ramones - Greatest Hits (Ramones)

Ramones - Greatest Hits Live

Ramones - Halfway To Sanity

Ramones - Hey, Ho... It Was Twenty Years Ago

Ramones - It's Alive

Ramones - Leave Home

Ramones - Loco Live

Ramones - Mondo Bizarro

Ramones - Nyc 1978

Ramones - Pleasant Dreams

Ramones - Pleasant Dreams (Extended)

Ramones - Ramones (40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition Remastered)

Ramones - Ramones (Expanded)

Ramones - Ramones Mania

Ramones - Road To Ruin

Ramones - Road To Ruin (Remastered Extra Tracks)

Ramones - Rocket To Russia

Ramones - Rocket To Russia (Remastered)

Ramones - Subterranean Jungle

Ramones - The Chrysalis Years

Ramones - The Sire Years 1976-1981

Ramones - Too Tough To Die

Ramones - Too Tough To Die (Expanded & Remastered)

Ramones - Unreleased Tracks

Ramones - Weird Tales Of The Ramones

Ramones - We're Outta Here

Ramones - You Don't Come Close

Ramoneurs De Menhirs - Dans An Diaoul

Ramos Hugo - The Dream

Rampage - Scouts Honor... By Way Of Blood

Rampart - Voice Of The Wilderness

Ramses - La Leyla + Eternity Rise

Ramsey Lewis - Electric Collection

Ramsey Lewis - Love Notes

Ramsey Lewis - Sun Goddess

Ramsey Lewis - The Two Of Us

Ramsey Lewis & Nancy Wilson - Meant To Be

Ramsey Lewis Trio - Greatest Hits (Ramsey Lewis Trio)

Ramsey Lewis Trio - In Concert 1965

Ramsey Lewis Trio - In Person (1965-67) Vol. 2

Ramsey Lewis Trio - The In Crowd

Ramshackle - Depthology

Ram-zet - Neutralized

Rancapino - Rancapino

Ranch Girls & The Ragtime Wranglers - Rhythm On The "Ranch"

Rancid - And Out Come The Wolves

Rancid - Grease & Garbage

Rancid - Indestructible

Rancid - Let's Go

Rancid - Life Won't Wait

Rancid - Live At The Hollywood Palladiu

Rancid - Rancid (1993)

Rancid - Rancid (2000)

Rancor - Dark Future

Rancor - Death Is Everywhere

Rancor - Release The Rancor

Rancore - Segui Me

Rancore & Dj Mike - Silenzio

Random - Frammenti Di Psike

Random Eyes - Light Up

Random Hand - Another Change Of Plan

Randone - Ricordo

Randy & Eliane - Amanda

Randy Bachman - Axe

Randy Bachman - Survivor

Randy Brecker - Hangin' In The City

Randy California - Kapt. Kopter & The (Fabulous) Twirly Birds

Randy California - Restless

Randy Coven - Funk Me Tender

Randy Coven - Sammy Says Ouch!

Randy Crawford - Abstract Emotions

Randy Crawford - Don't Say It's Over

Randy Crawford - Play Mode

Randy Crawford - Secret Combination

Randy Crawford - The Best Of Randy Crawford

Randy Crawford - The Ultimate Collection (Randy Crawford)

Randy Crawford - The Very Best Of Randy Crawford

Randy Crawford - Windsong

Randy Crawford & The Crusaders - Now We May Begin

Randy Holden - Guitar God

Randy Houser - Anything Goes

Randy Houser - How Country Feels

Randy Meisner - Randy Meisner

Randy Meisner - Randy Meisner (1978)

Randy Newman - 12 Songs

Randy Newman - Good Old Boys

Randy Newman - Guilty: 30 Years Of Randy Newman

Randy Newman - Harps & Angels

Randy Newman - Live (Randy Newman)

Randy Newman - Live In London

Randy Newman - Lonely At The Top

Randy Newman - Randy Newman Songbook Vol. 1

Randy Newman - Sail Away

Randy Newman - Sail Away (2002 Reissue)

Randy Newman - The Randy Newman Songbook

Randy Newman - Trouble In Paradise

Randy Pie - Kitsch

Randy Rhoads - From Obscurity To Eternity

Randy Rogers Band - Randy Rogers Band

Randy Travis - Always & Forever

Randy Travis - Around The Bend

Randy Travis - Forever & Ever

Randy Travis - Glory Train

Randy Travis - I Told You So: The Ultimate Hits Of Randy Travis

Randy Travis - Songs Of The Season

Randy Travis - Storms Of Life

Randy Travis - The Very Best Of Randy Travis

Randy Travis - You & You Alone

Randy Weston - Blue Moses

Randy Weston - Highlife

Randy Weston - Jazz A La Bohemia

Randy Weston - Portraits Of Thelonious Monk

Randy Weston - Uhuru Africa

Ranestrane - Shining

Rangers - Pan Am Stories

Rank & File - Rank & File

Ransom - Ransom

Raoul Bjorkenheim & Nicky Skopelitis - Revelator

Raoul De Godewarsvelde - Quand La Mer Monte

Raoul Petite - C'est Sur Si T'assures, C'est Pas Dur

Raoul Petite - Dans Ton Kulte

Raoul Petite - La Grande Histoire De Raoul Petite

Rapalje - Celtic Fire

Rapeman - Rarities

Rapha - Dark Temptation

Raphael - 20 Grandes Exitos

Raphael - 50 Anos Despues

Raphael - Caravane

Raphael - Cela Nous Aurait Suffi (Single)

Raphael - De Amor & Desamor

Raphael - El Reencuentro

Raphael - Hotel De L'univers

Raphael - Infinitos Bailes

Raphael - Je Sais Que La Terre Est Plate

Raphael - La Réalité

Raphael - Maravilloso

Raphael - Mi Gran Noche - 50 Exitos De Mi Vida

Raphael - Pacific 231 (Edition Deluxe)

Raphael - Reggae Survival

Raphael - Résistance A La Nuit (Live)

Raphael - Sinphonico

Raphael - Solitude Des Latitudes (Raphael Revisite Manset)

Raphael - Somnambules

Raphael - Super-welter

Raphael - Te Llevo En El Corazon

Raphael - Yo Soy Aquel

Raphaël Fays - Jazz Hot: The Gipsy Way

Raphael Gualazzi - Happy Mistake

Raphael Gualazzi - Love Life Peace

Raphael Gualazzi - Love Outside The Window

Raphael Gualazzi - Reality & Fantasy

Raphael Gualazzi - Reality & Fantasy (Special Edition)

Raphael Gualazzi & The Bloody Beetroots - Accidentally On Purpose - Sanremo's Festival 2014

Raphael Rabello - Programa Ensaio

Raphael Rabello - Rafael Rabello

Raphael Rabello - Raphael Sete Cordas

Raphael Rabello - Sete Cordas

Raphael Rabello & Romero Lubambo - Shades Of Rio

Raphael Saadiq - All Hits At The House Of Blues

Raphael Saadiq - As Ray Ray

Raphaël Saadiq - Stone Rollin’

Raphael Saadiq - The Way I See It

Raphaels - Supernatural

Raphy Santos Y Mi Pais - El Homenaje

Rapoon - Tin Of Drum

Rapoon - What Do You Suppose? (The Alien Question)

Rapstar - Non E' Gratis

Rapsusklei - Pret A Porter

Rapsusklei - Raggampazo

Rapsusklei & Hazhe - Elipsis

Rapsusklei & Hazhe - Hijos De Puta Para Todo

Rapsusklei & Hazhe - La Historia Mas Real De Vuestras Vidas

Rapsusklei & The Flow Fanatics - Reality Flow

Rapture - Echoes

Rapture - Futile

Rapture - In The Grace Of Your Love

Rapture - Love Is All (Maxi)

Rapture - Mirror

Rapture - Songs For The Withering

Rare Amber - Rare Amber

Rare Bird - As Your Mind Flies By

Rare Bird - Born Again

Rare Bird - Epic Forest

Rare Bird - Rare Bird

Rare Bird - Somebody's Watching

Rare Bird - Sympathy

Rare Earth - 20th Century Masters - The Best Of Rare Earth

Rare Earth - Anthology (The Best Of Rare Earth)

Rare Earth - Band Together

Rare Earth - Ecology

Rare Earth - Fill Your Head: The Studio Albums 1969-1974

Rare Earth - Get Ready

Rare Earth - Get Ready & Ecology

Rare Earth - In Concert (Live 1971)

Rare Earth - Ma

Rare Earth - Willie Remembers

Rare Gems - Million Dollar Disco

Ras Kass - Soul On Ice

Ras Mandal Reggae - Dasanudasa

Ras Michael - Rastafari

Ras Michael & The Sons Of Negus - Rastafari Dub

Ras Shiloh - Babylon You Doom

Rascal Flatts - Best Of Ballads

Rascal Flatts - Changed

Rascal Flatts - Changed (Deluxe Edition)

Rascal Flatts - Feels Like Today

Rascal Flatts - Greatest Hits Vol. 1

Rascal Flatts - Me & My Gang

Rascal Flatts - Melt

Rascal Flatts - Nothing Like This

Rascal Flatts - Rascal Flatts

Rascal Flatts - Still Feels Good

Rascal Flatts - Unstoppable

Rascalobistrots - De La Viande Dans Le Torchon

Rascals - Anthology 1965-1972

Rascals - Collections

Rascals - Freedom Suite

Rascals - Once Upon A Dream

Rascals - Peaceful World

Rasheeda - Dat Type Of Gurl

Raskasta Joulua - Ragnarok Juletide

Raskasta Joulua - Raskasta Joulua

Rasmus - Best Of 2001-2009

Rasmus - Black Roses

Rasmus - Dead Letters

Rasmus - Hell Of A Collection

Rasmus - Hell Of A Tester

Rasmus - Hide From The Sun

Rasmus - In The Shadows (Single)

Rasmus - Into

Rasmus - Peep

Rasmus - Playboys

Rasmus - Rasmus

Raspberries - Starting Over

Raspigaous - Chaud Time

Raspigaous - Chiens Des Quais

Raspigaous - Live Au Cabaret Rouge

Rasta - The Age Of Movement

Rasta Bigood - Breizh Zion

Rasta Bigood - Commando Bigood

Rasta Bigood - Kana Diskan

Rasta Bigoud - Breizh Zion

Rasta Bigoud - Commando Bigoud

Rasta Bigoud - En Public 100% Pur Beurre

Rastafarians - Orthodox

Rastreros - Rastreros

Rat Bat Blue - Squear

Rata Blanca - El Libro Oculto

Rata Blanca - El Reino Olvidado

Rata Blanca - El Reino Olvidado / The Forgotten Kingdom

Rata Blanca - En Vivo Acustico En Much Music

Rata Blanca - En Vivo Estadio Obras (Reissue 2009)

Rata Blanca - Grandes Canciones

Rata Blanca - Guerrero Del Arco Iris

Rata Blanca - Rata Blanca

Rata Blanca - Rata Blanca Vii (Reissued 2006)

Rata Blanca - Teatro Gran Rex

Rata Blanca - Tormenta Electrica

Rata Blanca - Xx Aniversario En Vivo - Magos, Espadas Y Rosas

Ratanera - Comando Cubito

Ratapignata - Sighi Sighi

Ratatat - Classics

Rated X - Rated X

Rathskeller - Intro

Rational Diet - Rational Diet

Rational Youth - Cold War Night Life

Rationals - The Rationals

Ratos De Porao - Anarkophobia

Ratos De Porao - Cada Dia Mais Sujo E Agressivo

Ratos De Porao - Descanse Em Paz

Ratos De Porao - Guerra Civil Canibal

Ratos De Porao - Rdp Ao Vivo

Rats - Indiani Padani

Rats - L'ultimo Guerriero

Ratt - Dancing Undercover

Ratt - Detonator

Ratt - Infestation

Ratt - Invasion Of Your Privacy

Ratt - Out Of The Cellar

Ratt - Ratt

Ratt - Tell The World: The Very Best Of Ratt

Rattles - Die Deutschen Singles A&b Vol. 1 (1963-1965)

Rattles - The Greatest Hits

Rattles - The Witch

Rattlesnake Remedy - Magic Man

Ratzinger - 2012

Rat-zinger - Cartas Al Vaticano

Rat-zinger - Cronicas De La Destruccion

Rat-zinger - Larga Vida Al Infierno

Rat-zinger - Rock N' Roll Para Hijos De Perra

Raubtier - Barsarkagang

Raubtier - Bestia Borealis

Raubtier - Fran Norrland Till Helvetets Port

Raubtier - Pansargryning

Raul - Ya No Es Ayer

Raul Barboza - Dos Orillas

Raul Barboza - Raul Barboza

Raul De Souza - Colors

Raul De Souza - Til Tomorrow Comes

Raul Malo - After Hours

Raul Malo - Sinners & Saints

Raul Malo - Today

Raul Malo - You're Only Lonely

Raul Midon - A World Within A World

Raul Midon - State Of Mind

Raul Olarte - Casabindo

Raul Olarte - Quena De Los Andes

Raul Paz - Imaginate

Raul Porchetto - Altas Cumbres

Raul Porchetto - Metegol

Raul Seixas - Abra-te Sesamo

Raul Torres E Florencio - O Maior Patrimonio Da Musica Sertaneja

Raulin Rodriguez - Piel Sin Alma

Raulin Rodriguez - Salsa Latina

Raulin Rodriguez - Sin Fortuna

Raunchy - A Discord Electric

Raunchy - Death Pop Romance

Raunchy - Velvet Noise

Raunchy - Wasteland Discotheque

Rausch - Glad

Ravage - Curse Of Heaven

Ravage - Freedom Fighter

Ravage - Return Of The Spectral Rider

Ravage - The End Of Tomorrow

Ravage - Wrecking Ball

Ravageous - Extraits

Ravager - Naxzgul Rising

Ravel - Alma, Ritmo Y Pueblo

Raven - All For One (Remastered 2002)

Raven - Architect Of Fear

Raven - Back To Ohio Blues

Raven - Destroy All Monsters

Raven - Everything Louder

Raven - F.m.

Raven - Glow

Raven - Heads Up!

Raven - Life's A Bitch

Raven - Live At The Inferno

Raven - Mad

Raven - Nothing Exceeds Like Excess

Raven - Nothing Exceeds Like Excess (Remastered 1999)

Raven - One For All

Raven - Pray For The Sun

Raven - Raw Tracks

Raven - Rock Until You Drop

Raven - Stay Hard

Raven - The Devils Carrion

Raven - The Pack Is Back

Raven - Walk Through Fire

Raven - Wiped Out

Raven Black Night - Barbarian Winter

Raven Lord - Descent To The Underworld

Raven Sad - Layers Of Stratosphere

Raven Woods - Enfeebling The Throne

Ravencult - Force Of Profanation

Ravencult - Morbid Blood

Ravencult - Temples Of Torment

Ravenheart - Valley Of The Damned

Ravenia - Beyond The Walls Of Death

Ravenous - We Are Become Death

Ravenscry - One Way Out

Ravenshades - Blood, Still Warm

Ravenshades - Mm

Ravenshades - What Lives Inside Us...

Ravensthorn - Hauntings & Possessions

Raventale - After

Raventale - Transcendence

Raventhrone - Endless Conflict Theorem

Raveonettes - Chain Gang Of Love

Raveonettes - In & Out Of Control

Raveonettes - Into The Night

Raveonettes - Lust Lust Lust

Raveonettes - Observator

Raveonettes - Pretty In Black

Raveonettes - Rarities & B-sides

Raveonettes - Raven In The Grave

Raveonettes - Whip It On

Ravi - Hamraaz

Ravi Coltrane - Moving Picture

Ravi Shankar - Bridges: Best Of Private Music Recordings

Ravi Shankar - Concerto For Sitar & Orchest

Ravi Shankar - Full Circle - Carnegie Hall 2000

Ravi Shankar - Portrait Of Genius

Ravi Shankar - Ravi Shankar At The Woodstock Festival

Ravi Shankar - Sitar Concertos & Other Works

Ravi Shankar - Sound Of The Sitar

Ravi Shankar - The Rough Guide To Ravi Shankar

Ravi Shankar - The Sounds Of India

Ravi Shankar - The Spirit Of India

Ravi Shankar & Philip Glass - Passages

Ravi Shankar & Yehudi Menuhin - West Meets East: The Historic Shankar / Menuhin Sessions

Raw - Moshpit

Raw Material - Raw Material

Raw Material - Time & Illusion

Raw Material - Time Is

Raw Power - Tired & Furious

Raw Silk - Silk Under The Skin

Rawhead - Dope For A Day

Rawhead Rexx - Rawhead Rexx

Rawkfist - Chryseus

Raxas - Instinto

Ray - Ilusiones

Ray Anthony - Plays For Dream Dancing

Ray Anthony & His Big Swing Band - The Swing Club

Ray Barretto - 50 Aniversario

Ray Barretto - Acid

Ray Barretto - Aqui Se Puede

Ray Barretto - Barretto Power

Ray Barretto - El Ray Criollo

Ray Barretto - Energy To Burn

Ray Barretto - Eye Of The Beholder

Ray Barretto - Fuerza Gigante

Ray Barretto - Hard Hands

Ray Barretto - Indestructible

Ray Barretto - Latin Gold

Ray Barretto - Les Incontournables Du Jazz

Ray Barretto - Portraits In Jazz & Clave

Ray Barretto - Que Viva La Musica

Ray Barretto - Rhythm Of Life

Ray Barretto - Rican / Struction

Ray Barretto - Soy Dichoso

Ray Barretto - Taboo

Ray Barretto - The Message

Ray Barretto - The Other Road

Ray Barretto - Todo Se Va A Poder

Ray Barretto - Tomorrow: Barretto Live

Ray Barretto - Trancedance

Ray Brown Trio - Live From New York To Tokyo

Ray Brown Trio & Gene Harris - Soular Energy

Ray Brown Trio With Ulf Wakenius - Summertime

Ray Brown With Jimmy Rowles - As Good As It Gets

Ray Brown With Jimmy Rowles - Tasty!

Ray Brown With John Clayton & Christian Mcbride - Superbass (Reissue 2006)

Ray Bryant - Con Alma

Ray Campi - The Road To Rockabilly 1951-1958

Ray Charles - Blues & Jazz

Ray Charles - Brother Rays Blues

Ray Charles - Definitive Ray Charles

Ray Charles - Genius

Ray Charles - Genius + Soul = Jazz

Ray Charles - Genius Loves Company

Ray Charles - Georgia On My Mind

Ray Charles - Greatest Country & Western Hits

Ray Charles - Hey Now!

Ray Charles - His Greatest Hits

Ray Charles - His Greatest Hits Vol. 1

Ray Charles - His Greatest Hits Vol. 2

Ray Charles - Mess Around

Ray Charles - Modern Sounds In Country & Western Music

Ray Charles - Rare Genius - The Undiscovered

Ray Charles - Ray Charles Anthology

Ray Charles - Rockin' Chair Blues

Ray Charles - Singin' The Blues With Soul

Ray Charles - Soul & Blues

Ray Charles - The Birth Of Soul

Ray Charles - The Complete Country & Western

Ray Charles - The Complete Country & Western Recordings

Ray Charles - The Definitive

Ray Charles - The Genius Hits The Road

Ray Charles - The Genius Of Ray Charles

Ray Charles - The Spirit Of Christmas

Ray Charles - The Very Best Of Ray Charles

Ray Charles - The Very Best Of Ray Charles: Georgia On My Mind

Ray Charles - Ultimate Hits Collection

Ray Charles & Betty Carter - Ray Charles & Betty Carter

Ray Charles & Count Basie - Ray Sings Basie Swings

Ray Charles & Milt Jackson - Soul Brothers, Soul Meeting

Ray Condo & Hardrock Goners - Hillbilly Holiday

Ray Conniff - Alone Again (Naturally)

Ray Conniff - Campeones

Ray Conniff - Christmas Caroling

Ray Conniff - Concert In Stereo - Live At The Sahara

Ray Conniff - Conniff Meets Butterfield

Ray Conniff - Friendly Persuasion

Ray Conniff - Greatest Hits (Ray Conniff)

Ray Conniff - I Love How You Love Me

Ray Conniff - I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing

Ray Conniff - Interpreta 16 Exitos De Manuel Alejandro

Ray Conniff - Laughter In The Rain

Ray Conniff - Love Songs

Ray Conniff - Mary Poppins

Ray Conniff - Memories Are Made Of This

Ray Conniff - Mis 30 Mejores Canciones

Ray Conniff - Pure Country

Ray Conniff - Ray Conniff Plays Broadway

Ray Conniff - Ray Conniff Plays Carpenters

Ray Conniff - Ray Conniff's World Of Hits

Ray Conniff - Say It With Music (A Touch Of Latin)

Ray Conniff - Siempre Latino

Ray Conniff - So Much In Love

Ray Conniff - Somewhere My Love

Ray Conniff - The Nashville Connection

Ray Conniff - The Ultimate Collection

Ray Conniff - Turn Around Look At Me

Ray Conniff - Welcome To Europe!

Ray Conniff - You Are The Sunshine Of My Life

Ray Davies - Other Peoples Lives

Ray Davies - See My Friends

Ray Davies - Working Man's Cafe

Ray Gelato - The Ice Cream Man

Ray Gelato & The Giants Of Jive - Gelato Espresso

Ray Gelato Giants - Live In Italy

Ray Gelato Giants - Smokin'

Ray Gelato Giants - The Full Flavour

Ray Gelato Giants - The Men From Uncle

Ray Gelato Meets The Good Fellas - Gangsters Of Swing

Ray Gelato Meets The Good Fellas - Gelato All'italiana

Ray Gomez - Volume

Ray J - Formal Invite (Maxi)

Ray J - Raydiation

Ray Kennedy - Ray Kennedy

Ray Lamontagne - Gossip In The Grain

Ray Lamontagne - Ouroboros

Ray Lamontagne - Supernova

Ray Lamontagne - Till The Sun Turns Black

Ray Lamontagne - Trouble

Ray Lamontagne & The Pariah Dogs - God Willin' & The Creek Don't Rise

Ray Lynch - Deep Breakfast

Ray Lynch - Nothing Above My Shoulders But The Evening

Ray Lynch - The Sky Of Mind

Ray Manzarek - Carmina Burana (Carl Orff)

Ray Manzarek - The Golden Scarab

Ray Manzarek - The Whole Thing Started With Rock 'n' Roll Now It's Out Of Control

Ray Manzarek 's Nite City - Golden Days Diamond Nights

Ray Obiedo - Sticks & Stones

Ray Owen's Moon - Moon

Ray Parker Jr - After Dark

Ray Parker Jr - I'm Free

Ray Parker Jr - The Other Woman

Ray Parker Jr & Raydio - A Woman Needs Love

Ray Parker Jr & Raydio - Two Places At The Same Time

Ray Price - Night Life

Ray Price - Prisoner Of Love

Ray Price - The Honky Tonk Years (1950-1966)

Ray Stevens - All Time Hits

Ray Stevens - Greatest Comic Hits

Ray Stevens - The Best Of Ray Stevens

Ray Thomas - Hopes Wishes & Dreams

Ray Wilson - Chasing Rainbows

Ray Wilson Stiltskin - The Mind's Eye

Raya Real - Canciones Desde El Otro Lado Del Mar

Raya Real - Lluvia De Farolillos

Raya Real - Panoleta De Colores

Rayden - Antonimo

Rayden - Estaba Escrito

Rayden - In Ogni Dove

Rayden - Raydeneide

Raydio - Raydio

Raydio - Rock On

Raylo - Spanish Journey

Raymond Lefevre - Disco Symphonies

Raymond May - Unadulterated Addiction

Raymond Visan - Buddhattitude: Tzu Yo

Raymonde - Babelogue

Raynald Colom - Sketches Of Groove

Raz Ohara - The Last Legend

Raza De Odio - La Nueva Alarma

Razor - Armed & Dangerous

Razor - Custom Killing

Razor - Decibels

Razor - Evil Invaders

Razor - Executioner's Song

Razor - Live! - Osaka Saikou

Razor - Malicious Intent

Razor - Open Hostility

Razor - Shotgun Justice

Razor - The Evil Invaders Alive

Razor - Violent Restitution

Razor Fist - Metal Minds

Razor Skyline - The Bitter Well

Razorback - Criminal Justice

Razorback - Deadringer

Razorcuts - Storyteller

Razorlight - Razorlight

Razorlight - Slipway Fires

Razorlight - Up All Night

Razormaid - First Cutt

Razormaze - The True Speed Of Steel

Razors Edge - Blood On Their Hands

Razorwyre - Another Dimension

Razzle Dazzle - What The Hell

Rbd - Nuestro Amor

Reaction - Reaction

Re-activate - Prevailing Of The Unkind Domination

Readymade - Bold

Real - Flame

Real 2 Real Feat. The Mad Stuntman - I Like To Move It (Single)

Real Corporation - All Of The Time

Real Estate - Atlas

Real Estate - Days

Real Group - Debut

Real Group - In The Middle Of Life

Real Kids - The Real Kids

Real Life - Flame

Real Life - Imperfection

Real Life - Send Me An Angel

Real Mccoy & Mc Sar - Space Invaders

Real Mckenzies - 10.000 Shots

Real Mckenzies - Clash Of The Tartans

Real Mckenzies - Oot & Aboot

Real Mckenzies - Real Mckenzies

Real Mckenzies - Shine Not Burn

Real Steel - Real Steel

Real Tuesday Weld - When Cupid Meets Psyche

Real Tuesday Weld - Where Psyche Meets Cupid

Reale Accademia Di Musica - Reale Accademia Di Musica

Realm - Endless War

Realm - Suiciety

Realm Of Carnivora - Aemon Sathania

Realm Of Carnivora - Ancient Ire

Realm Of Carnivora - Grotesk

Realm Of Carnivora - Khonthaminion

Realm Of Carnivora - Verd

Reamonn - Eleven (Limited Edition)

Reamonn - Wish

Re-animator - Condemned To Eternity

Re-animator - Condemned To Eternity / Deny Reality

Re-animator - Deny Reality

Re-animator - Laughing

Re-animator - That Was Then... This Is Now

Reaper - An Atheist Monument

Rearz - Spered

Reason - Fools

Reasoning - Acoustically Speaking

Reasoning - Adventures In Neverland

Reasoning - Adverse Camber

Reasoning - And Another Thing...

Reazione - L'altra Faccia Della Riviera

Reb Beach - Masquerade

Reba Mcentire - #1's

Reba Mcentire - Duets

Reba Mcentire - Greatest Hits Vol. 2

Reba Mcentire - Greatest Hits Vol. 3

Reba Mcentire - If You See Him

Reba Mcentire - It's Your Call

Reba Mcentire - Love Collection

Reba Mcentire - Moments & Memories: The Best Of Reba

Rebeca Jimenez - Tormenta Y Mezcal

Rebeca Jimenez - Valiente

Rebecca Ferguson - Heaven

Rebecca Ferguson - Lady Sings The Blues

Rebecca Ferguson - Superwoman

Rebecca Lynn Howard - No Rules

Rebecca Martin - People Behave Like Ballads

Rebecca Pidgeon - The New York Girls' Club

Rebekka - Phoenix

Rebekka Bakken - I Keep My Cool

Rebekka Bakken - The Art Of How To Fall

Rebel Meets Rebel - Rebel Meets Rebel

Rebel Pride - Backin' It Up

Rebel Pride - It Is What It Is

Rebeldes - Basicamente Vol. 1 & 2

Rebeldia - Aun Es De Dia

Rebellion - Arise - The History Of The Vikings Vol. 3

Rebellion - Arminius - Furor Teutonicus

Rebellion - Born A Rebel

Rebellion - Miklagard

Rebellion - Miklagard - The History Of The Vikings Vol. 2

Rebellion - Sagas Of Iceland - The History Of The Vikings Vol. 1

Rebellion - Shakespeare's Macbeth - A Tragedy In Steel

Rebellion - The Clans Are Marching

Rebellion - Wyrd Bith Ful Araed

Rebellious Spirit - Gamble Shot

Rebellious Spirit - Obsession

Rebelution - Courage To Grow

Receiver - Teddy Has Stopped Breathing

Recipients Of Death - Recipients Of Death

Reckless Kelly - Bulletproof

Reckless Love - Animal Attraction

Reckless Love - Invader

Reckless Love - Invader (Special Uk Edition)

Reckless Love - Reckless Love

Reckless Love - Spirit

Reckless Love - Spirit (Special Uk Edition)

Recloose - Hiatus On The Horizon

Recloose - Perfect Timing

Recognize - Revenge

Recoil - Bloodline

Recoil - Liquid

Recoil - Subhuman

Recoil - Unsound Methods

Recordando O Vale Das Macas - As Criancas Da Nova Floresta

Records - The Records / Shades In Bed

Recover - Rodeo & Picasso

Recreation - Recreation / Music Or Not Music

Recycler - Alphabhangrapsychedelicfunkin'

Red - End Of Silence

Red - Innocence & Instinct

Red - Release The Panic

Red - Until We Have Faces

Red Army Choir - The Best Of The Red Army Choir: The Definitive Collection

Red Canzian - Io E Red

Red Canzian - L'istinto E Le Stelle

Red Cardell - 3

Red Cardell - A Montparnasse

Red Cardell - Bal A l'ouest

Red Cardell - Banquet De Cristal

Red Cardell - Cardelectro

Red Cardell - Douleur

Red Cardell - La Scene

Red Cardell - Naître

Red Cardell - Rock 'n' Roll Comédie

Red Cardell - Rouge

Red Cardell - Sans Fard

Red Cardell - Soleil Blanc

Red Circuit - Haze Of Nemesis (Limited Edition)

Red Circuit - Trance State

Red Clay Ramblers - Twisted Laurel

Red Crayola - God Bless The Red Krayola & All Who Sail With It

Red Crayola - The Parable Of Arable Land

Red Crayola With Art & Language - Kangaroo?

Red Dawn - Canopy Of Stars

Red Dawn - Never Say Surrender

Red De San Luis - Todas Sus Grabaciones En Discos Philips (1978-1981)

Red Descending - Kingdoms

Red Descending - Where Dreams Come To Die

Red Devils - The Borderline London

Red Dragon Cartel - Red Dragon Cartel

Red Elvises - Bedroom Boogie

Red Elvises - Better Than Sex

Red Elvises - Grooving To The Moscow Beat

Red Elvises - Lunatics & Poets

Red Elvises - Rokenrol

Red Elvises - Russian Bellydance

Red Elvises - Shake Your Pelvis

Red Fang - Red Fang

Red Flag - Naive Art

Red Garland - All Kinds Of Weather

Red Garland - Bright & Breezy

Red Garland - Moodsville Vol. 1

Red Garland - Red Alert

Red Garland - Red Garland's Piano

Red Garland - Red In Bluesville

Red Garland - Revisited!

Red Garland - Soul Junction

Red Garland - When There Are Grey Skies

Red Garland / Ron Carter / Philly Joe Jones - Crossings

Red Garland Quintet - All Mornin' Long

Red Garland Quintet With John Coltrane - High Pressure

Red Garland Trio - Can't See For Lookin'

Red Garland Trio - Manteca

Red Garland Trio - The Nearness Of You

Red Harvest - Cold Dark Matter

Red Harvest - Sick Transit Gloria Mundi

Red Hot & Blue - Still Jumpin' Around!

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Blood Sugar Sex Magik

Red Hot Chili Peppers - By The Way

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Californication

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Can't Stop (Single)

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Freaky Styley

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Freaky Styley (Bonus Tracks)

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Greatest Hits (Red Hot Chili Peppers)

Red Hot Chili Peppers - I Need A Hit

Red Hot Chili Peppers - I'm With You

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Live At Slane Castle

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Live Rare Remix Box

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Mother's Milk

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Mother's Milk (Remastered)

Red Hot Chili Peppers - One Hot Minute

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Out In L.a.

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Red Hot Chili Peppers

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Red Hot Chili Peppers (Remastered)

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Stadium Arcadium

Red Hot Chili Peppers - The Abbey Road

Red Hot Chili Peppers - The Best Of Red Hot Chili Peppers

Red Hot Chili Peppers - The Getaway

Red Hot Chili Peppers - The Uplift Mofo Party Plan

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Under The Covers

Red Hot Chili Peppers - What Hits

Red Hot Chilli Pipers - Octane

Red House Painters - Down Colorful Hill

Red House Painters - Ocean Beach

Red House Painters - Retrospective

Red House Painters - Songs For A Blue Guitar

Red Jasper - A Midsummer Night's Dream

Red Jasper - The Winter's Tale

Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Don't You Fake It

Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Face Down

Red Krayola - Hazel

Red Lamb - Red Lamb

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry - Blasting Off

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry - Blow

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry - Nothing Wrong

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry - Paint Your Wagon

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry - Smashed Hits

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry - Talk About The Weather

Red Mitchell - Red Mitchell

Red Moon Architect - Concealed Silence

Red Moon Architect - Fall

Red Red Meat - Jimmywine Majestic

Red Rider - As Far As Siam

Red Rose - Live The Life You've Imagined

Red Sand - Music For Sharks

Red Snapper - Key

Red Snapper - Making Bones

Red Snapper - Reeled & Skinned

Red Sparowes - Every Red Heart Shines Toward The Red Sun

Red Warlock - Serve Your Master

Reda Caire - 20 Succès

Reda Caire - Reda Caire

Redbanner - Una Altra Historia

Redbone - Redbone

Redbone - The Very Best Of Redbone

Redbone - The Witch Queen Of New Orleans

Redd Kross - Phaseshifter

Redd Kross - Show World

Redd Kross - Third Eye

Reddings - Back To Basics

Reddings - The Awakening

Redemption - Redemption

Redemption - Snowfall On Judgment Day

Redemption - The Art Of Loss

Redemption - The Fullness Of Time

Redemption - The Origins Of Ruin

Redemption - This Mortal Coil

Redemption - This Mortal Coil (Limited Edition)

Redfoo - Party Rock Mansion

Redimoni - The Onset Of Chaos

Redline - Vice

Redman - Dare Iz A Darkside

Redman - Doc's Da Name 2000

Redman - Malpractice

Redman - Muddy Waters

Redman - Red Gone Wild

Redman - Whut Thee Album

Rednex - Cotton Eye Joe

Rednex - Farm Out

Rednex - Sex & Violins

Rednex - Sex & Violins (Reissue)

Rednex - The Best Of The West

Redrum - No Turning Back

Redrum - Victims Of Our Circumstances

Redshape - The Dance Paradox

Redshift - Halo

Redska - Mi Son Sbagliato Nel Confondermi

Redsky - The Circle Of Blood

Redwing - Take Me Home

Reece - Universal Language

Reece Kronlund - Solid

Reeds - The Fake Of Lovin' / The Game

Reef - Replenish

Reek Daddy - Straight Pirate Type

Reel 2 Real Feat. The Mad Stuntman - Go On Move '94 (Maxi Cd)

Reel Big Fish - Cheer Up

Reel Big Fish - Everything Sucks

Reel Big Fish - Favorite Noise

Reel Big Fish - Greatest Hit & More

Reel Big Fish - Keep Your Receipt

Reel Big Fish - Turn The Radio Off

Reel Big Fish - Why Do They Rock So Hard?

Reel People - Seven Ways To Wonder

Reflection - Made In Hell

Reflex - Pulse

Re-flex - The Politics Of Dancing

Reflexion - Edge

Refree - Els Invertebrats

Refugee - Affairs In Babylon

Refugee - Burning From The Inside Out

Refugee - Refugee

Refused - Everlasting

Refused - Songs To Fan The Flames Of Discontent

Refused - The Demo Compilation

Refused - The E.p. Compilation

Refused - The New Noise Theology

Refused - The Shape Of Punk To Come

Refused - The Shape Of Punk To Come: A Chimerical Bombation In 12 Bursts

Refused - This Just Might Be The Truth

Regatta - Regatta

Reggae National Tickets - La Isla

Reggae National Tickets - Lascia Un Po' Di Te

Reggae National Tickets - Roof Club

Reggae National Tickets - Squali

Reggae National Tickets - Un Affare Difficile

Reggie - 103632

Regicidio - Tras El Pasamontanas

Regina Belle - All By My Self

Regina Belle - Love Forever Shines

Regina Belle - Stay With Me

Regina Carter - Rhythms Of The Heart

Regina Carter & Kenny Barron - Freefall

Regina Spektor - 11.11

Regina Spektor - Begin To Hope

Regina Spektor - Far

Regina Spektor - Mary Ann Meets The Gravediggers & Other Short Stories By Regina Spektor

Regina Spektor - Songs

Regina Spektor - Soviet Kitch

Regina Spektor - What We Saw From The Cheap Seats

Régis Huiban - Sans-sommeil

Regrelh - Cant Dels Trobadors

Regurgitate - Carnivorous Erection

Regurgitate - Concrete Human Torture (Ep)

Regurgitate - Deviant

Regurgitate - Effortless Regurgitation Of Bright Red Blood

Regurgitate - Effortless Regurgitation... The Torture Sessions

Regurgitate - Hatefilled Vengeance

Regurgitate - Sickening Bliss

Reido - Minus Eleven

Reign Ghost - Reign Ghost

Reign Of Kings - Spirit Quest

Reign Of Terror - Conquer & Divide

Reign Of Terror - Sacred Ground

Reign Of The Architect - Rise

Reigning Sound - Abdication... For Your Love

Reigning Sound - Home For Orphans

Reigning Sound - Love & Curses

Reik - Des / Amor

Reik - Un Dia Mas

Rein - E Finita

Rein Mercha - Vol. Passie & Emotie

Reinaldo - Retrato Cantado De Um Amor

Reincidentes - Acustico

Reincidentes - Algazara

Reincidentes - America: Canciones De Ida Y Vuelta

Reincidentes - Aniversario

Reincidentes - Awkan (Buenos Aires 25/05/2015)

Reincidentes - Awkan (Sin Parar De Buscar)

Reincidentes - Cosas De Este Mundo

Reincidentes - Dementes

Reincidentes - Dónde Está Judas?

Reincidentes - El Comercio Del Dolor

Reincidentes - La Otra Orilla

Reincidentes - Materia Reservada

Reincidentes - Ni Un Paso Atras

Reincidentes - Nunca Es Tarde... Si La Dicha Es Buena

Reincidentes - Reincidentes

Reincidentes - Sol Y Rabia

Reincidentes - Te Lo Dije!

Reincidentes - Tiempos De Ira

Reincidentes - Y Ahora Qué?

Reindeer Section - Son Of Evil Reindeer

Reinhard Mey - Ikarus

Reino Ermitano - Veneracion Del Fuego

Reinxeed - 1912

Reinxeed - A New World [Japanese Edition]

Reinxeed - Higher

Reinxeed - Higher (Japanese Edition)

Reinxeed - Majestic (Japanese Edition)

Reinxeed - Swedish Hitz Goes Metal

Reinxeed - Swedish Hitz Goes Metal (Japanese Edition)

Reinxeed - Swedish Hitz Goes Metal Vol. 2

Reinxeed - The Light (Japanese Edition)

Reinxeed - Welcome To The Theater

Reinxeed - Welcome To The Theater (Japanese Edition)

Rekrut - Rekrut

Reks - Rebelutionary

Relapsed - Into A Former State

Relativity - Gathering Pace

Relaxed Muscle - A Heavy Nite With

Relaxing Instrumental Jazz Ensemble - Bossa On The Beach

Relayer - Last Man On Earth

Relic - Banana Style (Single)

Relic - Légende Urbaine

Relient K - Deck The Halls Bruise Your Hand

Relient K - Mmhmm

Relient K - The Anatomy Of The Tongue In Cheek

Relient K - Two Lefts Don't Make A Right... But Three Do

Religion - Algunos Cuentos, Otras Tempestades

Religious Knives - The Door

Relinquished - Rehearsal Doom

Reliquary - Winter World

Remady & Manu-l - The Original 2k13 Edition

Remains - Barry & The Remains

Remains - The Remains

Remate - Superluv (Por Lo Que Tiene De Romantico)

Rembrandts - Greatest Hits (Rembrandts)

Rembrandts - Untitled

Remedios Amaya - Me Voy Contigo

Remembrance - Fall, Obsidian Night

Rémi Martin & Ronan Pinc - Bretonisk Muz'ka

Remi Nicole - My Conscience & I

Remnants Of Flesh - Degenerated Human Cells

Remo Four - Smile

Remorse - D.u.h.

Remy - Disconnected

Remy Shand - The Way I Feel

Remy Zero - The Golden Hum

Remy Zero - Villa Elaine

Ren Walters - Start

Rena Scott - Come On Inside

Renacer - Senderos Del Alma

Renaissance - A Song For All Seasons

Renaissance - Ashes Are Burning

Renaissance - Azure D'or

Renaissance - Grandine Il Vento

Renaissance - Illusion

Renaissance - Live & Direct

Renaissance - Live At Carnegie Hall

Renaissance - Novella

Renaissance - Prologue

Renaissance - Renaissance

Renaissance - Scheherazade & Other Stories

Renaissance - Time-line

Renaissance - Turn Of The Cards

Renan Luce - D'une Tonne A Un Tout Petit Poids

Renan Luce - Le Clan Des Miros

Renan Luce - Repenti

Renato Borghetti - Renato Borghetti

Renato Carosone - Studio Collection

Renato Carosone - The Platinum Collection

Renato Russo - Equilibrio Distante

Renato Teixeira - Album De Familia

Renato Teixeira - Amora

Renato Teixeira - Paisagem

Renato Teixeira - Romaria

Renato Zero - Alt

Renato Zero - Amo - Capitolo I

Renato Zero - Amo - Capitolo Ii

Renato Zero - Amore Dopo Amore

Renato Zero - Arena - Renato Zero Si Racconta

Renato Zero - Cattura

Renato Zero - Erozero

Renato Zero - Figli Del Sogno (Live 2004)

Renato Zero - I Miei Numeri

Renato Zero - Icaro

Renato Zero - Invenzioni

Renato Zero - La Coscienza Di Zero

Renato Zero - Le Canzoni Piu Belle

Renato Zero - Le Origini

Renato Zero - Leoni Si Nasce

Renato Zero - L'imperfetto

Renato Zero - No! Mamma, No!

Renato Zero - Presente

Renato Zero - Prometeo

Renato Zero - Puro Spirito

Renato Zero - Renatissimo!

Renato Zero - Segreto Amore

Renato Zero - Sei Zero

Renato Zero - Trapezio

Renato Zero - Tregua

Renato Zero - Tutti Gli Zeri Del Mondo

Renato Zero - Via Tagliamento 1965-1970

Renato Zero - Zero Infinito

Renato Zero - Zerofobia

Renato Zero - Zerolandia

Renato Zero - Zeronovetour

Renato Zero - Zerovskij... Solo Per Amore

Renaud - A La Belle De Mai

Renaud - Amoureux De Paname

Renaud - Argenteuil 1976

Renaud - Boucan D'enfer

Renaud - Cante El' Nord

Renaud - Casino De Paris

Renaud - Cassette D'or

Renaud - Cd Story

Renaud - L'absolutely Meilleur Of Renaud

Renaud - Laisse Béton

Renaud - Le Plein De Super

Renaud - Le P'tit Bal Du Samedi Soir

Renaud - Le P'tit Bal Du Samedi Soir & Autres Chansons Réalistes

Renaud - Le Retour De Gérard Lambert

Renaud - Les 100 Plus Belles Chansons (1985-2006)

Renaud - Les Grands Moments De L'olympia

Renaud - Les Introuvables

Renaud - Les Talents Du Siècle Vol. 01

Renaud - Les Talents Du Siècle Vol. 02

Renaud - Les Talents Du Siècle Vol. 03

Renaud - Ma Compil

Renaud - Ma Compil No. 2

Renaud - Ma Gonzesse

Renaud - Marchand De Cailloux

Renaud - Marche A L'ombre

Renaud - Master Serie

Renaud - Mistral Gagnant

Renaud - Molly Malone

Renaud - Morgane De Toi

Renaud - Musique En Evasion

Renaud - Olympia 1996

Renaud - Paris - Provinces

Renaud - Putain De Camion

Renaud - Renaud

Renaud - Renaud A Bobino

Renaud - Renaud Chante Brassens

Renaud - Rouge Sang

Renaud - The Meilleur Of Renaud 75-85

Renaud - The Meilleur Of Renaud 85-95

Renaud - The Very Meilleur Of Renaud

Renaud - Tournée D'enfer

Renaud - Un Olympia Pour Moi Tout Seul

Renaud - Une Guitare, Un Piano & Renaud (Maison Des Arts 1999)

Renaud - Visage Pâle Rencontrer Public

Renaud - Zenith 86

Renaud Garcia-fons & Jean-louis Matinier - Fuera

Rendezvous - Rock 'n' Roll Disco Boogie

René Aubry - Projection Privée

Rene Froger - Matters Of The Heart

Rene Froger - Midnight Man

Rene Froger - You're My Everything

René La Taupe - Les Aventures De René La Taupe

Rene Marie - Serene Renegade

René Thomas - Meeting Mister Thomas

Renee Fleming - Dark Hope

Renee Olstead - By Request

Renee Olstead - Renee Olstead

Renee Olstead - Skylark

Renegade - Back From The Dead

Renegade - Ravages Of Time

Renegade - W.a.r

Renegade Creation - Bullet

Renegade Five - Undergrounded Universe

Reno Isaac - A Nos Loopings

Renzo Arbore - Napoli Punto Esclamativo

Renzo Arbore - Prima Che Sia Troppo Tardi

Renzo Arbore - Renzo Arbore & The Arboriginals

Renzo Arbore - Swing

Renzo Arbore - Tonite! Renzo Swing!

Renzo Arbore & L'orchestra Italiana - Diciottanni Di... Canzoni Napoletane... Quelle Belle

Renzo Arbore & The Arboriginals - My American Way!

Renzo Rubino - Poppins

Renzo Rubino - Secondo Rubino

Reo - El Valor De La Sangre

Reo - Phobia

Reo Speedwagon - A Decade Of Rock 'n' Roll 1970 To 1980

Reo Speedwagon - Life As We Know It

Reo Speedwagon - Live: You Get What You Play For

Reo Speedwagon - Nine Lives

Reo Speedwagon - Reo Speedwagon

Reo Speedwagon - Take It On The Run - The Best Of

Reo Speedwagon - Wheels Are Turnin'

Répercussion - New Kong

Replacements - Don't Tell A Soul

Replacements - Don't You Know Who I Think I Was

Replacements - Hootenanny

Replacements - Let It Be

Replacements - Pleased To Meet Me

Replacements - Simply Unacceptable

Replacements - Tim

Reprisal - Mail Order Knife Set

Reptilian - Thunderblaze

Republica - Ready To Go: The Best Of

Republica - Republica

Repugnant - Epitome Of Darkness

Repugnant - Hecatomb (Reissued 2000)

Repuked - Pervertopia

Repulsa Sozial - Desobediencia!!!

Repulsion - Horrified

Requiebros - Que La Virgen No Se Cae

Requiem - Falsos Poemas

Requiem - Within Darkened Disorder

Res Kp - Restez Vivants

Rescue - Rescue

Rescues - Crazy Ever After

Residente - Residente

Residents - 13th Anniversary Show Live In Tokyo

Residents - Commercial Album (25th Anniversary Edition)

Residents - Eat Exuding Oinks

Residents - Fingerprince

Residents - Fingerprince & Babyfingers

Residents - Gingerbread Man

Residents - God In Three Persons

Residents - Meet The Residents

Residents - Mush-room

Residents - Not Available

Residents - The Big Bubble

Residents - The Third Reich 'n Roll

Residents - Title In Limbo

Resistor - The Secret Island Band Jams

Resistors - Tiny Scars

Resonance Room - Unspoken

Respectables - Sibley Gardens

Rest In Hate - Unidad

Restless - After Midnight

Restless - Alone In The Dark

Restless - Do Your Thing

Restless - Heart Attack

Restless - Movin' On

Restless - Number Seven

Restless - Unplugged

Restless - We Rock The Nation

Restless - Why Don't You... Just Rock!

Restless Heart - Fast Movin' Train

Restless Oblivion - Sands Of Time

Resurgency - No Worlds... Nor Gods Beyond

Resurrected - Blood Spilled

Resurrected - Bloodline (Ep)

Resurrected - Butchered In Excrement

Resurrected - Endless Sea Of Loss

Resurrected - Faireless To The Flesh

Resurrected - Fierce

Resurrected - Raping Whores

Resurrection - Embalmed Existence

Resurrection Kings - Resurrection Kings (Japanese Edition)

Retaliation - Obscenity

Retaliation - Seven

Retaliation Process - Downfall

Retaliatory Measures - Withdrawal Syndromes

Retra - Retra

Retroheads - Introspective

Retroheads - Retrospective

Rettore - Caduta Massi

Rettore - Kamikaze Rock 'n' Roll Suicide

Rettore - The Best Of The Beast

Return To Forever - Live (Return To Forever)

Return To Forever - No Mystery

Return To Forever - Romantic Warrior

Return To Forever - Where Have I Known You Before

Return To Forever & Chick Corea - Where I Know You Before

Reuben - Stuck In My Throat

Reuben Morgan & Hillsong - The Songs Of Reuben Morgan

Reuben Wilson - Best Of Reuben Wilson

Reuben Wilson - Love Bug

Reuben Wilson & Bernie Worrell - Boogaloo To The Beastie Boys

Rev 16:8 - Ashlands

Rev 16:8 - Grand Tidal Rave

Rev Theory - Justice

Rev Theory - Light It Up

Rev. Gary Davis - Blues & Ragtime

Revamp - Revamp

Revamp - Wild Card

Rêve de mer - Chants de marins

Reveal - Nocturne Of Eyes & Teeth

Revel In Flesh - Emissary Of All Plagues

Revelacion - Don't Give A Damn

Revelacion - The House Of The Rising Sun

Revelation - Revelation

Revelation - Yet So Far

Revelation Theory - Truth Is Currency

Revenant - The Burning Ground

Revenge - Metal Is: Addiction & Obsession

Revenge - Scum. Collapse. Eradication

Revenge - Victory. Intolerance. Mastery

Reverence - Chamber Of Divine Elaboration

Reverence - Gods Of War (Japanese Edition)

Reverence - When Darkness Calls

Reverend - A Gathering Of Demons

Reverend - Reverend

Reverend & The Makers - A French Kiss In The Chaos

Reverend Beatman & The Un-Believers - Get On Your Knees

Reverend Bizarre - Death Is Glory... Now

Reverend Bizarre - In The Rectory Of The Bizarre Reverend

Reverend Bizarre - Return To The Rectory

Reverend Gary Davis - Manchester Free Trade Hall 1964

Reverend Gary Davis - Masters Of The Country Blues Guitar

Reverend Gary Davis & Pink Anderson - Gospel, Blues & Street Songs

Reverend Horton Heat - Holy Roller

Reverend Horton Heat - It's Martini Time

Reverend Horton Heat - Liquor In The Front

Reverend Horton Heat - Lucky 7

Reverend Horton Heat - Revival

Reverend Horton Heat - Smoke 'em If You Got 'em

Reverend Horton Heat - Space Heater

Reverend Horton Heat - Spend A Night In The Box

Reverend Horton Heat - The Full Custom Gospel Sounds Of

Reverend James Cleveland - In Honor Of The King

Reverendo Parker - Iv

Reverendo Parker - Live At Hell Dorado

Reverendo Parker - No Aburras

Reverendo Parker - Nos Vemos En La 7

Reverendo Parker - Reverendo Parker

Revocation - Chaos Of Forms

Revocation - Empire Of The Obscene

Revocation - Existence Is Futile

Revocation - Revocation

Revocation - Summon The Spawn

Revocation - Teratogenesis

Revolting - Dreadful Pleasures

Revolting - Hymns Of Ghastly Horror

Revolting - In Grisly Rapture

Revolting Cocks - Beers, Steers & Queers

Revolting Cocks - Linger Ficken' Good

Revolting Cocks - Sex-o Olympic-o

Revoltons - Underwater Bells

Revolution Mother - Glory Bound

Revolution Renaissance - Age Of Aquarius

Revolution Renaissance - New Era

Revolution Renaissance - Trinity

Revolution Saints - Revolution Saints (Deluxe Edition)

Revolution Void - Thread Soul

Revolutionaries - Burning Dub

Revolutionary Ensemble - The Psyche

Revolver - 21 Gramos

Revolver - 8.30 Am

Revolver - Argan (Deluxe Version)

Revolver - Babilonia

Revolver - Basico 1

Revolver - Basico 2

Revolver - Basico 3

Revolver - Calle Mayor

Revolver - El Dorado

Revolver - Enjoy

Revolver - Grandes Exitos (Revolver)

Revolver - Mestizo

Revolver - Music For A While

Revolver - Que 20 Anos No Es Nada

Revolver - Rarezas

Revolver - Revolver

Revolver - Si No Hubiera Que Correr

Revolver - Sur

Revolver - Turbulence

Revolverheld - In Farbe

Revolverheld - Revolverheld

Revontulet - Hear Me

Revuelo - Revuelo

Rex Daisy - Guys & Dolls

Rex Gildo - Hits & Raritäten

Rex Holman - Here In The Land Of Victory

Rexanthony - Memorabylia

Rey Ruiz - 20th Anniversary

Rey Ruiz - Estaciones

Rey Ruiz - Hitz

Rey Ruiz - Mi Historia Musical

Rezet - Have Gun, Will Travel

Rezillos - Can't Stand The Rezillos

Rh Factor - Hard Groove

Rh Factor - Strength E.p.

Rh+ - Rh+

Rhapsody - Chronicles Of The Bloody Landscapes

Rhapsody - Dawn Of Victory

Rhapsody - Legendary Tales

Rhapsody - Power Of The Dragonflame

Rhapsody - Rain Of A Thousand Flames

Rhapsody - Symphony Of Enchanted Lands

Rhapsody - Symphony Of Enchanted Lands II - The Dark Secret

Rhapsody - Tales From The Emerald Sword Saga

Rhapsody Of Fire - Dark Wings Of Steel

Rhapsody Of Fire - Dark Wings Of Steel (Limited Edition)

Rhapsody Of Fire - From Chaos To Eternity

Rhapsody Of Fire - From Chaos To Eternity (Japanese Edition)

Rhapsody Of Fire - From Chaos To Eternity (Limited Edition)

Rhapsody Of Fire - Into The Legend

Rhapsody Of Fire - Into The Legend (Limited Edition)

Rhapsody Of Fire - Legendary Years

Rhapsody Of Fire - Legendary Years (Japanese Edition)

Rhapsody Of Fire - Live - From Chaos To Eternity

Rhapsody Of Fire - The Cold Embrace Of Fear

Rhapsody Of Fire - The Frozen Tears Of Angels

Rhapsody Of Fire - Triumph Or Agony

Rhapsody Of Fire - Twilight Symphony

Rheingold - Distanz

Rhesus O - Rhesus O

Rhésus Positif - Entre Copains

Rhett Akins - People Like Me

Rhett Forrester - Even The Score

Rhino Bucket - And Then It Got Ugly

Rhino Bucket - Get Used To It

Rhinoceros - Satin Chickens & Better Times Are Coming

Rhoda Scott - Live At The Club Saint Germain

Rhona Mitra - Lara Croft

Rhonda Vincent - Destination Life

Rhonda Vincent - Ragin' Live

Rhye - The Fall

Rhys Chatham - Hard Edge, The Wire Editions

Rhythm Heritage - Disco-Fied

Rhythm Logic - Sweet Talk

Rhythm Makers - Funk Grooves

Rhythm Talk - Citystreet

Rialto - Rialto

Rialzu - U Riguru

Ribin - Des Sabots De Bois Contre La Peau De Terre

Ribspreader - The Van Murders

Ric Ocasek - Fireball Zone

Ric Ocasek - Quick Change World

Ric Ocasek - This Side Of Paradise

Ricardo Arjona - 12 Grandes Exitos

Ricardo Arjona - Adentro

Ricardo Arjona - Animal Nocturno

Ricardo Arjona - Apague La Luz Y Escuche

Ricardo Arjona - Arjona Tropico

Ricardo Arjona - Dejame Decir Que Te Amo

Ricardo Arjona - Galeria Caribe

Ricardo Arjona - Historias

Ricardo Arjona - Independiente

Ricardo Arjona - Jesus, Verbo No Sustantivo

Ricardo Arjona - Lados B

Ricardo Arjona - Mis Mejores Lentos

Ricardo Arjona - Poquita Ropa

Ricardo Arjona - Quien Dijo Ayer

Ricardo Arjona - Quinto Piso

Ricardo Arjona - Santo Pecado

Ricardo Arjona - Si El Norte Fuera El Sur

Ricardo Arjona - Simplemente Lo Mejor

Ricardo Arjona - Sin Danos A Terceros

Ricardo Arjona - Solo

Ricardo Arjona - Solo Para Mujeres

Ricardo Arjona - Viaje

Ricardo Arjona - Vivo

Ricardo Arjona / Facundo Cabral - Tiempo De Bohemia

Ricardo Montaner - Agradecido

Ricardo Montaner - En El ultimo Lugar Del Mundo

Ricardo Montaner - Las Cosas Son Como Son

Ricardo Montaner - Las Mejores Canciones Del Mundo

Ricardo Montaner - Lo Mejor De Montaner

Ricardo Montaner - Los Hijos Del Sol

Ricardo Montaner - Viajero Frecuente

Riccardo Cioni - Darkness Inside

Riccardo Cioni & D.j.f.t. Band - Choo Choo Train

Riccardo Cocciante - Cervo A Primavera

Riccardo Cocciante - Cocciante

Riccardo Cocciante - Concerto Per Margherita

Riccardo Cocciante - E Io Canto

Riccardo Cocciante - Eventi E Mutamenti

Riccardo Cocciante - Giulietta E Romeo

Riccardo Cocciante - Innamorato

Riccardo Cocciante - La Grande Avventura

Riccardo Cocciante - Le Origini

Riccardo Cocciante - Margherita E Le Altre

Riccardo Cocciante - Mu

Riccardo Cocciante - Sincerita

Riccardo Cocciante - Successi

Riccardo Cocciante - Tutti I Miei Sogni

Riccardo Cocciante - Uomo Felice

Riccardo Fogli - A Meta Del Viaggio

Riccardo Fogli - Alla Fine Di Un Lavoro

Riccardo Fogli - Che Ne Sai

Riccardo Fogli - Ci Saranno Giorni Migliori

Riccardo Fogli - Compagnia

Riccardo Fogli - Fogli Su Fogli

Riccardo Fogli - Greatest Hits (Riccardo Fogli)

Riccardo Fogli - I Grandi Successi Originali

Riccardo Fogli - I Successi Di

Riccardo Fogli - Torna A Sorridere

Riccardo Parmigiani - Empatia

Riccardo Parmigiani - For Nobody

Riccardo Parmigiani - Forsaken

Riccardo Parmigiani - I Cancelli Dell'oceano

Riccardo Parmigiani - Il Generatore Di Anime

Riccardo Parmigiani - Il Viaggio

Riccardo Parmigiani - Silenzio

Riccardo Parmigiani - Stimme

Riccardo Parmigiani - Walpurgis Iii

Riccardo Polidoro - Ladro Di Sorrisi

Riccardo Sinigallia - Per Tutti

Riccardo Zappa - Ali E Radici

Riccardo Zappa - Dal Vivo

Riccardo Zappa - Haermea

Ricchi E Poveri - All The Best

Ricchi E Poveri - Dimmi Quando

Ricchi E Poveri - E Penso A Te

Ricchi E Poveri - Hasta La Vista, Signora

Ricchi E Poveri - La Stagione Dell'amore

Ricchi E Poveri - Mamma Maria

Ricchi E Poveri - Me Enamoro De Ti

Ricchi E Poveri - Pubblicita

Ricchi E Poveri - The Collection

Ricchi E Poveri - Voulez Vous Danser

Rice & Beans Orchestra - The Best Of Rice & Beans Orchestra

Rich Boy - Break The Pot

Rich Boy - Rich Boy

Rich Robinson - Through A Crooked Sun

Richard "Groove" Holmes - Get Up & Get It!

Richard & Linda Thompson - First Light

Richard & Linda Thompson - I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight

Richard & Linda Thompson - Queen Elizabeth Hall, 1975

Richard & Linda Thompson - Shoot Out The Lights

Richard & Linda Thompson - Sunnyvista

Richard & Mimi Farina - Celebrations For A Grey Day

Richard & Mimi Farina - Memories

Richard & Mimi Farina - Reflections In A Crystal Wind

Richard Anthony - J'entends Siffler Le Train

Richard Anthony - Let's Twist Again

Richard Ashcroft - Alone With Everybody

Richard Ashcroft - Keys To The World

Richard Barbieri - Stranger Inside

Richard Barbieri - Thing Buried

Richard Barbieri & Tim Bowness - Flame

Richard Benson - L'inferno Dei Vivi

Richard Benson - Madre Tortura

Richard Betts - Highway Call

Richard Bona - Scenes From My Life

Richard Bona - The Ten Shades Of Blues

Richard Buckner - Bloomed (Limited Edition Reissue)

Richard Buckner - Devotion & Doubt

Richard Butler - Richard Butler

Richard Carpenter - Time

Richard Cheese - A Lounge Supreme

Richard Cheese - Aperitif For Destruction

Richard Cheese - I'd Like A Virgin

Richard Cheese - Lounge Against The Machine

Richard Cheese - The Sunny Side Of The Moon

Richard Cheese - Tuxicity

Richard Clayderman - Best Songs

Richard Clayderman - Eponyme 77-78-79

Richard Clayderman - Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime

Richard Clayderman - Lady Di

Richard Clayderman - Les Rendez-vous Du Hasard

Richard Clayderman - My Best

Richard Clayderman - My Classic Collection

Richard Clayderman - Piano (The Best Of)

Richard Clayderman - Plays Abba - The Hits

Richard Clayderman - Richard Clayderman

Richard Clayderman - Rondo Pour Un Tout Petit Enfant

Richard Clayderman - Sentimental Journey

Richard Clayderman - The Anniversary Collection

Richard Clayderman - The Best Of Abba

Richard Clayderman - The Best Of Andrew Lloyd Webber

Richard Clayderman - The Best Of Carpenters

Richard Clayderman - The Best Of Cassical

Richard Clayderman - The Best Of Cinema

Richard Clayderman - The Best Of Love Songs

Richard Clayderman - The Christmas Collection

Richard Clayderman - The Fantastic Movie Story Of Ennio Morricone

Richard Clayderman & James Last - True Love

Richard Cocciante - Best Of Richard Cocciante

Richard Cocciante - Concierto Para Margarita

Richard Dawson - The Magic Bridge

Richard Desjardins - Boom Boom

Richard Desjardins - Boomtown Café

Richard Digance - England's Green & Pleasant Land

Richard Digance - How The West Was Lost

Richard Digance - Treading The Boards

Richard Durand - Wide Awake

Richard Elliot - Ballads

Richard Elliot - In The Zone

Richard Elliot - Jumpin' Off

Richard Elliot - Rock Steady

Richard Elliot - Take To The Skies

Richard Elliot - The Power Of Suggestion

Richard Elliot - Trolltown

Richard Evans - Richard Evans

Richard Galliano - Blow Up

Richard Galliano - Concerts Inédits

Richard Galliano - Face To Face

Richard Galliano - French Touch

Richard Galliano - Gallianissimo!

Richard Galliano - New Musette

Richard Galliano - New York Tango

Richard Galliano - Ruby, My Dear

Richard Galliano & Jean-charles Capon - Blues Sur Seine

Richard Galliano & Tangaria Quartet - Live In Marciac 2006

Richard Galliano Septet - Piazzolla Forever

Richard Gotainer - Chants Zazous

Richard Gotainer - Contes de Traviole

Richard Gotainer - D'amour & D'orage

Richard Gotainer - Espèce De Bonobo

Richard Gotainer - Le Gotainer Band En Public

Richard Gotainer - Les Frappés Du Café

Richard Gotainer - Poil A La Pub (Sketches & Jingles)

Richard Gotainer - Rendez-vous Au Tas De Sable

Richard Gotainer - Tendance Banane

Richard H. Kirk - Disposable Half-truths

Richard Hawley - Coles Corner

Richard Hawley - Hollow Meadows

Richard Hawley - Lady's Bridge

Richard Hawley - Late Night Final

Richard Hawley - Lowedges

Richard Hawley - Richard Hawley

Richard Hawley - Standing At The Sky's Edge

Richard Hawley - Truelove's Gutter

Richard Hell & The Voidoids - Blank Generation

Richard Hell & The Voidoids - R.i.p.

Richard Hell & The Voidoids (Part 3) - The Neon Boys - Don't Die / That's All I Know (Right Now)

Richard Lloyd - Alchemy

Richard Marx - Ballads (Then, Now & Forever)

Richard Marx - Beautiful Goodbye

Richard Marx - Christmas Spirit

Richard Marx - Emotional Remains

Richard Marx - Greatest Hits (Richard Marx)

Richard Marx - Hazard (Maxi)

Richard Marx - My Own Best Enemy

Richard Marx - Stories To Tell (Expanded Edition)

Richard Marx - Sundown

Richard Pinhas - Iceland

Richard Pinhas - L'ethique

Richard Skelton - Landings

Richard Stoltzman With Judy Collins - Innervoices

Richard Swift - The Atlantic Ocean

Richard Tee - Strokin'

Richard Thompson - 1000 Years Of Popular Music

Richard Thompson - Alone With His Guitar

Richard Thompson - Amnesia

Richard Thompson - Daring Adventures

Richard Thompson - Electric (Deluxe Edition)

Richard Thompson - Front Parlour Ballads

Richard Thompson - Guitar / Vocal

Richard Thompson - Henry The Human Fly

Richard Thompson - Hokey Pokey

Richard Thompson - I Want To See The Bridge Tonight

Richard Thompson - Industry

Richard Thompson - Live At Crawley

Richard Thompson - Mirror Blue

Richard Thompson - Mock Tudor

Richard Thompson - Pour Down Like Silver

Richard Thompson - Small Town Romance

Richard Thompson - Still

Richard Thompson - Sweet Warrior

Richard Thompson - The Old Kit Bag

Richard Vimal - Migrations

Richard Wright - Wet Dream

Richard X. Heyman - Cornerstone

Richie Havens - Alarm Clock

Richie Havens - Collection

Richie Havens - Common Ground

Richie Havens - Going Back To My Roots

Richie Havens - Mixed Bag

Richie Havens - Nobody Left To Crown

Richie Havens - Richard P. Havens, 1983

Richie Havens - Sings Beatles & Dylan

Richie Havens - Stonehenge

Richie Havens - The End Of The Beginning

Richie Havens - The Millenium Collection

Richie Kotzen - Break It All Down

Richie Kotzen - Into The Black

Richie Kotzen - Mother Head's Family Reunion

Richie Kotzen - Peace Sign

Richie Kotzen - Salting Earth

Richie Kotzen - Soldiers Of Sorrow

Richie Kotzen - The Essential

Richie Kotzen & Greg Howe - Project

Richie Kotzen & Greg Howe - Tilt

Richie Ray & Bobby Cruz - 1975

Richie Sambora - Aftermath Of The Lowdown

Richie Sambora - On Lead Guitar

Richie Sambora - Stranger In This Town

Richie Sambora - Undiscovered Soul

Richie Spice - In The Streets To Africa

Richie Stephens - Reggae Evolution

Richmond Fontaine - The High Country

Richmond Fontaine - We Used To Think The Freeway Sounded Like A River

Richmond Fontaine - You Can't Go Back If There's Nothing To Go Back To

Rick Astley - 12 Inch Collection

Rick Astley - Body & Soul

Rick Astley - Free

Rick Astley - Hold Me In Your Arms

Rick Astley - Keep It Turned On

Rick Astley - Platinum & Gold Collection

Rick Astley - Together Forever

Rick Astley - Ultimate Collection

Rick Astley - Whenever You Need Somebody

Rick Astley - Whenever You Need Somebody (Deluxe Edition)

Rick Braun - Body & Soul

Rick Braun - Esperanto

Rick Braun - Kisses In The Rain

Rick Braun - Sings With Strings

Rick Braun & Richard Elliot - R N R

Rick Braun, Kirk Whalum, Norman Brown - Groovin'

Rick Danko - Rick Danko

Rick Derringer - All American Boy

Rick Derringer - Back To The Blues

Rick Derringer - Blues Deluxe

Rick Derringer - Free Ride

Rick Derringer - Good Dirty Fun

Rick Derringer - Guitars & Women

Rick Derringer - If I Weren't So Romantic, I'd Shoot You

Rick Derringer - Knighted By The Blues

Rick Derringer - Rockin' American

Rick Derringer - Tend The Fire

Rick E Renner - E Voce... (Ao Vivo)

Rick Guard - Hands Of A Giant

Rick James - Reflections

Rick Medlocke & Blackfoot - Rick Medlocke & Blackfoot

Rick Miller - In The Shadows

Rick Ross - Deeper Than Rap

Rick Ross - God Forgives, I Don't

Rick Ross - God Forgives, I Don't (Deluxe Explicit)

Rick Ross - Mastermind (Deluxe Edition)

Rick Ross - Port Of Miami

Rick Ross - Ricky Luciano

Rick Ross - Still Hustlin

Rick Ross - Teflon Don

Rick Ross - Trilla

Rick Springfield - Best Of Rick Springfield

Rick Springfield - Living In Oz

Rick Springfield - The Greatest Hits... Alive

Rick Trevino - Whole Town Blue

Rick Van Der Linden & Trace - The White Ladies

Rick Vito - King Of Hearts

Rick Wakeman - 1984

Rick Wakeman - A Suite Of Gods

Rick Wakeman - Always With You

Rick Wakeman - Christmas Variations

Rick Wakeman - Criminal Record

Rick Wakeman - In The Beginning

Rick Wakeman - Lisztomania

Rick Wakeman - Live At Hammersmith

Rick Wakeman - No Earthly Connection

Rick Wakeman - No Earthly Connection (Limited Edition 2003)

Rick Wakeman - Out Of The Blue

Rick Wakeman - Out There

Rick Wakeman - Piano Portraits

Rick Wakeman - Piano Vibrations

Rick Wakeman - Retro

Rick Wakeman - Retro 2

Rick Wakeman - Return To The Center Of The Earth

Rick Wakeman - Rhapsodies

Rick Wakeman - Rick Wakeman's Criminal Record

Rick Wakeman - Romance Of The Victorian Age

Rick Wakeman - Softsword

Rick Wakeman - Songs Of Middle Earth

Rick Wakeman - Starship Trooper

Rick Wakeman - The Gospels

Rick Wakeman - The Masters

Rick Wakeman - The Myths & Legends Of King Arthur & The Knights Of The Round Table

Rick Wakeman - The Natural World Trilogy

Rick Wakeman - The Six Wives Of Henry Viii

Rick Wakeman - Time Machine

Rick Wakeman - Tribute To The Beatles

Rick Wakeman - Two Sides Of Yes

Rick Wakeman - Visions Of Paradise

Rick Wakeman - White Rock

Rick Wright - Broken China

Ricki Lee - Brand New Day

Ricki Lee - Fear & Freedom

Rickie Lee Jones - Duchess Of Coolsville

Rickie Lee Jones - Ghostyhead

Rickie Lee Jones - It's Like This

Rickie Lee Jones - Pop Pop

Rickie Lee Jones - Rickie Lee Jones

Rickie Lee Jones - The Magazine

Rickie Lee Jones - The Sermon On Exposition Boulevard

Ricky & Diana - Bachatas Del Alma

Ricky King - Die 20 Schönsten Welthits Im Gitarrensound

Ricky King - Kult Schlagerparty

Ricky King - Love Me Tender

Ricky King - Plays Golden Guitar Hits

Ricky King - Romantic Moments

Ricky Luis - Out The Box

Ricky Lynn Gregg - Ricky Lynn Gregg

Ricky Martin - 17

Ricky Martin - 17 Greatest Hits

Ricky Martin - A Medio Vivir

Ricky Martin - Almas Del Silencio

Ricky Martin - Best Of Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin - La Historia

Ricky Martin - Life

Ricky Martin - Me Amaras

Ricky Martin - Mtv Unplugged

Ricky Martin - Musica Alma Sexo

Ricky Martin - Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin - Ricky Martin (Us)

Ricky Martin - Sound Loaded

Ricky Martin - Vuelve

Ricky Martin With Christina Aguilera - Nobody Wants To Be Lonely (Maxi)

Ricky Nelson - The Greatest Hits (Ricky Nelson)

Ricky Skaggs - Comin' Home To Stay

Ricky Skaggs - Country Hits Bluegrass Style

Ricky Skaggs - Rising Star

Ricky Skaggs - That's It

Ricky Skaggs & Kentucky Thunder - Live At The Charleston Music Hall

Ricky Van Shelton - Love & Honor

Ricky Warwick - Belfast Confetti

Ricky Warwick - Tattoos & Alibis

Rico - That Man Is Forward

Ricocher - Chains

Ricordi D'infanzia - Io Uomo

Ricoune & Les Counass - Best Of Ricoune & Les Counass

Ridan - L'ange De Mon Démon

Ridan - Le Rêve Ou La Vie

Ridan - L'un Est L'autre

Ridan - Madame La République

Riddler - All The Way To The Top

Ride - Going Blank Again

Ride - Nowhere

Ride - Nowhere (Remastered 2001)

Ride - Tarantula

Ride - Waves (Bbc Sessions 1990-1994)

Ride - Weather Diaries

Rides - Can't Get Enough

Ridillo - Folk 'n' Funk

Ridillo - Italian Soul

Ridillo - Playboys

Rienzi - Tolerancia Zero

Riff - Contenidos (Remastered 2006)

Riff - Macadam 3... 2... 1... 0 (Remastered 2006)

Riff - Pappo / Jaf / Vitico / Moro

Riff - Que Sea Rock

Riff - Ruedas De Metal

Riff - Vii

Riff - Zona De Nadie

Riff Raff - Riff Raff

Riff-raff - The Singles 1977-1980

Rifles - None The Wiser

Rifles - The Great Escape

Riggs - Riggs

Righeira - No Tengo Dinero

Righeira - Righeira

Righeira - Vamos A La Playa

Righeira - Vamos A La Playa & No Tengo Dinero

Right Said Fred - Fredhead

Righteous Brothers - Anthology 1962-1974

Righteous Brothers - Gold

Righteous Brothers - The Very Best Of The Righteous Brothers: Unchained Melody

Righteous Men - Schwarzes Gold

Rigor Mortis - Demo 9-14-86

Rigor Mortis - Freaks

Rigor Mortis - Rigor Mortis

Rigor Mortis - Rigor Mortis Vs. Earth

Rigor Mortis - Slaves To The Grave

Rigor Sardonicous - Apocalypsis Damnare

Rigor Sardonicous - Live Vivescere Exitium

Rigor Sardonicous - Principia Sardonica

Rigor Sardonicous - Risus Ex Mortuus

Rigor Sardonicous - Risus Ex Mortuus [Demo]

Rigor Sardonicous - Vallis Ex Umbra De Mortuus

Rihanna - A Girl Like Me

Rihanna - Anti (Deluxe Edition)

Rihanna - Confessions Of A Bad Girl

Rihanna - Devil In A Blue Dress

Rihanna - Extra Spicy

Rihanna - Good Girl Gone Bad

Rihanna - Good Girl Gone Bad: Reloaded

Rihanna - Hotness

Rihanna - Loud

Rihanna - Loud (Deluxe Edition)

Rihanna - Magik

Rihanna - Music Of The Sun

Rihanna - Rated R

Rihanna - Riddle: Hard N' Nasty

Rihanna - Talk That Talk

Rihanna - Talk That Talk (Deluxe Edition)

Rihanna - The Biggest Hits (Rihanna)

Rihanna - The Greatest Hits

Rihanna - Ultimate Collection

Rihanna - Unapologetic

Rihanna - Unapologetic (Deluxe Version)

Rihanna - Woman In Black

Rihanna & Beyonce - The Don Divas

Rik Emmett - Good Faith

Rik Emmett - The Spiral Notebook

Rik Emmett & Dave Dunlop - Strung Out Troubadours

Riké - Au Gré Du Vent

Riki Lopez - Con El Sudor De La Gente

Riki Lopez - Dando El Kante (En Directo)

Riki Lopez - El Hombre Mas Feliz Del Mundo

Riki Lopez - Rikipilatorio

Rildo Hora & Romero Lubambo - Autonomia

Riler - Engendros Del Mal

Rileys - The World & His Wife

Rilo Kiley - More Adventurous

Rilo Kiley - Take Offs & Landings

Rilo Kiley - Under The Blacklight

Rim Banna - Seasons Of Violet

Rim.k. - Fantôme

Rim'k - Chef De Famille

Rim'k - Famille Nombreuse

Rim'k - L'enfant Du Pays

Rina Ketty - 1937-1951

Ring - Savage Lover

Ring Of Fire - Battle Of Leningrad

Ringleader - If Licks Could Kill

Ringo Starr - Goodnight Vienna

Ringo Starr - Liverpool 8

Ringo Starr - Photograph: The Best Of Ringo

Ringo Starr - Postcards From Paradise

Ringo Starr - Rare Tracks

Ringo Starr - Resurrection (Live At The Montreux)

Ringo Starr - Ringo

Ringo Starr - Y Not

Rings - Black Habit

Rinneradio - Joik

Rino Gaetano - Aida

Rino Gaetano - E Cantava Le Canzoni

Rino Gaetano - E Cantavo Le Canzoni

Rino Gaetano - E Io Ci Sto

Rino Gaetano - Gianna E Le Altre

Rino Gaetano - Ingresso Libero

Rino Gaetano - La Storia

Rino Gaetano - Live & Rarities

Rino Gaetano - Mio Fratello E Figlio Unico

Rino Gaetano - Nuntereggae Piu

Rino Gaetano - Resta Vile Maschio, Dove Vai

Rino Gaetano - Solo Con Io

Rino Gaetano - Sotto I Cieli Di Rino

Rino Gaetano - Sotto I Cieli Di Rino (Special Edition)

Rino Zurzolo - Rua Catalana

Rinôçérôse - Installation Sonore

Rinôçérôse - Music Kills Me

Rinôçérôse - Retrospective

Rinôçérôse - Schizophonic

Rio - Borderland

Rio - Copacabana (Disco)

Rio - Fiori

Rio - Il Sognatore

Rio - Mareluce

Rio - Mariachi Hotel

Rio - Mediterraneo

Rio - Ops!

Rio - Sexcrimes

Rio Reiser - Rio I

Rio Roma - Hoy Es Buen Dia

Riot - Born In America

Riot - Fire Down Under

Riot - Fire Down Under (1997 Reissue)

Riot - Immortal Soul

Riot - Immortal Soul (Limited Edition)

Riot - Inishmore

Riot - Narita

Riot - Nightbreaker

Riot - Restless Breed

Riot - Restless Breed (Remastered 2016)

Riot - Riot In Japan - Live!

Riot - Rock City

Riot - Shine On

Riot - Sons Of Society

Riot - The Brethren Of The Long House

Riot - The Privilege Of Power

Riot - Through The Storm

Riot - Thunder Steel

Riot On Mars - First Wave (Japanese Edition)

Riot Propaganda - United Artists Of Revolution

Riot Rockers - Back With A Vengeance

Riot V - Unleash The Fire

Rip Rig & Panic - God

Ripaille - La Vieille Que L'on Brula

Ripe - Into Your Ears

Ripper - And The Dead Shell Rise

Rippers - Nomelec's Revenge

Rippers - The Rippers

Ripping Corpse - Dreaming With The Dead

Rippingtons - Built To Last

Rippingtons - Cote D'azur

Rippingtons - The Best Of The Rippingtons

Ripple - Sons Of The Gods

Rise Against - Appeal To Reason

Rise Against - B-sides

Rise Against - Endgame

Rise Against - Revolutions Per Minute

Rise Against - The Black Market

Rise Against - The Unraveling

Rise Against - Transistor Revolt

Rise Against - Wolves

Rise Against - Wolves (Deluxe Edition)

Rise Of Ophiuchus - Serpentarius

Rise To Fall - Defying The Gods

Rise To Fall - Restore The Balance

Rise To Remain - City Of Vultures

Rise To The Light - Music For Wellness

Rishloo - Eidolon

Rising Dark - Apocalyptic

Rising Moon - The Truth We Never Knew

Rising Storm - Calm Before

Risk - Dirty Surfaces

Risk - Hell's Animals

Risk - Ratman

Risk - The Daily Horror News (From The Lost Side Of The World)

Risk - The Reborn

Risk - Turpitude

Rita Coolidge - Greatest Hits (Rita Coolidge)

Rita Coolidge - Out Of The Blues

Rita Coolidge - The Collection

Rita Coolidge - The Lady's Not For Sale

Rita Lee - Acustico Mtv

Rita Lee - Aqui, Ali, Em Qualquer Lugar

Rita Lee - Babilonia

Rita Lee - Bossa 'n' Roll

Rita Lee - Build Up

Rita Lee - Cilibrinas Do Eden

Rita Lee - Greatest Hits (Rita Lee)

Rita Lee - Hoje E O Primeiro Dia Do Resto Da Sua Vida

Rita Lee - Rita Lee

Rita Lee - Rita Lee (1979)

Rita Lee & Gilberto Gil - Refestanca

Rita Lee & Lucia Turnbull - As Cilibrinas Do Eden

Rita Lee & Roberto De Carvalho - Flagra

Rita Lee & Tutti Frutti - Atras Do Porto Tem Uma Cidade

Rita Lee & Tutti Frutti - Babilonia

Rita Lee & Tutti Frutti - Entradas E Bandeiras

Rita Lee & Tutti Frutti - Fruto Proibido

Rita Marcotulli - The Woman Next Door

Rita Marley - Harambé

Rita Marley & The Soulettes - Play Play

Rita Mitsouko - Acoustiques

Rita Mitsouko - Bestov

Rita Mitsouko - Cool Frénésie

Rita Mitsouko - La Femme Trombone

Rita Mitsouko - Marc & Robert

Rita Mitsouko - Re

Rita Mitsouko - Rita Mitsouko

Rita Mitsouko - Système D

Rita Mitsouko - The No Comprendo

Rita Mitsouko - Variéty

Rita Ora - Ora

Rita Pavone - Amore Scusami

Rita Pavone - Bonjour La France

Rita Pavone - Ci Vuole Poco

Rita Pavone - Ciao Rita

Rita Pavone - Coeur

Rita Pavone - Come Lei Non C'e Nessuno

Rita Pavone - Come Te Non C'e Nessuno

Rita Pavone - Come Te Non C'e Nessuno (2002)

Rita Pavone - Cuore

Rita Pavone - Dal Vivo In Tv

Rita Pavone - Dame Baby Poupee

Rita Pavone - Dance

Rita Pavone - Datemi Un Martello

Rita Pavone - Dimensione Donna

Rita Pavone - E' Nata Una Stella

Rita Pavone - Fuggire Da Qui

Rita Pavone - Gemma E Le Altre

Rita Pavone - German

Rita Pavone - Gian Burrasca

Rita Pavone - Gli Italiani Vogliono Cantare

Rita Pavone - Grandi Successi

Rita Pavone - Gravando No Brasil

Rita Pavone - I Duetti Di Rita

Rita Pavone - I Grandi Successi Originali

Rita Pavone - I Singoli A's & B's 1962-1964

Rita Pavone - I Singoli A's & B's 1965-1966

Rita Pavone - I Singoli A's & B's 1967-1969

Rita Pavone - I Singoli A's & B's 1970-1971

Rita Pavone - I Singoli A's & B's 1972-1979

Rita Pavone - Il Giornalino Di Gian Burrasca

Rita Pavone - Il Massimo

Rita Pavone - In Inglese

Rita Pavone - In Tedesco

Rita Pavone - Komm Doch Wieder Mal Nach Rom

Rita Pavone - La Vostra Rita

Rita Pavone - La Zanzara

Rita Pavone - L'album Di Rita Pavone

Rita Pavone - Little Rita Nel West

Rita Pavone - Masters

Rita Pavone - Mi Historia

Rita Pavone - No Hay Otro Como Tu

Rita Pavone - Non E' Facile Avere 18 Anni

Rita Pavone - Non E' Facile Avere 18 Anni (Ep)

Rita Pavone - Non Solo Nostalgia

Rita Pavone - Non Stuzzicate La Zanzara

Rita Pavone - Paris, Olympia

Rita Pavone - Per Sempre

Rita Pavone - Qui Ritornera

Rita Pavone - R.p. 80

Rita Pavone - Raccolta

Rita Pavone - Ricordi

Rita Pavone - Rita 70

Rita Pavone - Rita Catalana

Rita Pavone - Rita E L'anonima Ragazzi

Rita Pavone - Rita Ed Io

Rita Pavone - Rita Is Magic

Rita Pavone - Rita O Mosquito

Rita Pavone - Rita Pavone

Rita Pavone - Rita Pavone & Patty Pravo: Canzoni E Segreti

Rita Pavone - Rita Pavone Segreta

Rita Pavone - Rita Pavone Segreta Vol. 2

Rita Pavone - Rita Pavone Vs. Gigliola Cinquetti

Rita Pavone - Rita Per Tutti

Rita Pavone - Rita Spagnola

Rita Pavone - Rita Special

Rita Pavone - Ritorna

Rita Pavone - Ritorna (Inciso Solo In Brasile)

Rita Pavone - Small Wonder

Rita Pavone - Spagnolo

Rita Pavone - Stasera Rita

Rita Pavone - The International Teen-age Sensation

Rita Pavone - Tutti I Successi

Rita Pavone - Tutti I Successi Vol. 1

Rita Pavone - Tutti I Successi Vol. 2

Rita Pavone - Tutti I Successi Vol. 3

Rita Pavone - Tutto Rita

Rita Pavone - Unbekanntes Album

Rita Pavone - Viaggio A Ritaland

Rita Pavone - Wenn Ich Ein Junge War

Rita Pavone & Paul Anka - Ein Sonny Boy Und Eine Signorina

Rita Reys - Sings Michel Legrand

Rita Ribeiro - Comigo

Ritchie Blackmore - Blackmore's Kingdom

Ritchie Blackmore & Jackie Lynton - American Blues Legend

Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow - Memories In Rock - Live In Germany

Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow - Rainbow Over Melbourne 1976

Ritchie Family - Bad Reputation

Ritchie Family - The Best Disco In Town: The Best Of The Ritchie Family

Ritchie Valens - The Very Best Of Ritchie Valens

Rites Of Spring - All Through A Life

Rites Of Spring - End On End

Rites Of Thy Degringolade - Totality (Limited Edition)

Riti Occulti - Riti Occulti

Ritmo Oriental - Historia De La Ritmo Vol. 1

Ritmo Tribale - Bocca Chiusa

Ritmo Tribale - Uomini (1988-2000)

Ritmo Y Candela - Rhythm At The Crossroads

Ritmo-dynamic - Calinda (Single)

Ritual - Think Like A Mountain

Ritual - Widow

Ritual Carnage - Every Nerve Alive

Ritual Carnage - I Infidel

Ritual Carnage - The Birth Of Tragedy

Ritual Carnage - The Highest Law

Ritual Of Rebirth - Of Tides & Desert

Riul Doamnei - Apocryphal

Rival Schools - Pedals

Rival Schools - United By Fate

Rival Sons - Great Western Valkyrie

Rival Sons - Head Down

Rival Sons - Pressure & Time

Rivendell - Farewell - The Last Dawn

River Tiber - Indigo

Riverain - Overstepping The Verge...

Riverbluff Clan - 2 Quarts Low

Riverboat Gamblers - To The Confusion Of Our Enemies

Riverdogs - High Voltage

Riverside - Anno Domini High Definition

Riverside - Memories In My Head

Riverside - Out Of Myself

Riverside - Rapid Eye Movement

Riverside - Reality Dream

Riverside - Second Life Syndrome

Riverside - Shrine Of New Generation Slaves

Riverside - Voices In My Head

Rivulets - Stray Songs: 2000-2010

Riz Ortolani - Fratello Sole Sorella Luna

Rizon - Masquerade

R'lyeh - Back To The Cult

Rmb - Trax

Road - Road

Road Hammers - Blood Sweat & Steel

Road To Consciousness Project - Road To Consciousness

Road To Ruin - Road To Ruin

Roadhouse - Roadhouse

Roadmaster - Fortress

Roadmaster - Sweet Music

Roadrunner United - The All-star Sessions

Roadsaw - Nationwide

Roadside - Picnic

Roadstar - Glass Mountain

Rob Dougan - Furious Angels

Rob Halford - Taking On The World

Rob Johnson - Guitarchitecture

Rob Lamothe - Being Human

Rob Lamothe - Long Lazy Curve

Rob Mancini - Rock 'n' Roll Circus

Rob Martino - One Cloud

Rob Moratti - Victory

Rob Mullins - Soulscape

Rob Mullins - Tokyo Nights

Rob Rock - Eyes Of Eternity

Rob Rock - Garden Of Chaos

Rob Rock - Holy Hell (Japanese Edition)

Rob Rock - Rage Of Creation

Rob Rock - Rage Of Creation (Japanese Edition)

Rob Rock - The Voice Of Melodic Metal - Live In Atlanta

Rob Thomas - Cradlesong

Rob Thomas - Something To Be

Rob Tognoni - Live In Europe

Rob Tognoni - Rock 'n' Roll Live

Rob Zombie - American Made Music To Strip By

Rob Zombie - Educated Horses

Rob Zombie - Greatest Hits Past, Present & Future

Rob Zombie - Hellbilly Deluxe

Rob Zombie - Hellbilly Deluxe 2

Rob Zombie - Icon 2

Rob Zombie - Mondo Sex Head

Rob Zombie - Mondo Sex Head (Deluxe Edition)

Rob Zombie - The Electric Warlock Acid Witch Satanic Orgy

Rob Zombie - The Sinister Urge

Rob Zombie - Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor

Rob Zombie - Zombie Live

Robb Cole - Domani E' Un Altro Giorno

Robben Ford - Bringing It Back Home

Robben Ford - City Life

Robben Ford - Discovering The Blues

Robben Ford - Into The Sun

Robben Ford - Keep On Running

Robben Ford - Love's A Heartache

Robben Ford - Soul On Ten

Robben Ford - Sunrise

Robben Ford - Supernatural

Robben Ford - Talk To Your Daughter

Robben Ford - The Blues Collection

Robben Ford - The Inside Story

Robben Ford - Tiger Walk

Robben Ford - Truth

Robben Ford & The Blue Line - Handful Of Blues

Robben Ford & The Blue Line - In San Francisco

Robben Ford & The Blue Line - Robben Ford & The Blue Line

Robben Ford & The Blue Line - The Authorized Bootleg

Robbie Basho - Guitar Soli

Robbie Basho - The Seal Of The Blue Lotus

Robbie Dupree - Robbie Dupree

Robbie Fulks - Let's Kill Saturday Night

Robbie Rivera Feat. Billy Paul W. - Sex (Single)

Robbie Robertson - How To Become Clairvoyant

Robbie Robertson - How To Become Clairvoyant (Deluxe Edition)

Robbie Robertson - Music For The Native Americans

Robbie Robertson - Robbie Robertson

Robbie Robertson - Storyville

Robbie Williams - Angels

Robbie Williams - Angels (Single)

Robbie Williams - Come Undone (Maxi)

Robbie Williams - Escapology

Robbie Williams - Eternity (Maxi)

Robbie Williams - Feel (Maxi)

Robbie Williams - Greatest Hits (Elt 2010)

Robbie Williams - Greatest Hits (Robbie Williams)

Robbie Williams - Greatest Hits 2010 (Robbie Williams)

Robbie Williams - Heavy Entertainment Show

Robbie Williams - In & Out Of Consciousness (Greatest Hits 1990-2010)

Robbie Williams - Intensive Care

Robbie Williams - I've Been Expecting You

Robbie Williams - Kids (Maxi)

Robbie Williams - Let Love Be Your Energy (Maxi)

Robbie Williams - Life Thru A Lens

Robbie Williams - Live Summer 2003

Robbie Williams - Mr Bojangles (Maxi)

Robbie Williams - Radio (Maxi)

Robbie Williams - Reality Killed The Video Star

Robbie Williams - Rock Dj (Maxi)

Robbie Williams - Rudebox

Robbie Williams - Sexed Up (Maxi)

Robbie Williams - Sing When You're Winning

Robbie Williams - Somethin' Stupid (Maxi)

Robbie Williams - Something Beautiful (Maxi)

Robbie Williams - Songbook

Robbie Williams - Supreme (Maxi)

Robbie Williams - Swing When You're Winning

Robbie Williams - Swings Both Ways

Robbie Williams - Swings Both Ways (Deluxe)

Robbie Williams - Take The Crown

Robbie Williams - The Ego Has Landed

Robbie Williams - The Greatest Hits 1990-2010

Robbie Williams - The Heavy Entertainment Show (Deluxe)

Robbie Williams - The Love Songs

Robbie Williams - Under The Radar Vol. 1

Robby - Summer Wind

Robby Valentine - Bizarro World

Robe - Destrozares. Canciones Para El Final De Los Tiempos

Robe - Lo Que Aletea En Nuestras Cabezas

Robert Armani - Muzik Man

Robert Babicz - Nektar

Robert Berry - Prime Cuts

Robert Berry - The Dividing Line

Robert Bizien & Louis Lallour - Chants A Danser De Bretagne

Robert Camero - Love Games

Robert Charlebois - Cartier (L'opérock)

Robert Charlebois - Ce Soir Je Chante A L'olympia

Robert Charlebois - Dense

Robert Charlebois - Doux Sauvage

Robert Charlebois - Heureux En Amour

Robert Charlebois - Immensément

Robert Charlebois - La Maudite Tournée

Robert Charlebois - Le Chanteur Masqué

Robert Charlebois - Lindberg

Robert Charlebois - Longue Distance

Robert Charlebois - Quebec Love

Robert Charlebois - Solidaritude

Robert Charlebois - Solide

Robert Charlebois - Solitaire D'abord, Solidaire Ensuite

Robert Charlebois - Super Position

Robert Charlebois - Swing Charlebois Swing

Robert Charlebois - Tout Est Bien

Robert Charlebois - Un Gars Ben Ordinaire

Robert Cray - Bad Influence

Robert Cray - I Was Warned

Robert Cray - Midnight Stroll

Robert Cray - Shoulda Been Home

Robert Cray - Smokin' Gun

Robert Cray - Strong Persuader

Robert Cray - The Definitive Collection

Robert Cray - Twenty

Robert Cray - Who's Been Talkin

Robert Cray & Albert Collins - In Concert

Robert Cray Band - Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark

Robert Cray Band - False Accusations

Robert Cray Band - In My Soul

Robert Earl Keen - Gravitational Forces

Robert Earl Keen - Gringo Honeymoon

Robert Earl Keen - Live From Austin Tx

Robert Ellis - The Lights From The Chemical Plant

Robert Forster - Songs To Play

Robert Fox - Blue Mountain Suite

Robert Francis - Before Nightfall

Robert Francis - One By One

Robert Francis - Strangers In The First Place

Robert Fripp - Exposure

Robert Fripp - Exposure (2006 Reissue)

Robert Fripp - Let The Power Fall

Robert Fripp - Love Cannot Bear

Robert Fripp & Brian Eno - The Essential Fripp & Eno

Robert Fripp & The League Of Gentlemen - God Save The King

Robert Fripp / Andrew Keeling / David Singleton - The Wine Of Silence

Robert Glasper - Canvas

Robert Glasper - In My Element

Robert Glasper - On Marian Mcpartland's Piano Jazz

Robert Glasper Experiment - Artscience

Robert Glasper Experiment - Black Radio

Robert Gordon - All For The Love Of Rock 'n' Roll

Robert Gordon - Are You Gonna Be The One

Robert Gordon - Bad Boy

Robert Gordon - Black Slacks

Robert Gordon - Greetings From New York City

Robert Gordon - I'm Coming Home

Robert Gordon - Is Red Hot!

Robert Gordon - Move It!

Robert Gordon - Robert Gordon

Robert Gordon - Rock Billy Boogie

Robert Gordon - Satisfied Mind

Robert Gordon - The Lost Album

Robert Gordon - The Masters

Robert Gordon - The Rare Recordings

Robert Gordon - Toofast To Live, Too Young To Die

Robert Gordon - With Link Wray / Fresh Fish Special

Robert Gordon & Chris Spedding - It's Now Or Never

Robert Gordon & Danny Gatton - Capitol Attack

Robert Gordon & Danny Gatton - Humbler: Live

Robert Haig Coxon - Cristal Silence I - The Silence Within

Robert Haig Coxon - Cristal Silence Ii - Beyond Dreaming

Robert Haig Coxon - Cristal Silence Iii - The Inner Voyage

Robert Haig Coxon - Crystal New Age Stories

Robert Haig Coxon - Goddess - The Power Of Woman

Robert Haig Coxon - Mental Clarity

Robert Haig Coxon - Prelude To Infinity

Robert Haig Coxon - The Infinite... Essence Of Life

Robert Haig Coxon - The Silent Path

Robert Henke - Layering Buddha

Robert Janowski - Co Mogę Dać

Robert John Godfrey - Fall Of Hyperion

Robert Johnson - King Of The Delta Blues Singers

Robert Johnson - King Of The Delta Blues Singers Vol. 2

Robert Johnson - Red Hot Blues

Robert Johnson - The Centennial Collection

Robert Lakatos Trio - So In Love

Robert Lamm - Skinny Boy

Robert Lockwood Jr. - Delta Crossroads

Robert Love - Ghost Flight

Robert Miles - 23am

Robert Miles - Children (Single)

Robert Miles - Dreamland

Robert Miles - Miles Gurtu

Robert Miles - Organik

Robert Miles - Thirteen

Robert Nighthawk - Robert Nighthawk & Forrest City Joe

Robert Owens - Rhythms In Me

Robert Palmer - Addictions Vol. 2

Robert Palmer - Clues

Robert Palmer - Don't Explain

Robert Palmer - Double Fun

Robert Palmer - Drive

Robert Palmer - Heavy Nova

Robert Palmer - Honey

Robert Palmer - Live At The Apollo

Robert Palmer - Pressure Drop

Robert Palmer - Pride

Robert Palmer - Rhythm & Blues

Robert Palmer - Ridin' High

Robert Palmer - Riptide

Robert Palmer - Secrets

Robert Palmer - Secrets / Clues / Maybe It's Live

Robert Palmer - Sneakin' Sally Through The Alley

Robert Palmer - Some People Can Do What They Like

Robert Palmer - The Very Best Robert Palmer

Robert Palmer - Woke Up Laughing

Robert Pete Williams - Free Again

Robert Plant - Band Of Joy

Robert Plant - Fate Of Nations

Robert Plant - Lullaby And... The Ceaseless Roar

Robert Plant - Manic Nirvana

Robert Plant - Now & Zen

Robert Plant - Pictures At Eleven

Robert Plant - Pictures At Eleven (Remastered 2007)

Robert Plant - The Principle Of Moments

Robert Plant & Alison Krauss - Raising Sand

Robert Plant & The Band Of Joy - Live From The Artists Den

Robert Pollard - Coast To Coast Carpet Of Love

Robert Pollard - Fiction Man

Robert Pollard - From A Compound Eye

Robert Pollard - Normal Happiness

Robert Rich - Rainforest

Robert Rich - Seven Veils

Robert Rich - Trances & Drones

Robert Rich & B. Lustmord - Stalker

Robert Savage - The Adventures Of Robert Savage Vol. 1

Robert Schröder - Harmonic Ascendant

Robert Schroeder - Driftin'

Robert Schroeder - Floating Music

Robert Tepper - Look Me Up

Robert Tepper - Modern Madness

Robert Walter - Super Heavy Organ

Robert Wyatt - A Short Break

Robert Wyatt - Cuckooland

Robert Wyatt - Different Every Time

Robert Wyatt - Dondestan

Robert Wyatt - Flotsam Jetsam

Robert Wyatt - Going Back A Bit: A Little History Of Robert Wyatt

Robert Wyatt - Nothing Can Stop Us

Robert Wyatt - Radio Experiment Rome, February 1981

Robert Wyatt - Rock Bottom

Robert Wyatt - Ruth Is Stranger Than Richard

Robert Wyatt - The Animals Film

Robert Wyatt - The End Of An Ear

Robert Wyatt - The Peel Sessions

Robert Wyatt - Theatre Royal Drury Lane

Roberta Carrieri - Relazione Complicata

Roberta D'angelo - Abitare A Cinecitta

Roberta Di Lorenzo - Adesso Guardami

Roberta Di Mario - Lo Stato Delle Cose

Roberta Flack - Blue Lights In The Basement

Roberta Flack - Feat. Donny Hathaway

Roberta Flack - First Take

Roberta Flack - Kiling Me Softly

Roberta Flack - Quiet Fire

Roberta Flack - The Best Of Roberta Flack

Roberta Kelly - Tell Me

Roberta Kelly - Trouble Maker

Roberta Kelly - Zodiac Lady

Roberta Pagani - Libera Te

Roberta Sa - Pra Se Ter Alegria - Ao Vivo

Roberta Voltolini - Roberta Voltolini

Robertinho De Recife - Ah! Robertinho Do Mundo

Robertino Loretti - Golden Hits (1960-62)

Roberto & Angel Parra - Cuecas Del Tio Roberto

Roberto Alagna - Hommage A Luis Mariano

Roberto Alagna - Ma Vie Est Un Opéra

Roberto Alagna - Malèna

Roberto Alagna - Pasion Live

Roberto Alagna - Robertissimo

Roberto Alagna - Sicilien

Roberto Alagna & Angela Gheorghiu - Duets & Arias

Roberto Amade - Come Pioggia

Roberto Angelini - La Vista Concessa

Roberto Cacciapaglia - Alphabet

Roberto Cacciapaglia - Canone Degli Spazi

Roberto Cacciapaglia - Quarto Tempo

Roberto Cacciapaglia - Sonanze

Roberto Cacciapaglia - Ten Directions

Roberto Cacciapaglia - The Ann Steel Album

Roberto Carlos - 30 Grandes Canciones

Roberto Carlos - 40 Grandes Exitos

Roberto Carlos - Acustico Mtv

Roberto Carlos - Antologia

Roberto Carlos - Em Ritmo De Aventura

Roberto Carlos - Jovem Guarda

Roberto Carlos - O Inimitavel

Roberto Carlos - Primera Fila

Roberto Carlos - Roberto Carlos

Roberto Carlos - Splish Splash

Roberto Ciotti - Road 'n' Rail

Roberto Ciotti - Walking

Roberto Ciotti Elektric Band - My Blues

Roberto Colombo - Botte Da Orbi

Roberto Colombo - Sfogatevi Bestie

Roberto Delgado - Samba Caramba - South America Ole

Roberto Fast Fernandez - Tangos & Standards

Roberto Fonseca - Akokan

Roberto Fonseca - Elengo

Roberto Fonseca - Tiene Que Ver

Roberto Fonseca - Zamazu

Roberto Gatto - Omaggio Al Progressive Rock

Roberto Giglio - Cinecitta

Roberto Giordi - Con Il Mio Nome

Roberto Goyeneche - Historia De Oro

Roberto Goyeneche - Interpreta A Homero Esposito

Roberto Goyeneche - Tango De Coleccion - Clarin

Roberto Leal - O Melhor De Roberto Leal

Roberto Leal - Rumo Ao Futuro

Roberto Leal - Sucessos Da Minha Vida

Roberto Murolo - Ottantavoglia Di Cantare

Roberto Roena - Apollo Sound 4

Roberto Santoro - Santa Liberta

Roberto Vecchioni - Barbapapa

Roberto Vecchioni - Camper

Roberto Vecchioni - Chiamami Ancora Amore

Roberto Vecchioni - Di Rabbia E Di Stelle

Roberto Vecchioni - I Colori Del Buio

Roberto Vecchioni - Il Grande Sogno

Roberto Vecchioni - In Cantus

Roberto Vecchioni - Io Non Appartengo Piu

Roberto Vecchioni - Ippopotami

Roberto Vecchioni - L'uomo Che Si Gioca Il Cielo A Dadi

Roberto Vecchioni - Montecristo

Roberto Vecchioni - Robinson Come Salvarsi La Vita

Roberto Vecchioni - Stranamore

Roberto Vecchioni - The Platinum Collection (Roberto Vecchioni)

Robi Draco Rosa - Frio

Robi Draco Rosa - Vagabundo

Robi Draco Rosa, Juan Luis Guerra Y Ruben Blades - Encuentro

Robin - Over All Seven Seas

Robin Beck - Can't Get Off

Robin Beck - Human Instinct

Robin Beck - Sweet Talk

Robin Beck - The Great Escape

Robin Beck - Trouble Or Nothing (20th Anniversary Edition)

Robin George - Crying Diamonds

Robin George - Dangerous Music

Robin George - The History

Robin Gibb - How Old Are You

Robin Gibb - Magnet

Robin Gibb - Robin's Reign

Robin Gibb - Salvato Dal Campanello

Robin Gibb - Secret Agent

Robin Gibb - Walls Have Eyes

Robin Guthrie - Carousel

Robin Guthrie & Harold Budd - Bordeaux

Robin Guthrie, Harold Budd - Before The Day Breaks

Robin Holcomb - Robin Holcomb

Robin Mckelle - Mess Around

Robin Mckelle - Soul Flower

Robin Mckelle & The Flytones - Heart Of Memphis

Robin Schulz - Sugar

Robin Thicke - A Beautiful World

Robin Thicke - Blurred Lines

Robin Thicke - Blurred Lines (Deluxe Edition)

Robin Thicke - Blurred Lines (Deluxe Version)

Robin Thicke - Love After War

Robin Thicke - Love After War (Deluxe Edition)

Robin Thicke - Sex Therapy: The Experience

Robin Thicke - Something Else

Robin Thicke - The Evolution Of Robin Thicke

Robin Trower - Another Days Blues

Robin Trower - B.l.t.

Robin Trower - Back It Up

Robin Trower - Beyond The Mist

Robin Trower - Bridge Of Sighs

Robin Trower - Bridge Of Sighs (1999 Remastered)

Robin Trower - Caravan To Midnight

Robin Trower - Caravan To Midnight / Victims Of The Fury

Robin Trower - For Earth Below

Robin Trower - For Earth Below / Live

Robin Trower - Go My Way

Robin Trower - In City Dreams

Robin Trower - In The Line Of Fire

Robin Trower - Live!

Robin Trower - Living Out Of Time

Robin Trower - Long Misty Days

Robin Trower - Long Misty Days / In City Dreams

Robin Trower - No Stopping Anytime

Robin Trower - Passion

Robin Trower - Roots & Branches

Robin Trower - Take What You Need

Robin Trower - The Collection

Robin Trower - Truce

Robin Trower - Twice Removed From Yesterday

Robin Trower - Twice Removed From Yesterday / Bridge Of Sighs

Robin Trower - Victims Of The Fury

Robin Trower - What Lies Beneath

Robin Williamson - Celtic Harp Airs & Dance Tunes

Robot Koch - Cosmic Waves

Robotiko Rejekto - The Cyper Space

Robotix - Kosmiczna Odyseja Helvisa

Robots In Disguise - Get Rid

Roby Bonardi & Cuba Club - I Want You Baby I Really Do

Roby Facchinetti - Fai Col Cuore

Roby Facchinetti - Ma Che Vita La Mia

Roby Facchinetti - Roby Facchinetti

Robyn - Body Talk

Robyn - Robyn

Robyn - Robyn Is Here

Robyn Feat. Kleerup - With Every Heartbeat (Promo Maxi)

Robyn Hitchcock - Black Snake Diamond Role

Robyn Hitchcock - Goodnight Oslo

Robyn Hitchcock - Groovy Decay

Robyn Hitchcock - I Often Dream Of Trains

Robyn Hitchcock - Invisible Hitchcock

Robyn Hitchcock - Jewels For Sophia

Robyn Hitchcock - Love From London

Robyn Hitchcock - Luxor

Robyn Hitchcock - Moss Elixir

Robyn Hitchcock - Perpex Island

Robyn Hitchcock - Spooked

Robyn Hitchcock - Tromso, Kaptein

Robyn Hitchcock - You & Oblivion

Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians - Element Of Light

Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians - Globe Of Frogs

Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians - Gotta Let This Hen Out!

Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians - Queen Elvis

Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians - Respect

Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians - The Kershaw Sessions (1985-1991)

Robyn Hitchcock & The Venus 3 - Propellor Time

Roc Marciano - Marcberg

Rocca - Elevación

Rocca - Entre Deux Mondes

Rocca - Le Calme Sous La Pluie

Rocco G. Project - Marina (Maxi)

Rocco Hunt - A Verita

Rocco Hunt - A Verita 2.0

Rocco Hunt - Poeta Urbano

Rocco Hunt - Signorhunt

Rocco Papaleo - Che Non Si Sappia In Giro

Rocco Papaleo - La Mia Parte Imperfetta

Rocé - Identité En Crescendo

Rocé - L'être Humain & Le Réverbère

Rocé - Top Départ

Roch Voisine - Americana

Roch Voisine - Americana Ii

Roch Voisine - Americana Iii

Roch Voisine - Chaque Feu

Roch Voisine - Christmas Is Calling

Roch Voisine - Confidences

Roch Voisine - Coup De Tête

Roch Voisine - Devant Nous

Roch Voisine - Double

Roch Voisine - Double Best Of

Roch Voisine - Duophonique

Roch Voisine - Europe Tour

Roch Voisine - Hélène

Roch Voisine - Higher

Roch Voisine - I'll Always Be There

Roch Voisine - Je Te Serai Fidele

Roch Voisine - Kissing Rain

Roch Voisine - L'album De Noël

Roch Voisine - Roch Voisine

Rochée & The Sarnos - Understanding Sarno!

Rochelle - You Vs. Me

Roches - The Roches

Rochy Roberts - Il Meglio

Rocio Aguilar - Tu & Yo

Rocio Durcal - Amor Eterno

Rocio Durcal - Baladas

Rocio Durcal - Boleros

Rocio Durcal - Canta A Mexico

Rocio Durcal - Canta Lo Romantico De Juan Gabriel

Rocio Durcal - Duetos

Rocio Durcal - Entre Tangos Y Mariachi

Rocio Durcal - Me Gustas Mucho

Rocio Durcal - Una Estrella En El Cielo

Rocio Durcal Y Juan Gabriel - Asi Fue Bachata

Rocio Jurado - 30 Canciones De Amor

Rocio Jurado - Amor Marinero

Rocio Jurado - Canciones De Espana

Rocio Jurado - Canciones De Espana Ineditas

Rocio Jurado - Como Las Alas Al Viento

Rocio Jurado - Como Una Ola

Rocio Jurado - Con Mis Cino Sentidos

Rocio Jurado - De Ahora En Adelante

Rocio Jurado - Desde Dentro

Rocio Jurado - Esencial

Rocio Jurado - Inolvidable - 20 Grandes Exitos

Rocio Jurado - La Copla

Rocio Jurado - La Lola Se Va A Los Puertos

Rocio Jurado - La Mas Grande

Rocio Jurado - Nueva Navidad

Rocio Jurado - Palabra De Honor

Rocio Jurado - Paloma Brava

Rocio Jurado - Por Derecho

Rocio Jurado - Punto De Partida

Rocio Jurado - Rocio

Rocio Jurado - Rocio Canta A Mexico

Rocio Jurado - Rocio Jurado (1972)

Rocio Jurado - Rocio Jurado (1973)

Rocio Jurado - Rocio Jurado (1975)

Rocio Jurado - Rocio Jurado (1976)

Rocio Jurado - Rocio Jurado (1977)

Rocio Jurado - Rocio Luna Blanca

Rocio Jurado - Rocio Siempre

Rocio Jurado - Senora

Rocio Jurado - Senora - La Antologia Completa

Rocio Jurado - Sevilla

Rocio Jurado - Soy De Espana

Rocio Jurado - Suspiro De Amor

Rocio Jurado - Todo Corazon

Rocio Jurado - Y Sin Embargo Te Quiero

Rocio Jurado - Yerbabuena Y Nopal

Rock Bottom - Expanding The Cage

Rock Candy Funk Party - We Want Groove

Rock City - Songs That We Wrote

Rock City Angels - Young Man's Blues

Rock City Morgue - The Boy Who Cried Werewolf

Rock Goddess - Hell Hath No Fury

Rock Goddess - It's More Than Rock 'n' Roll

Rock Hard Power Spray - Commercial Suicide

Rock Kills Kid - Are You Nervous?

Rock Machine - Rock Machine

Rock 'n' Bordes - Al Mal Tiempo... Buena Cara

Rock 'n' Bordes - Cinco Anos De Recuerdos

Rock 'n' Bordes - Las Cosas Claras

Rock 'n' Bordes - Muerte O Gloria

Rock Steady Crew - Ready For Battle

Rock Sugar - Reimaginator

Rock Wolves - Rock Wolves

Rocka Rollas - Metal Strikes Back

Rocka Rollas - Pagan Ritual

Rocka Rollas - The Road To Destruction

Rocka Rollas - The War Of Steel Has Begun

Rocka Rollas - The War Of Steel Has Begun (Limited Edition)

Rockabilly Duet - Hot Rod Girl

Rockabye Baby! - Lullaby Renditions Of Radiohead

Rockaina - En El Aire

Rockaina - La Mejor Mierda

Rockalcohol - Se Prohibe El Cante

Rockapella - Best A Cappella

Rockarma - Bring It

Rockarma - Rockarma

Rockats - The Good, The Bad The Rockin'

Rockcelona - La Bruja

Rocket From The Crypt - All Systems Go Vol. 2

Rocket From The Crypt - Circa Now!

Rocket From The Crypt - Group Sounds

Rocket From The Crypt - Hot Charity / Cut Carefully & Play Loud

Rocket From The Crypt - Rftc

Rocket From The Crypt - Scream, Dracula, Scream!

Rocket From The Tombs - Barfly

Rocket Scientists - Brutal Architecture

Rocket Scientists - Earth Below & Sky Above

Rocket Scientists - Earthbound

Rocket Scientists - Oblivion Days

Rocket Scientists - Refuel

Rockets - Astral World

Rockets - Atomic

Rockets - Galaxy

Rockets - Greatest Hits (Rockets)

Rockets - Live (Rockets)

Rockets - On The Road Again

Rockets - Pi Greco 3.14

Rockets - Plasteroid

Rockets - Rockets

Rockets - Sound Of The Future

Rockets - The Rockets

Rockin' Rebels - L'intégrale En Français 1979-1985

Rockin' Squat - Confessions D'un Enfant Du Siecle

Rockin' Squat - Libre Vs. Démocratie Fasciste

Rocking Chairs - Freedom Rain

Rocking Chairs - Hate & Love Revisited

Rocking Chairs - New Egypt

Rocking Chairs - No Sad Goodbye

Rockingbirds - The Return Of The Rockingbirds

Rockpile - Live At Montreux 1980

Rockpile - Seconds Of Pleasure

Rockwell - Somebody's Watching Me

Rocky - A Thread Of Light

Rocky Burnette & Darrel Higham - Hip Shakin' Baby

Rocky Dawuni - Hymns For The Rebel Soul

Rocky Sharpe - Fabulous Rocky Sharpe & The Replays

Rocky Sharpe & The Replays - Collection

Rocky Sharpe & The Replays - Let's Go

Rocky Sharpe & The Replays - Looking For An Echo

Rocky Sharpe & The Replays - Rock It To The Mars

Rocky Sharpe & The Replays - So Hard To Laugh

Rocky Votolato - The Brag & Cuss

Rocky Votolato - True Devotion

Rockys Filj - Storie Di Uomini E Non

Rod Mckuen - Amor, Amor Slide... Easy In

Rod Modell - Vibrasound (The Deepchord Years 1999-2004)

Rod Piazza - Vintage Live 1975

Rod Stewart - A Night On The Town

Rod Stewart - Absolutely Live

Rod Stewart - An Old Raincoat Won't Ever Let You Down

Rod Stewart - Angel: The Love Songs

Rod Stewart - Another Country (Target Deluxe)

Rod Stewart - Atlantic Crossing

Rod Stewart - Blondes Have More Fun

Rod Stewart - Body Wishes

Rod Stewart - Camouflage

Rod Stewart - Can I Get A Witness

Rod Stewart - Every Beat Of My Heart

Rod Stewart - Every Picture Tells A Story

Rod Stewart - Fly Me To The Moon... The Great American Songbook Vol. 5

Rod Stewart - Foot Loose & Fancy Free

Rod Stewart - Forever Legends

Rod Stewart - Gasoline Alley

Rod Stewart - If We Fall In Love Tonight

Rod Stewart - Merry Christmas, Baby (Deluxe Edition)

Rod Stewart - Mtv Unplugged

Rod Stewart - Never A Dull Moment

Rod Stewart - Out Of Order

Rod Stewart - Sing It Again Rod

Rod Stewart - Smiler

Rod Stewart - Soulbook

Rod Stewart - Still The Same... Great Rock Classics Of Our Time

Rod Stewart - Thanks For The Memory: The Great American Songbook Vol. 04

Rod Stewart - The Best Hits

Rod Stewart - The Best Of The Great American Songbook

Rod Stewart - The Definitive

Rod Stewart - The Great American Songbook Vol. 2

Rod Stewart - The Seventies Collection

Rod Stewart - The Story So Far The Very Best

Rod Stewart - Time

Rod Stewart - Tonight I'm Yours

Rod Stewart - When We Were The New Boys

Rod Stewart & The Faces - Plynth

Rod Stewart & The Faces - Very Best Of Rod Stewart & The Faces

Rodan - Rusty

Rodgau Monotones - Live Plus

Rodney Atkins - It's America

Rodney Atkins - Take A Back Road

Rodney Carrington - King Of The Mountains

Rodney Carrington - Nut Sack

Rodney Crowell - Diamonds & Dirt

Rodney Crowell - Fate's Right Hand

Rodney Crowell - Greatest Hits (Rodney Crowell)

Rodney Crowell - Jewel Of The South

Rodney Crowell - Tarpaper Sky

Rodney Crowell - The Houston Kid

Rodney Franklin - Diamond Inside Of You

Rodney Franklin - In The Center

Rodney Franklin - You'll Never Know

Rodney Jones - Soul Manifesto

Rodolfo Mederos - Todo Hoy

Rodolphe Burger - Meteor Show

Rodrigo Leao - A Montanha Magica

Rodrigo Leao - Cinema

Rodrigo Leao - Florestas Submersas

Rodrigo Leao - O Mundo

Rodrigo Leao - O Mundo (1993-2006)

Rodrigo Leao & Vox Ensemble - Ave Mundi Luminar

Rodrigo Y Gabriela - Live In France

Rodrigo Y Gabriela - Live In Japan

Rodrigo Y Gabriela - Rodrigo Y Gabriela

Rodrigo Y Gabriela With C.u.b.a. - Area 52

Rodriguez - Cold Fact

Rodriguez - Coming From Reality

Rodriguez - Coming From Reality (Reissue 2009)

Rods - In The Raw

Rods - Let Them Eat Metal

Rods - Let Them Eat Metal (Remastered 1998)

Rods - Rock Hard

Rods - The Rods

Rods - Vengeance

Rods - Wild Dogs

Rofo - The Album

Roger Alan Wade - All Likkered Up

Roger Bunn - Piece Of Mind

Roger Chapman - Chappo

Roger Chapman & Family - It's Only A Movie

Roger Chapman & The Shortlist - A Turn Unstoned?

Roger Chapman & The Shortlist - In My Own Time

Roger Cicero - Beziehungsweise

Roger Creager - Having Fun All Wrong

Roger Daltrey - A Celebration: The Music Of Pete Townshend & The Who

Roger Daltrey - Daltrey

Roger Daltrey - One Of The Boys

Roger Daltrey - Parting Should Be Painless

Roger Daltrey - Ride A Rock Horse

Roger Daltrey - Under A Raging Moon

Roger Glover - Butterfly Ball & The Grasshopper's Feast

Roger Glover - Elements

Roger Glover - If Life Was Easy

Roger Glover - Mask

Roger Glover & Guests - The Butterfly Ball & The Grasshopper's Feast

Roger Hodgson - Hai Hai

Roger Hodgson - In The Eye Of The Storm

Roger Hodgson - Open The Door

Roger Hodgson - Open The Door Tour

Roger Hodgson - Rites Of Passage

Roger Kellaway - The Art Of Interconnectedness

Roger Mason & Steve Waring - Guitarra Americana

Roger Mcguinn - Cardiff Rose

Roger Mcguinn - Thunderbyrd

Roger Mcguinn - Treasures From The Folk Den

Roger Mcguinn & Band - Roger Mcguinn & Band

Roger Miller - The Very Best Of Roger Miller

Roger Miret & The Disasters - 1984

Roger Norrington, The London Classical Players - Henry Purcell: The Fairy Queen

Roger Rodier - Upon Velveatur

Roger Shah Presents Sunlounger - The Beach Side Of Life

Roger Shields - The Age Of Ragtime

Roger Taylor - Happiness

Roger Troutman - The Many Facets Of Roger

Roger Troutman Ii - The Second Coming

Roger Waters - Amused To Death

Roger Waters - Ca Ira

Roger Waters - Flickering Flame - The Solo Years Vol. 01

Roger Waters - In The Flesh Live

Roger Waters - Is It The Fifth?

Roger Waters - Is This The Life We Really Want?

Roger Waters - Radio K.a.o.s.

Roger Waters - Radio Kaos: Live In Quebec

Roger Waters - Roger Waters The Wall

Roger Waters - The Body

Roger Waters - The Dark Side Of Manhattan

Roger Waters - The Pros & Cons Of Hitchhiking

Roger Waters - The Wall - Live In Berlin

Roger Waters - When The Wind Blows

Roger Whittaker - Now & Then: Greatest Hits 1964-2004

Roger Williams - Nadia's Theme & Some Of The Most Beautiful Girls

Rogers Esse - Hena

Rogue Element - Storm Passage

Rogue Male - Animal Man

Rogue Wave - Asleep At Heaven's Gate

Rogue Wave - Descended Like Vultures

Rogue Wave - Out Of The Shadow

Rogue Wave - Permalight

Rohff - Au Dela De Mes Limites

Rohff - Charisme (Single)

Rohff - La Cuenta

Rohff - La Fierté Des Notres

Rohff - La Vie Avant La Mort

Rohff - Le Cauchemar Du Rap Français Chapitre 1

Rohff - Le Code De L'honneur

Rohff - Le Code De L'horreur

Roine Stolt - Fantasia

Roine Stolt - Hydrophonia

Roine Stolt - The Flower King

Rois De La Suède - Best Of Vol. 1 / Top Gün Contre Les Rois De La Suède

Rois De La Suède - Néon Futur

Róisín Murphy - Hairless Toys

Roisin Murphy - Overpowered

Roisín Murphy - You Know Me Better (Remixes)

Rojas - Cuando Los Suenos Se Equivoquen

Rojas - La Historia Del Hombre Mudo

Rok Master - Stayin Alive

Rokes - Che Mondo Strano

Rokes - I Successi Dei Rokes

Rokes - The Rokes (1965)

Rokes - The Rokes (1966)

Rokes - The Rokes (1968)

Rokes - These Were The Rokes

Rokia Traore - Beautiful Africa

Rokia Traore - Bowmboi

Rokia Traore - Mouneissa

Rokia Traore - Né So

Rokia Traore - Wanita

Roko - 3, 2, 1: Roko

Roko - Roko

Roky Erickson - Clear Night For Love

Roky Erickson - I Have Always Been Here Before

Roky Erickson - Live At The Ritz 1987

Roky Erickson - Live In Dallas 1979

Roky Erickson & The Aliens - I Think Of Demons

Roky Erickson & The Aliens - The Evil One

Roky Erickson With Okkervil River - True Love Cast Out All Evil

Roland Alphonso - Something Special: Ska Hot Shots

Roland Becker - Chants Dans La Nuit

Roland Becker - Gavr'inis

Roland Becker - Jour De Fête & Fête De Nuit

Roland Becker - Monsieur Kerbec & Ses Belouzes

Roland Conq - An Atalier

Roland Conq - Trio

Roland Hanna - Perugia

Roland Kaiser - Affären

Roland Kaiser - Live (Roland Kaiser)

Roland Kaiser - Seine Hits - Gestern Und Heute

Roland Kirk - Kirk In Copenhagen

Roland Kirk - Verve Jazz Masters 27

Rolando Boldrin - O Cantado

Rolando Boldrin - Poemas Do Som Brasil

Rolf Lislevand - Diminuito

Rolf Trostel - Der Prophet

Rolf Trostel - Inselmusik

Rolf Trostel - Two Faces

Roll The Dice - In Dust

Rollers - Elevator

Rolling Stone - Blue & Lonesome

Rolling Stones - 2120 South Michigan Avenue

Rolling Stones - A Bigger Bang

Rolling Stones - Aftermath

Rolling Stones - Aftermath (North American Version)

Rolling Stones - Atlantic City Live

Rolling Stones - Beggars Banquet

Rolling Stones - Between The Buttons

Rolling Stones - Big Hits (High Tide & Green Grass)

Rolling Stones - Black & Blue

Rolling Stones - Bridges To Babylon

Rolling Stones - Brussels Affair (Live 1973)

Rolling Stones - Charlie Is My Darling

Rolling Stones - Classic Hits

Rolling Stones - December's Children (And Everybody's)

Rolling Stones - Dirty Work

Rolling Stones - Emotional Rescue

Rolling Stones - England's Newest Hitmakers

Rolling Stones - Exile On Main St (Deluxe Edition 2012)

Rolling Stones - Exile On Main Street

Rolling Stones - Flashpoint Live

Rolling Stones - Flowers

Rolling Stones - Fort Worth 1972 (Deluxe Edition 2012)

Rolling Stones - Fort Worth 1978 (Deluxe Edition 2012)

Rolling Stones - Forty Licks

Rolling Stones - Foxes In The Boxes

Rolling Stones - Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out

Rolling Stones - Goats Head Soup

Rolling Stones - Got Live If You Want It!

Rolling Stones - Grrr!

Rolling Stones - Grrr! (Deluxe Edition)

Rolling Stones - Hampton Coliseum (Live 1981)

Rolling Stones - Havana Moon (Live)

Rolling Stones - Hot Rocks 1964-1971

Rolling Stones - It's Only Rock 'n' Roll (Deluxe Edition 2012)

Rolling Stones - Jump Back: The Best Of 1971-1993

Rolling Stones - L.a. Forum 1975

Rolling Stones - Les Abattoirs Paris 76

Rolling Stones - Let It Bleed

Rolling Stones - Live At Leeds Roundhay Park 1982

Rolling Stones - Live At The Tokyo Dome

Rolling Stones - Live In Cuba

Rolling Stones - Live In Leeds 1971 (Deluxe Edition 2012)

Rolling Stones - Live In London 1964-1968

Rolling Stones - Live In Usa 1964-1966

Rolling Stones - Madison Square Garden '69

Rolling Stones - Metamorphosis

Rolling Stones - Metamorphosis (2006 Japan Remaster)

Rolling Stones - Out Of Our Heads

Rolling Stones - Out Of Our Heads (Deluxe Edition)

Rolling Stones - Rarities 1971-2003

Rolling Stones - Rock 'n' Roll Circus

Rolling Stones - Rolled Gold+

Rolling Stones - Shine A Light

Rolling Stones - Singles Collection - The London Years

Rolling Stones - Some Girls

Rolling Stones - Some Girls (Deluxe Edition)

Rolling Stones - Stereo Rarities Vol. 1

Rolling Stones - Stereo Rarities Vol. 2

Rolling Stones - Stereo Rarities Vol. 3

Rolling Stones - Sticky Fingers

Rolling Stones - Sticky Fingers (2015 Remastered Deluxe Edition)

Rolling Stones - Sticky Fingers (Deluxe Edition 2012)

Rolling Stones - Sticky Fingers (Super Deluxe Edition)

Rolling Stones - Still Life

Rolling Stones - Stripped

Rolling Stones - Sucking In The Seventies

Rolling Stones - Tattoo You

Rolling Stones - The Firstcade Vol. 1 (The Studio 1963-1967)

Rolling Stones - The Marquee Club Live In 1971

Rolling Stones - The Rolling Stones, Now!

Rolling Stones - Through The Past Darkly

Rolling Stones - Totally Stripped

Rolling Stones - Undercover

Rolling Stones - Welcome To New York

Rolling Stones - You Can't Do That Baby

Rollins Band - Come In & Burn

Rollins Band - Do It

Rollins Band - Get Some Go Again

Rollins Band - Hard Volume

Rollins Band - Hot Animal Machine

Rollins Band - Life Time

Rollins Band - Nice

Rollins Band - The End Of Silence

Rollins Band - Weight

Rollins Band - Yellow Blues

Roly Porter - Aftertime

Romain Ughetto - Ange Ou Démon

Romain Virgo - Romain Virgo

Romano Drom - Ando Foro

Romantics - In Heat

Romantics - King Biscuit Flower Hour

Romantics - National Breakout

Romantics - Rhythm Romance

Romantics - Strictly Personal

Romantics - The Romantics

Romantics - What I Like About You

Romanyi Rota - O Cerhariko

Romare - Projections

Romeo - Cara O Cruz

Romeo - Fuori Dal Coma

Romeo - Nada Importa

Romeo - Petite Conne (Single)

Romeo - Romeo

Romeo Must Die - Hardships In Season

Romeo Santos - Formula Vol. 2 (Deluxe Edition)

Romeo Santos - Golden

Romeo's Daughter - Delectable

Romeo's Daughter - Rapture

Romeo's Daughter - Romeo's Daughter

Romina Falconi - Certi Sogni Si Fanno Attraverso Un Filo D'odio

Rompeprop - Hellcock's Pornflakes (2007 Reissue)

Rompeprop - Menstrual Stomphulk (2007 Reissue)

Ron - Al Centro Della Musica

Ron - All The Best

Ron - La Forza Di Dire Si

Ron - Le Foglie E Il Vento

Ron - Quando Saro Capace D'amare

Ron - Un Abbraccio Unico

Ron - Vorrei Incontrarti Fra Cent'anni

Ron - Way Out

Ron Boots - Detachment Of Worldly Affairs

Ron Boots - Dream Weaver

Ron Boots & Rudy Adrian - Across The Silver River

Ron Carter - Blues Farm

Ron Carter - Empire Jazz

Ron Carter - Jazz & Bossa

Ron Carter - Parade

Ron Carter - Peg Leg

Ron Carter - Stardust

Ron Carter - The Bass & I

Ron Carter - Where?

Ron Carter & Jim Hall - Live At Village West

Ron Carter Nonet - Eight Plus

Ron Carter, Hank Jones, Sadao Watanabe & Tony Williams - Carnaval

Ron Carter, Herbie Hancock & Tony Williams - Third Plane

Ron Collins - Simple Man

Ron E. Beck - Soul Cry

Ron Elliott - The Candlestickmaker

Ron Geesin & Roger Waters - Music From The Body

Ron Keel - Metal Cowboy

Ron Korb - Celtic Quest

Ron Sexsmith - Blue Boy

Ron Sexsmith - Cobblestone Runway

Ron Sexsmith - Exit Strategy Of The Soul

Ron Sexsmith - Long Player Late Bloomer

Ron Sexsmith - Other Songs

Ron Sexsmith - Retriever

Ron Sexsmith - Whereabouts

Ron Thal - Hermit

Ron Thal - The Adventures Of Bumblefoot

Ron Thal - The Adventures Of Bumblefoot (Reissued 2009)

Ron Wood - Gimmie Some Neck

Ron Wood - Slide On This

Ronald Jenkees - Ronald Jenkees

Ronan Hardiman - Anthem

Ronan Hardiman & Michael Flatley - Lord Of The Dance

Ronan Keating - 10 Years Of Hits

Ronan Keating - Bring You Home

Ronan Keating - Fires

Ronan Keating - The Best Of Ronan Keating

Ronan Keating - When Ronan Met Burt

Ronan Keating - Winter Songs

Ronan Le Bars & Nicolas Quemener - Bimis Ag Ol

Ronan Pinc Quartet - Stephane's Blues

Ronan Robert - Mosaïque

Ronda Dos Quatro Caminhos - Fados Velhos

Ronda Dos Quatro Caminhos - Recantos

Rondo Veneziano - Arabesque

Rondo Veneziano - Barocco

Rondo Veneziano - Casanova

Rondo Veneziano - Concerto Futurissimo

Rondo Veneziano - Concerto Per Beethoven

Rondo Veneziano - Concerto Per Vivaldi

Rondo Veneziano - Fantasia D'estate

Rondo Veneziano - Fantasia Di Primavera

Rondo Veneziano - I Grandi Successi Vol. 1

Rondo Veneziano - Il Mago Di Venezia

Rondo Veneziano - La Serenissima

Rondo Veneziano - Magica Melodia

Rondo Veneziano - Marco Polo

Rondo Veneziano - Musica... Fantasia

Rondo Veneziano - Odissea Veneziana

Rondo Veneziano - Papagena

Rondo Veneziano - Rondo 2000

Rondo Veneziano - Scaramucce

Rondo Veneziano - Seduzione

Rondo Veneziano - Sinfonia Di Natale

Rondo Veneziano - The Best Of Rondo Veneziano

Rondo Veneziano - The Genius Of Mozart

Rondo Veneziano - The Very Best Of

Rondo Veneziano - Venezia 2000

Rondo's Blues Deluxe - Cross-eyed Cat

Rone - Tohu Bohu

Ronettes - Be My Baby - The Very Best Of The Ronettes

Ronettes - Presenting The Fabulous Ronettes Feat. Veronica

Ronettes - The Best Of The Ronettes

Ronettes - The Best Of The Ronettes (The Original Phil Spector Hits)

Roni Size Reprazent - In The Mode

Ronni Le Tekro - Extra Strong String

Ronnie & The Prophets - Dio At Domino's

Ronnie & The Prophets - Mr Misery

Ronnie & The Prophets - Say You're Mine Again

Ronnie & The Prophets - Smiling By Day (Crying By Night)

Ronnie & The Prophets - Swingin Street

Ronnie & The Prophets - The Ooh-poo-pah-doo

Ronnie & The Prophets - Walking Alone

Ronnie & The Prophets - Walking In Different Circles

Ronnie & The Red Caps - An Angel Is Missing

Ronnie & The Red Caps - Conquest

Ronnie Aldrich - Magic Mood

Ronnie Aldrich - That Aldrich Feeling

Ronnie Aldrich - The World Of Ronnie Aldrich In Phase 4

Ronnie Aldrich & Stanley Black - As Grandes Orquestras No. 4

Ronnie Bird - Twistin' The Rock Vol. 7 (1964-68)

Ronnie Brandt - Rudy's Thread

Ronnie Caryl - One Step At A Time

Ronnie Dawson - Rockin' Bones (Ronnie Dawson)

Ronnie Earl - I Like It When It Rains

Ronnie Earl - Ronnie Earl & Friends

Ronnie Earl & Duke Robillard - The Duke Meets The Earl

Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters - Good News

Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters - Grateful Heart: Blues & Ballads

Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters - Still River

Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters - The Colour Of Love

Ronnie Hawkins & The Hawks - The Best Of Ronnie Hawkins & The Hawks

Ronnie James Dio - The Elf Albums

Ronnie James Dio - We Rock (Greatest Hits)

Ronnie Jones - Me & Myself

Ronnie Laws - Every Generation

Ronnie Laws - Identity

Ronnie Laws - Pressure Sensitive

Ronnie Laws - Solid Ground

Ronnie Mcdowell - Elvis: A Tribute To The King

Ronnie Mcintosh - De Thing Now Start...2000

Ronnie Milsap - 16 Biggest Hits (Remastered)

Ronnie Milsap - Country Again

Ronnie Montrose - Mean

Ronnie Montrose - Music From Here

Ronnie Montrose - Mutatis Mutandis

Ronnie Montrose - Open Fire

Ronnie Montrose - Roll Over & Play Live!

Ronnie Montrose - Territory

Ronnie Montrose - The Diva Station

Ronnie Montrose - The Speed Of Sound

Ronnie Scott's All-stars - Jazz Classics

Ronnie Spector - The Last Of The Rock Star

Ronnie Spector - Unfinished Business

Ronnie Von - A Maquina Voadora

Ronnie Von - Ronnie Von

Ronnie Von - Singles - The Polydor Years (1966-1974)

Ronnie Wood - I've Got My Own Album To Do

Ronnie Wood - Not For Beginners

Ronny - Weihnachten Zu Haus

Ronny Jordan - A Brighter Day

Ronny Jordan - After 8

Ronny Jordan - At Last

Ronny Jordan - Light To Dark

Ronny Jordan - Off The Record

Ronny Jordan - The Antidote

Ronny Jordan - The Quiet Revolution

Ronny Munroe - Electric Wake

Ronny Munroe - The Fire Within

Room - Phoenix

Roomful Of Blues - Dance All Night

Roomful Of Blues - Roomful Of Blues

Roomful Of Blues - Standing Room Only

Rooney - Calling The World

Rooney - Eureka (Deluxe Edition)

Rooney - Rooney

Roosevelt - Roosevelt

Roosevelt Franklin - Something's Gotta Give

Roosevelt Sykes - "44" Blues

Roosevelt Sykes - The Honeydripper

Rooster - Circles & Satellites

Root - Black Seal

Root - Heritage Of Satan

Root - The Book

Root - The Temple In The Underworld

Root - Zjevení (Reissued 2009)

Root Jackson's - Unfinished Business

Roots - Come Alive

Roots - Do This Well

Roots - Do You Want More

Roots - Game Theory

Roots - Home Grown! The Beginners Guide To Understanding The Roots Vol. 01

Roots - Home Grown! The Beginners Guide To Understanding The Roots Vol. 02

Roots - How I Got Over

Roots - Illadelph Halflife

Roots - Instrumental Album

Roots - Japan Nagoya Blue Note

Roots - Organix

Roots - Phrenology

Roots - The Tipping Point

Roots - Things Fall Apart

Roots - Undun

Roots - What They Do (Cd Maxi)

Roots Manuva - Alternately Deep

Roots Manuva - Bleeds

Roots Manuva - Brand New Second Hand

Roots Manuva - Slime & Reason

Roots Of Chicha - Psychedelic Cumbias From Peru

Roots Radics - Hot We Hot

Rootwater - Visionism

Rootz Underground - Movement

Roque Banos - El Otro Lado De La Cama

Roquio - Quai Du Roi Baco

Rory Block - Avalon: A Tribute To Mississippi John Hurt

Rory Block - Best Blues & Originals

Rory Block - From The Dust

Rory Block - High Heeled Blues

Rory Block - House Of Hearts

Rory Block - Women In (E)motion

Rory Block - You're The One

Rory Gallagher - A Blue Day For The Blues

Rory Gallagher - A Definitive Collection

Rory Gallagher - Against The Grain

Rory Gallagher - Bbc Sessions

Rory Gallagher - Bbc Sessions (In Concert)

Rory Gallagher - Bbc Sessions (Studio)

Rory Gallagher - Big Guns: The Very Best Of Rory Gallagher

Rory Gallagher - Blueprint

Rory Gallagher - Calling Card

Rory Gallagher - Defender

Rory Gallagher - Deuce

Rory Gallagher - Etched In Blue

Rory Gallagher - Fresh Evidence

Rory Gallagher - Irish Tour

Rory Gallagher - Irish Tour '74 (40th Anniversary Expanded Edition)

Rory Gallagher - Jinx

Rory Gallagher - Kickback City

Rory Gallagher - Live In Europe

Rory Gallagher - Photo Finish

Rory Gallagher - Richard's Night Club, Atlanta 1973

Rory Gallagher - Rory Gallagher

Rory Gallagher - Shadow Play - Live In San Francisco

Rory Gallagher - Stage Struck

Rory Gallagher - Tattoo

Rory Gallagher - The Beat Club Sessions

Rory Gallagher - The Best Years

Rory Gallagher - The Essential Rory Gallagher

Rory Gallagher - Top Priority

Rory Gallagher - Wheels Within' Wheels

Rosa - Propiedad De Nadie

Rosa Cedron - Entre Dous Mares

Rosa Crux - Noctes Insomnes

Rosa De Saron - Angustia Suprema

Rosa Leon - Al Alba

Rosa Leon - Ay Amor!

Rosa Lopez - Ojala

Rosa Lopez - Rosa Lopez

Rosa Negra - Rosa Negra / El Beso De Judas

Rosa Palmieri - A Modo Mio

Rosa Passos - Amorosa

Rosa Passos - Azul

Rosa Passos - Canta A. C. Jobim

Rosa Passos - Canta Caymmi

Rosa Passos - Curare

Rosa Passos - Festa

Rosa Passos - Me & My Heart

Rosa Passos - Morada Do Samba

Rosa Passos - O Melhor De Rosa Passos

Rosa Passos - Pano Pra Manga

Rosa Passos - Recriacao

Rosa Passos - Romance

Rosa Passos - Rosa

Rosae Crucis - Fede Potere Vendetta (Overlord Edition)

Rosalia - Todos Sus Ep's En Zafiro (1963-1967)

Rosalia De Souza - Brasil Precisa Balancar

Rosalino Cellamare - Esperienze

Rosana - 8 Lunas

Rosana - A Las Buenas Y A Las Malas

Rosana - Buenos Dias, Mundo!!

Rosana - De Casa A Las Ventas

Rosana - Directo Las Ventas

Rosana - En La Memoria De La Piel

Rosana - Luna Nueva

Rosana - Lunas Rotas

Rosana - Magia

Rosana - Momentos

Rosana - Rosana

Rosanna's Raiders - Calling Down Fire

Rosanne Cash - Black Cadillac

Rosanne Cash - Hits 1979-1989

Rosanne Cash - Interiors

Rosanne Cash - King's Record Shop

Rosanne Cash - Rules Of Travel

Rosanne Cash - Seven Year Ache

Rosanne Cash - The Essential Rosanne Cash

Rosanne Cash - The List

Rosanne Cash - The Wheel

Rosario - Cuentame

Rosario - De Ley

Rosario - Gloria A Ti

Rosario - Grandes Exitos En Directo

Rosario - Raskatriski

Rosario - Rosario

Rosario Flores - Contigo Me Voy

Rosario Flores - De Ley

Rosario Flores - De Mil Colores

Rosario Flores - Jugar A La Locura

Rosario Flores - Mi Gente

Rosario Flores - Muchas Flores

Rosario Flores - Mucho Por Vivir

Rosario Flores - Parte De Mi

Rosario Flores - Siento

Rosario Miraggio - Fortemente

Roscoe Holcomb - Anthology

Roscoe Mitchell - Sound

Roscoe Mitchell & Note Factory - Far Side

Rose - Et Puis Juin

Rose - Les Souvenirs Sous Ma Frange

Rose - Pink Lady

Rose - Rose

Rose Carbone - Ardet Nec Consumitur

Rose Funeral - The Resting Sonata

Rose Garden - The Rose Garden

Rose Kemp - Unholy Majesty

Rose Moore - Spirit Of Silence

Rose Tattoo - 25 To Life

Rose Tattoo - All The Lessons 29-08-81

Rose Tattoo - Assault & Battery

Rose Tattoo - Beats From A Single Drum

Rose Tattoo - Blood Brothers

Rose Tattoo - Live At The Horden Pavillion

Rose Tattoo - Never Too Loud

Rose Tattoo - Pain

Rose Tattoo - Rock 'n' Roll Outlaws

Rose Tattoo - Rose Tattoo

Rose Tattoo - Scarred For Life

Rose Tattoo - Southern Stars

Rose Windows - The Sun Dogs

Roseaux - Roseaux

Rosebud - Discoballs (A Tribute To Pink Floyd)

Rosebuds - Loud Planes Fly Low

Rosebuds - Play The Passion Revue

Rosebuds - Sand + Silence

Rosemary Clooney - Dedicated To Nelson

Rosemary Clooney - Greatest Hits 1948-1954

Rosemary Clooney - Rosie Solves The Swingin' Riddle

Rosemary Clooney - Selected Recordings Vol. 1 1978 To 2001

Rosemary Clooney - Selected Recordings Vol. 2 1978 To 2001

Rosemary Clooney - Swings Softly

Rosemary Clooney - The Essential Rosemary Clooney

Rosemary Clooney & Duke Ellington - Blue Rose

Rosemary Clooney & Harry James - Hollywood's Best

Rosemary Clooney With The Buddy Cole Trio - Swing Around Rosie

Rosemary Standley & Dom La Nena - Birds On A Wire

Rosenberg Trio - Caravan

Rosenberg Trio - Gipsy Summer

Rosenberg Trio - Gypsy Swing

Rosenberg Trio - Impressions

Rosenberg Trio - Roots

Rosenberg Trio - Seresta

Rosenberg Trio - Suenos Gitanos

Rosendo - A Tientas Y Barrancas

Rosendo - A Veces Cuesta Llegar Al Estribillo

Rosendo - De Escalde Y Trinchera

Rosendo - Directo En Las Ventas 27/9/2014

Rosendo - El Endemico Embustero, Y El Incauto Pertinaz

Rosendo - Lo Malo Es... Ni Darse Cuenta

Rosendo - Siempre Hay Una Historia: Sight & Sound

Rosendo - Un Palo Al Agua

Rosendo - Veo, Veo... Mamoneo!!

Rosenstolz - Alles Gute

Rosenstolz - Das Grosse Leben

Rosenstolz - Die Schlampen Sind Müde

Rosenstolz - Herz

Rosenstolz - Kassengift

Rosenstolz - Kuss Der Diebe

Rosenstolz - Live Aus Berlin

Rosenstolz - Macht Liebe

Rosenstolz - Mittwoch Is' Er Fällig

Rosenstolz - Nur Einmal Noch

Rosenstolz - Objekt Der Begierde

Rosenstolz - Raritäten

Rosenstolz - Raritäten 2

Rosenstolz - Sanfte Verführer

Rosenstolz - Soubrette Werd' Ich Nie

Rosenstolz - Stolz Der Rose

Rosenstolz - Zucker

Rosenstolz - Zuckerschlampen Live

Roser - Raffaella

Rosetta - A Determinism Of Morality

Rosetta Stone - Hiding In Waiting

Roshelle - What U Do To Me

Rosicrucian - No Cause For Celebration

Rosicrucian - Silence

Rosie Flores - Dance Hall Dreams

Rosie Flores - Once More With Feeling

Rosie Flores - Rockabilly Filly

Rosie Flores - Speed Of Sound

Rosie Vela - Zazu

Rosinha De Valenca - Cheiro De Mato

Ross The Boss - Hailstorm

Ross The Boss - New Metal Leader

Rossana Casale - Alba Argentina

Rossana Casale - Billie Holiday In Me

Rossana Casale - Brividi

Rossana Casale - Circo Immaginario

Rossana Casale - Frammenti

Rossana Casale - Il Signor G E L'amore

Rossana Casale - Incoerente Jazz

Rossana Casale - Jacques Brel In Me

Rossana Casale - Jazz In Me

Rossana Casale - La Via Dei Misteri

Rossana Casale - Lo Stato Naturale

Rossana Casale - Nella Notte Un Volo

Rossana Casale - Riflessi - Greatest Hits

Rossana Casale - Strani Frutti

Rossella Scarano - Guardando Fuori

Rossington Collins Band - Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere

Rossington Collins Band - This Is The Way

Rossomargot - Fuoridallovvio

Roswell Rudd & Toumani Diabate - Malicool

Roswell Six - Terra Incognita - Beyond The Horizon

Rotary Connection - Aladdin

Rotary Connection - Hey Love

Rotary Connection - Peace

Rotary Connection - Rotary Connection

Rotary Connection - Songs

Rotor - Tépj Szét Minden Láncot (Reissued 2005)

Rotted - Ad Nuaseam

Rotten Sound - Cursed

Rotten Sound - Cycles

Rotten Sound - Drain

Rotterdam Ska Jazz Foundation - Shake Your Foundation

Rotterdam Ska-jazz Foundation - Sunwalk

Rotting Christ - A Dead Poem

Rotting Christ - Aealo

Rotting Christ - Der Perfekte Traum

Rotting Christ - Genesis

Rotting Christ - Kata Ton Daimona Eaytoy

Rotting Christ - Khronos

Rotting Christ - Lucifer Over Athens

Rotting Christ - Non Serviam

Rotting Christ - Non Serviam Tour - Live In Mexico City

Rotting Christ - Passage To Arcturo

Rotting Christ - Rituals (Japanese Edition)

Rotting Christ - Sanctus Diavolos

Rotting Christ - Semigods Of The Serpent Cult

Rotting Christ - Sleep Of The Angels

Rotting Christ - Theogonia

Rotting Christ - Thy Mighty Contract

Rotting Christ - Triarchy Of The Lost Lovers

Roudoudou - Tout L'univers

Rough Cutt - Live At Reading Festival 1986

Rough House - Love Divine

Rough Silk - Roots Of Hate

Rough Silk - Walls Of Never

Roulette - Life Line

Roulettes - Stakes & Chips

Roultaboul - On Descend Tous Du Singe

Roultaboul - Ouverture De La Chasse

Roultaboul & Les Banaboo - On Descend Tous Du Singe

Roundtree - Roller Disco

Roupa Nova - Roupacustico

Routasielu - Pimeys

Rover - Aqualast

Rovi - Piano Fender Blues

Rowans - The Rowans

Rowwen Hèze - Zondag In 't Zuiden

Rox - Memoirs

Rox Diamond - Powerdrive

Roxanna - Exotica

Roxette - A Collection Of Roxette (Their 20 Greatest Songs)

Roxette - Alive: Live In Zurich

Roxette - Almost Unreal (Maxi Single)

Roxette - Baladas En Espanol

Roxette - Charm School (Deluxe Edition)

Roxette - Crash! Boom! Bang!

Roxette - Dance Passion

Roxette - Dangerous (Power Mix)

Roxette - Don't Bore Us Get To The Chorus : Roxette's Greatest Hits

Roxette - Dressed For Success

Roxette - Enjoy Roxette: Live '91

Roxette - Fireworks 1 (Maxi Single)

Roxette - Fireworks 2 (Maxi Single)

Roxette - Good Karma

Roxette - Have A Nice Day

Roxette - Heartland

Roxette - How Do You Do!

Roxette - It Must Have Been Love

Roxette - Joyride

Roxette - Joyride (2009 Remastered)

Roxette - Live In Argentina '92

Roxette - Live In Argentina '95

Roxette - Look Sharp!

Roxette - Mtv Unplugged

Roxette - Mtv Unplugged 1993

Roxette - Opportunity Nox (Maxi Single Europe)

Roxette - Pearls Of Passion

Roxette - Room Service

Roxette - Sleeping In My Car (Maxi Single Sweden)

Roxette - Some Other Summer (Maxi)

Roxette - The Ballad Hits

Roxette - The Centre Of The Heart (Remixes) (Europe Maxi Cd Single)

Roxette - The Pop Hits

Roxette - Tourism

Roxette - Travelling

Roxette - Xxx - The 30 Biggest Hits

Roxxcalibur - Gems Of The Nwobhm

Roxxcalibur - Nwobhm For Muthas!

Roxxi - Drive It To Ya Hard!

Roxy Blue - Want Some More

Roxy Blue - Want Some?

Roxy Music - Avalon

Roxy Music - Country Life

Roxy Music - Flesh & Blood

Roxy Music - For Your Pleasure

Roxy Music - Heart Still Beating

Roxy Music - Manifesto

Roxy Music - Roxy Music

Roxy Music - Roxy Music (Us Release)

Roxy Music - Siren

Roxy Music - Stranded

Roxy Music - The Thrill Of It All

Roy Acuff - Roy Acuff Sings Hank Williams

Roy Acuff - The Essential Roy Acuff 1936-1949

Roy Ayers - Everybody Loves The Sunshine

Roy Ayers - Evolution: The Polydor Anthology

Roy Ayers - Fever

Roy Ayers - Love Fantasy

Roy Ayers - Mahogany Vibe

Roy Ayers - Virgin Ubiquity (Unreleased Recordings 1976-1981)

Roy Ayers & Wayne Henderson - Step In To Our Life

Roy Ayers Ubiquity - Change Up The Groove

Roy Ayers Ubiquity - Lifeline

Roy Black - Du Bist Nicht Allein - Hits Und Perlen

Roy Black - Erinnerungen An Roy Black 1976-1979

Roy Book Binder - Travelin' Man

Roy Buchanan - A Street Called Straight

Roy Buchanan - Buch & The Snake Stretchers

Roy Buchanan - Dancing On The Edge

Roy Buchanan - Deluxe Edition

Roy Buchanan - Guitar On Fire: Atlantic Session

Roy Buchanan - Hot Wires

Roy Buchanan - Live In Japan

Roy Buchanan - Live Stock

Roy Buchanan - Loading Zone

Roy Buchanan - Malaguena

Roy Buchanan - Roy Buchanan

Roy Buchanan - Second Album

Roy Buchanan - Sweet Dreams: The Anthology

Roy Buchanan - That's What I Am Here For

Roy Buchanan - The Early Years

Roy Buchanan - When A Guitar Plays The Blues

Roy Buchanan - You're Not Alone

Roy Budd - In The Groove

Roy Clarke - Tribute To Bob Marley

Roy Eldridge - Decidedly

Roy Eldridge - Little Jazz 1950-1960

Roy Eldridge - The Complete Verve Studio Sessions

Roy Gaines - I Got The T-Bone Walker Blues

Roy Hargrove - Diamond In The Rough

Roy Hargrove - Earfood

Roy Hargrove - Family

Roy Hargrove - Habana

Roy Hargrove - Hard Groove The Rh Factor

Roy Hargrove - Moment To Moment

Roy Hargrove - Nothing Serious

Roy Hargrove - Of Kindred Souls [Live]

Roy Hargrove - The Vibe

Roy Hargrove Big Band - Emergence

Roy Hargrove Quintet - With The Tenors Of Our Time

Roy Harper - Bullinamingvase

Roy Harper - Come Out Fighting Ghengis Smith

Roy Harper - Death Or Glory?

Roy Harper - Descendant Of Smith

Roy Harper - Flat Baroque & Berserk

Roy Harper - Folkjokeopus

Roy Harper - Hq

Roy Harper - Lifemask

Roy Harper - Once

Roy Harper - Sophisticated Beggar

Roy Harper - Stormcock

Roy Harper - The Bbc Tapes - Vol. 1 (1969-73)

Roy Harper - The Bbc Tapes - Vol. 3 (1974)

Roy Harper - The Bbc Tapes - Vol. 5 (1975-78)

Roy Harper - The Dream Society

Roy Harper - The Green Man

Roy Harper - The Unknown Soldier

Roy Harper - Valentine

Roy Harper & Jimmy Page - Whatever Happened To Jugula?

Roy Haynes - Out Of The Afternoon

Roy Haynes - Te Vou!

Roy Haynes With Booker Ervin - Cracklin'

Roy Haynes, Mccoy Tyner, Pharoah Sanders - Blues For Coltrane

Roy Haynes, Phineas Newborn Jr & Paul Chambers - We Three

Roy Loney & The Longshots - Full Grown Head

Roy Loney & The Phantom Movers - Out After Dark

Roy Orbison - Anthology

Roy Orbison - Big O: The Original Singles Collection

Roy Orbison - Black & White Night

Roy Orbison - Collected (Roy Orbison)

Roy Orbison - Devil Doll

Roy Orbison - Gold

Roy Orbison - Golden Days

Roy Orbison - Greatest Hits (Roy Orbison)

Roy Orbison - Greatest Hits Live

Roy Orbison - I'm Still In Love With You

Roy Orbison - In Dreams

Roy Orbison - In Dreams / Orbisongs

Roy Orbison - King Of Hearts

Roy Orbison - Mystery Girl

Roy Orbison - Oh Pretty Woman

Roy Orbison - Oh Pretty Woman: The Greatest Hits

Roy Orbison - Ooby Dooby

Roy Orbison - Roy Orbison Sings Don Gibson

Roy Orbison - The All-time Greatest Hits Of Roy Orbison

Roy Orbison - The All-time Greatest Hits Of Roy Orbison Vol. 1

Roy Orbison - The All-time Greatest Hits Of Roy Orbison Vol. 2

Roy Orbison - The Danish Collection

Roy Orbison - The Essential Roy Orbison

Roy Orbison - The Platinum Collection

Roy Orbison - The Soul Of Rock 'n' Roll

Roy Orbison - The Very Best Of Roy Orbison

Roy Orbison - Triple Cd Box Set

Roy Orbison & Friends - A Black & White Night Live

Roy Paci & Aretuska - Baciamo Le Mani

Roy Paci & Aretuska - Latinista

Roy Paci & Aretuska - Parola D'onore

Roy Paci & Aretuska - Suonoglobal

Roy Paci & Aretuska - Tuttapposto

Roy Rogers - Rhythm & Groove

Roy Rogers - Split Decision

Roy Shirley - Music Is The Key - The Anthology

Roy Wood - Boulders

Royal Arch Blaspheme - Ii

Royal Bliss - Life In-between

Royal Blood - How Did We Get So Dark?

Royal Blood - Royal Blood

Royal Blood - Thanks Seattle... For Killing My Band & My Dreams!

Royal Crown Revue - Kings Of Gangster Bop

Royal Crown Revue - The Contender

Royal Crowns - 32 Miles From Memphis

Royal Gigolos - California Dreamin' (Single)

Royal Grand Orchestra - Golden Sax

Royal Headache - Royal Headache

Royal Hunt - 1996

Royal Hunt - 2006 Live

Royal Hunt - 2016 (25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)

Royal Hunt - 2016 (25th Anniversary Japanese Edition)

Royal Hunt - 2016 (Japanese Edition)

Royal Hunt - A Life To Die For

Royal Hunt - Cargo (Japanese Edition)

Royal Hunt - Clown In The Mirror

Royal Hunt - Collision Course

Royal Hunt - Devil's Dozen

Royal Hunt - Devil's Dozen (Japanese Limited Edition)

Royal Hunt - Eyewitness

Royal Hunt - Eyewitness (Digipack)

Royal Hunt - Far Away

Royal Hunt - Fear

Royal Hunt - Heart Of The City (Best Of 1992-1999)

Royal Hunt - Intervention

Royal Hunt - Land Of Broken Hearts

Royal Hunt - Moving Target

Royal Hunt - Paradox

Royal Hunt - Paradox: Closing The Chapter

Royal Hunt - Show Me How To Live

Royal Hunt - The Mission

Royal Hunt - The Watchers

Royal Hunt - X

Royal Hunt - X (Bonus Edition)

Royal Jester - Night Is Young

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - Hits Of Elton John - The Ballads

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - Plays Prog Rock Classics

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - Plays Queen Classic

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - You Must Remember This

Royal Republic - We Are The Royal

Royal Republic - Weekend Man

Royal Servants - We

Royal Thunder - Crooked Doors

Royal Trux - Accelerator

Royal Trux - Royal Trux

Royals - Pick Up The Pieces

Royce Da 5'9" - Rock City (Maxi)

Royksopp - Beautiful Day Without You

Royksopp - Junior

Röyksopp - Senior

Royksopp - The Understanding

Röyksopp & Robyn - Do It Again

Rozalen - Quien Me Ha Visto...

Rozalla - Are You Ready To Fly

Rozalla - Are You Ready To Fly (Maxi Cd Single)

Rozalla - Coming Home

Rozalla - Everybody's Free

Rozalla - Everybody's Free (Maxi Single)

Rozaroun - Malasevska

Rozz Williams & Gitane Demone - Dream Home Heartache

Rpe - Voici Venu Le Temps

Rpg-7 - En Tu Ciudad

Rpm - Ao Vivo Mtv

Rpm - Rpm

Rpwl - Beyond Man & Time

Rpwl - God Has Failed

Rpwl - Start The Fire (Live)

Rpwl - Stock

Rpwl - The Rpwl Experience

Rpwl - The World Through My Eyes

Rpwl - Trying To Kiss The Sun

Rtz - Return To Zero

Rub Ultra - Liquid Boots & Boiled Sweets

Rubber Band - Xmas! The Beatmas

Rubbermaids - Twisted Chords

Rubberoom - Architechnology

Ruben Blades - Buscando America

Ruben Blades - Greatest Hits (Ruben Blades)

Ruben Blades - Nothing But The Truth

Ruben Blades - Tangos

Ruben Blades & Willie Colon - Siembra

Ruben Blades Y Seis Del Solar - Escenas

Ruben Blades Y Willie Colon - Ras La Tormenta

Ruben Juarez - El Aguacero

Ruben Rada - Adar Nebur

Ruben Rada - El Album Negro

Ruben Rada - Habia Una Vez Un Sueno Negro

Ruben Studdard - Letters From Birmingham

Rubettes - Jukebox Jive

Rubettes - The Very Best Of The Rubettes

Rubi Y Los Casinos - Hay Amores Que Matan

Rubi Y Los Casinos - Quiero Bailar Contigo

Rubi Y Los Casinos - Singles Collection

Rubi Y Los Casinos - Todas Fueron Buenas Chicas

Rubi Y Los Casinos - Todas Sus Grabaciones (1980-83)

Rubi Y Los Casinos - Yo Tenia Un Novio... (Single)

Rubicon - Mindenen At

Rubinoos - Back To The Drawing Board

Rubinoos - Party Of Two

Rubinoos - The Rubinoos

Ruby - Rock 'n' Roll Madness

Ruby Andrews - Genuine Ruby

Ruby Braff & Scott Hamilton - A First

Ruby Cruiser - Twelve Short Stories

Ruby Hunter - Feeling Good

Ruby Suns - Christopher

Ruda - Dans La Vapeur & Le Bruit

Ruda Salska - 24 Images Seconde

Ruda Salska - En Concert

Ruda Salska - L'art De La Joie

Ruda Salska - Le Prix Du Silence

Ruda Salska - Passager Du Réel

Rude - Remnants...

Rude - Soul Recall

Rude Boy System - Ska'ing Ouest

Rude Boys - Ska Fever

Rude Kids - Punk Rock Will Never Die

Rudi Y Nini Flores - Por Cielos Lejanos

Rudimental - Home

Rudimental - We The Generation

Rudresh Mahanthappa - Codebook

Rudy - Just Take My Body

Rudy Adrian - Kinetic Flow

Rudy Rotta Band - The Beatles In Blues

Rudy Ventura - Sus Primeros Ep's 1960-1961

Rudy Ventura - Sus Primeros Ep's En Columbia Vol.1 (1960-1961)

Rue De La Muette - Après La Fête

Rue De La Muette - Ma Mère Traîne Au Café

Rue Du Soleil - Rue Du Soleil - Dreaming Of...

Ruelle - Up In Flames

Ruff Ryders - The Redemption Vol. 4

Ruffians - Desert Of Tears

Rufio - 1985

Rufio - Perhaps I Suppose

Rufio - The Comfort Of Home

Rufus - Rufus Feat. Chaka Khan

Rufus & Chaka Khan - Ask Rufus

Rufus & Chaka Khan - Camouflage

Rufus & Chaka Khan - Masterjam

Rufus & Chaka Khan - Rags To Rufus

Rufus & Chaka Khan - Rufusized

Rufus & Chaka Khan - Stompin' At The Savoy

Rufus Thomas - Blues Thang!

Rufus Thomas - Do The Funky Chicken

Rufus Thomas - Live In Porretta

Rufus Thomas - That Woman Is Poison

Rufus Thomas - Unrealased Stax Collection 1967-1975

Rufus Thomas - Walking The Dog

Rufus Thomas & Carla Thomas - Chronicle / Greatest Hits

Rufus Wainwright - All Days Are Nights: Songs For Lulu

Rufus Wainwright - First Album

Rufus Wainwright - Milwaukee At Last!! Live

Rufus Wainwright - Out Of The Game

Rufus Wainwright - Poses

Rufus Wainwright - Release The Stars

Rufus Wainwright - Vibrate: The Best Of (Deluxe Edition)

Rufus Wainwright - Want One

Rufus Wainwright - Want Two

Rufus Zuphall - Weiss Der Teufel

Rufzs Thomas - Did You Heard Me

Ruggero De I Timidi - Frutto Proibito

Ruidoblanco - Midiendo El Tiempo Con Canciones

Ruins - Place Of No Pity

Ruins - Symphonica

Ruins Of Beverast - Blood Vaults - The Blazing Gospel Of Heinrich Kramer

Ruins Of Beverast - Enchanted By Gravemould

Ruins Of Beverast - Foulest Semen Of A Sheltered Elite

Ruins Of Beverast - Rain Upon The Impure

Ruins Of Beverast - Unlock The Shrine (Reliquary Of The White Abyss)

Rule 62 - Love & Decline

Ruler - Evil Nightmares

Rulo Y La Contrabanda - A Ras De Cielo

Rulo Y La Contrabanda - El Doble De Tu Mitad

Rulo Y La Contrabanda - Especies En Extincion

Rulo Y La Contrabanda - Senales De Humo

Rulo Y La Contrabanda - Una Noche En El Castillo

Rumatera - 71 Gradi

Rumatera - Awanti Coi Ammicci

Rumatera - La Grande V

Rumatera - My Crew

Rumatera - Rumatera

Rumatera - Xente Molesta

Rumba Tres - Fiesta De Espana

Rumba Tres - Sus Mejores Rumbas

Rumble Militia - Decade Of Chaos & Destruction

Rumble Militia - Destroy Fascism

Rumble Militia - En Nombre Del Lay (Ep)

Rumble Militia - Fuck Off Commercial

Rumble Militia - Hate Me

Rumble Militia - Stop Violence & Madness

Rumble Militia - They Give You The Blessing

Rumble Militia - Wieviel Hass Wollt Ihr Noch?

Rumble Strips - Welcome To The Walk Alone

Rumer - Seasons Of My Soul

Rumer - Seasons Of My Soul (Deluxe Version)

Rumer - The Magic Of Sarah Joyce

Rumjacks - Gangs Of New Holland

Rumour Said Fire - Dead Ends

Rumpelstiltskin Grinder - Ghostmaker

Rumplestiltskin - Black Magicians

Run Dmc - Back From Hell

Run Dmc - Crown Royal

Run Dmc - Down With The King

Run Dmc - Greatest Hits (Run Dmc)

Run Dmc - It's Like That (Single)

Run Dmc - King Of Rock

Run Dmc - King Of Rock (Expanded Edition)

Run Dmc - Playlist: The Very Best Of Run Dmc

Run Dmc - Raising Hell

Run Dmc - Raising Hell (Expanded Edition)

Run Dmc - Run Dmc

Run Dmc - Run Dmc (Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks)

Run Dmc - The Box Set Series

Run Dmc - Tougher Than Leather

Run On - Start Packing

Run River North - Run River North

Run The Jewels - Run The Jewels

Runaways - And Now... The Runaways

Runaways - Best Of 1976-1981

Runaways - Born To Be Bad

Runaways - Flaming Schoolgirls

Runaways - Little Lost Girls

Runaways - Live In Japan

Runaways - Neon Angels

Runaways - Queens Of Noise

Runaways - The Best Of The Runaways

Runaways - The Runaways

Runaways - Waitin' For The Night

Runemagick - Darkness Death Doom

Runemagick - Under Funeral Wings

Runes Order - Odisseum

Runic - Awaiting The Sound Of The Unavoidable

Runic - Heros

Runic - Liar Flags

Runic - Liar Flags (Limited Edition)

Runic - Remember

Runner - Runner

Running Death - Dressage

Running Death - Overdrive

Running Man - The Running Man

Running Potatoes - Empty Pockets

Running Wild - 20 Years In History

Running Wild - Bad To The Bone

Running Wild - Black Hand Inn

Running Wild - Black Hand Inn (Remastered)

Running Wild - Blazon Stone

Running Wild - Branded & Exiled

Running Wild - Death Or Glory

Running Wild - Gates To Purgatory

Running Wild - Lead Or Gold

Running Wild - Little Big Horn

Running Wild - Live At Wacken

Running Wild - Masquerade

Running Wild - Pile Of Skulls

Running Wild - Port Royal

Running Wild - Rapid Foray

Running Wild - Ready For Boarding

Running Wild - Ready For Boarding (Reissued 2007)

Running Wild - Resilient

Running Wild - Rogues En Vogue

Running Wild - Shadowmaker

Running Wild - The Brotherhood

Running Wild - The Final Jolly Roger

Running Wild - The First Years Of Piracy

Running Wild - The Rivalry

Running Wild - Under Jolly Roger

Running Wild - Victims Of States Power

Running Wild - Victory

Running Wild - Wild Animal

Runrig - 50 Great Songs

Runrig - Amazing Things

Runrig - Beat The Drum

Runrig - Celtic Glory

Runrig - Essential

Runrig - Everything You See

Runrig - Heartland

Runrig - In Search Of Angels

Runrig - Live At Celtic Connections 2000

Runrig - Long Distance (The Best Of)

Runrig - Mara

Runrig - Once In A Lifetime

Runrig - Play Gaelic

Runrig - Recovery

Runrig - Searchlight

Runrig - The Big Wheel

Runrig - The Cutter & The Clan

Runrig - The Gaelic Collection 1973-1998

Runrig - The Highland Connection

Runrig - The Message

Runrig - The Stamping Ground

Runrig - Transmitting Live

Runrig - Year Of The Flood

Rupa & The April Fishes - Extraordinary Rendition

Ruper Ordorika - Haizea Garizumakoa

Ruper Ordorika - Hodeien Azpian

Rupert Hine - Immunity

Rupert Holmes - Adventure

Ruphus - Inner Voice

Ruphus - Let Your Light Shine

Ruphus - New Born Day

Ruphus - Ranshart

Rural Alberta Advantage - Departing

Rurals - Rural Soul

Ruse - Midnight In The City

Rush - 2112

Rush - A Farewell To Kings

Rush - A Show Of Hands

Rush - A Show Of Hands (Live)

Rush - Abc 1974

Rush - All The World's A Stage (Live)

Rush - Caress Of Steel

Rush - Clockwork Angels

Rush - Clockwork Angels Tour

Rush - Counterparts

Rush - Different Stages Live

Rush - Exit... Stage Left

Rush - Feedback

Rush - Fly By Night

Rush - Grace Under Pressure

Rush - Hemispheres

Rush - Hold Your Fire

Rush - Moving Pictures (The Rush Remasters)

Rush - Permanent Waves

Rush - Power Windows

Rush - Presto

Rush - R30

Rush - Retrospective I: 1974-1980

Rush - Retrospective Ii: 1981-1987

Rush - Retrospective Iii: 1989-2008

Rush - Roll The Bones

Rush - Rush

Rush - Same

Rush - Signals

Rush - Snakes & Arrows

Rush - Test For Echo

Rush - The Spirit Of Radio - Greatest Hits 1974-1987

Rush - Vapor Trails

Rush - Vapor Trails (Remixed)

Rush - Working Men (Live)

Rusich - В Віках Тисячоліть

Russ Ballard - Book Of Love

Russ Ballard - Russ Ballard

Russ Ballard - Winning / Barnet Dogs

Russ Taff - Medals

Russel Allen / Jorn Lande - The Great Divide

Russell Allen - Russell Allen's Atomic Soul

Russell Allen & Jorn Lande - The Battle

Russell Allen's - Atomic Soul

Russell Hitchcok - Russell Hitchcok

Russell Smith - Sunday Best: The Cream Of The Solo Albums

Russian Circles - Empros

Russian Circles - Enter

Russian Circles - Geneva

Russian Circles - Memorial

Russian Circles - Russian Circles

Russian Futurists - Let's Get Ready To Crumble

Russian Red - Fuerteventura

Russian Red - I Love Your Glasses

Rust Underground - Come With Me

Rusted Root - Rusted Root

Rusted Root - The Movement

Rusted Root - When I Woke

Rustred Brain - High Voltage Thrash

Rusty Cooley - Rusty Cooley

Ruth Brown - A Good Day For The Blues

Ruth Brown - Gospel Time

Ruth Brown - The Platinum Collection (1949-59)

Ruth Lorenzo - Planeta Azul

Ruth Price With Shelly Manne & His Men - At The Manne Hole

Ruthie Foster - Runaway Soul

Ruthie Foster - The Phenomenal Ruthie Foster

Ruthless - They Rise

Ruthless Order - Awakened Witnesses Of Nascence

Rutles - Archaeology

Rutles - The Rutles

Ruts - The Crack

Ruxpin - Avalon

Rwake - Voices Of Omens

R-wan - Radio Cortex

Rx Bandits - Mandala

Ry Cooder - Boomer's Story

Ry Cooder - Bop Till You Drop

Ry Cooder - Borderline

Ry Cooder - Chicken Skin Music

Ry Cooder - Election Special

Ry Cooder - Get Rhythm

Ry Cooder - Into The Purple Valley

Ry Cooder - Jazz

Ry Cooder - Live In Santa Cruz

Ry Cooder - Paradise & Lunch

Ry Cooder - Pull Up Some Dust & Sit Down

Ry Cooder - River Rescue: The Very Best Of

Ry Cooder - Ry Cooder

Ry Cooder - Show Time

Ry Cooder - The Ry Cooder Anthology

Ry Cooder - The Slide Area

Ry Cooder - Why Don't You Try Me Tonight

Ry Cooder & Corridos Famosos - Live At The Great American Music Hall

Ry Cooder & V.m. Bhatt - A Meeting By The River

Ryan Adams - 1989

Ryan Adams - 29

Ryan Adams - Answering Bell (Single)

Ryan Adams - Ashes & Fire

Ryan Adams - Demolition

Ryan Adams - Easy Tiger

Ryan Adams - Exile On Franklin Street

Ryan Adams - Gold

Ryan Adams - Heartbreaker

Ryan Adams - Love Is Hell

Ryan Adams - Prisoner

Ryan Adams - Rock 'n' Roll

Ryan Adams - Ryan Adams

Ryan Adams - Suicide Handbook

Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - Cold Roses

Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - Follow The Lights

Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - Jacksonville City Nights

Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - The Loft Sessions

Ryan Bingham - Mescalito

Ryan Bingham - Roadhouse Sun

Ryan Farish - From The Sky

Ryan Leslie - Just Right

Ryan Leslie - Les Is More

Ryan Leslie - Ryan Leslie

Ryan Leslie - Transition

Ryan Leslie - Used To Be

Ryashon - The Stone Of Triumph

Rydell & Quick - R.o.a.d.t.r.i.p.

Rydell & Quick - Rockoholic

Rygel - Realities... Life As It Is

Ryker's - Once We Believed

Ryley Walker & Daniel Bachman - Of Deathly Premonitions

Ryo Kawasaki - Eight Mile Road

Ryo Kawasaki - Juice

Ryuichi Sakamoto - 1996

Ryuichi Sakamoto - Async

Ryuichi Sakamoto - Beauty

Ryuichi Sakamoto - Chasm

Ryuichi Sakamoto - Neo Geo

Ryuichi Sakamoto - Playing The Orchestra

Ryuichi Sakamoto - Playing The Piano

Ryuichi Sakamoto - Sweet Revenge

Ryuichi Sakamoto - Thousand Knives

Ryuichi Sakamoto & Kazumi Watanabe - Tokyo Joe

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