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  Author Title Album Media Track Year Time Genre
Carpe TenebrumThe Abyss's Mystic HateMirrored Hate Painting11199800:06:07Death Metal
Carpe TenebrumLured Like You ThoughMirrored Hate Painting12199800:06:16Death Metal
Carpe TenebrumThe PaintingMirrored Hate Painting13199800:05:05Death Metal
Carpe TenebrumMirrored In Scarry SkiesMirrored Hate Painting14199800:05:24Death Metal
Carpe TenebrumAnd ForeverMirrored Hate Painting15199800:05:50Death Metal
Carpe TenebrumLudusMirrored Hate Painting16199800:05:42Death Metal
Carpe TenebrumVoid DressMirrored Hate Painting17199800:02:45Death Metal
Carpe TenebrumDreaded Chaotic ReignMirrored Hate Painting18199800:02:47Death Metal



Carpe Tenebrum - Majestic Nothingness [1996]
Carpe Tenebrum - Dreaded Chaotic Reign [2002]